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Student Accommodation Clemson

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Pickens County is home to Clemson, which is one of the best places to reside in South Carolina. Residents of Clemson enjoy a dense suburban vibe. Clemson is home to a large number of young professionals, and people are generally conservative. The city also has highly rated public schools such as the famous Clemson University. Casita offers many rooms in the city, check out multiple room types in our 4 accommodation options or ask for private lets. Casita offers a wide range of student accommodation in Clemson for you to choose from according to your needs and budget. 

Why Book Student Accommodation in Clemson?

Choose student accommodation in Clemson first and then you’ll know why! Just to give you a little taste for what awaits you in Clemson… Well, it can all be combined with one word starting with “f”... Yes! FUN! Nothing but fun, fun, fun will best describe the city of Clemson. With hundreds of events and festivals held all year round, you will never ever regret the day you’ve chosen student accommodation in Clemson. You’ll regret NOT booking student accommodation in Clemson, we can tell you that. 

Universities in Clemson

  1. Clemson University

  • 4 accommodation options are available a public transport ride away

  • Grand Marc bus station is just 2-minutes away

  • Places of interest: Bob Campbell Geology Museum

  1. Clemson Visual Arts

  • 4 accommodation options are available a public transport ride away

  • Grand Marc bus station is 8-minutes away

  • Places of interest: Larry W. Abernathy Waterfront Park

  1. Southern Wesleyan University

  • 4 accommodation options are available a public transport ride away

  • Grand Marc bus station is 10-minutes away

  • Places of interest: Gateway Park

Student Life

Do First-year students have to live on campus at Clemson?

Freshman-year undergraduate students are required to stay on campus. Students can choose from a variety of on-campus accommodation options.

Can you have a car on campus as a freshman at Clemson?

Yes. To park a car on campus, first-year students must get a parking permit from Parking & Transportation Services and park in approved zones for the permit.

What Are Some Must-Visit in Clemson?

  1. Memorial Stadium 

Memorial Stadium, also known as Death Valley, is the NCAA Division I football home of the Clemson Tigers. The stadium has seen various expansions over the years and now seats 81,500 fans, making it the largest in the Atlantic Coast Conference. It got its name from a cemetery on the hill that used to overlook the stadium, as well as a remark from a rival football coach who once stated he was "bringing his squad to Death Valley" to lose to Clemson.

  1. South Carolina Botanical Garden

On the Clemson University campus is the South Carolina Botanical Garden. The garden has both manicured and natural settings, including plants and creatures endemic to the Piedmont environment of South Carolina. The gardens are accessible to tourists thanks to walking and hiking trails as well as hard-surfaced paths. Lessons in xeriscaping, wildlife habitat gardens, historic gardens, and more can all be found in demonstration gardens. An art gallery and a geological museum are also located in the garden.

  1. Fort Hill Plantation

The Fort Hill residence of John C. Calhoun is a historic property on the Clemson University campus. The National Historic Landmark has been transformed into a library and museum dedicated to the politician who resided there from 1825 until 1850.

  1. Bob Campbell Geology Museum

The South Carolina Botanical Garden houses the Bob Campbell Geology Museum of Clemson University. A saber-tooth tiger skeleton and a life-size replica of what the animal might have looked like when roamed the South Carolina hills many years ago are among the exhibits. A full tyrannosaurus rex skull and a cast of his comparatively small brain are among the dinosaur exhibits. The museum houses a huge collection of faceted gemstones, including the largest topaz crystal ever discovered in the US. Three times a year, special displays are rotated.

Transportation in Clemson

There are lots of options of transportation from the moment you land in Clemson to the moment you decide to leave. Clemson got you covered with the following options: 

  • Tiger Commute.

  • Tiger Transit Holiday Airport Shuttle.

  • Tiger Transit.

  • Clemson Area Transit (CAT)

  • Clemson Carpool Program.

You could know more about each option when you visit this link.

Other Student Accommodation In USA

Besides having facilities for student accommodation in Abilene, Casita offers student accommodation in these cities in the USA: 

Abilene, Alhambra, Ann Arbor, Arlington, Astoria, Athens, Atlanta, Auburn, Austin, Baltimore, Baton Roug, Bellingham, Berkeley, Birmingham, Blacksburg, Bloomington, Boston, Boynton Beach, Brooklyn, California, Central, Champaign, Chapel Hill, Charleston, Charlotte, Charlottesville, Chicago, Clarksville, Clemson, College Park, College Station, Colorado Springs, Columbia, Conway, Denton, Denver, Detroit, East Palo Alto, El Sobrante, Fayetteville, Fort Collins, Fullerton, Gainesville, Greenville, Houston, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Kalamazoo, Kansas City, Kings County, Knoxville, Lafayette, Laramie, Las Vegas, Lincoln, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Madison, Marina del Rey, Menlo Park, Mesquite, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Mountain View, Jacksonville, Jersey City, Jonesboro, Natchitoches, New Haven, New Orleans, New York, Norman, Oakland, Omaha, Orlando, Overland Park, Oxford, Oxford - Ohio, Philadelphia, Pineville, Prairie Village, Providence, Queens County, Radford, Raleigh, Riverside, Rochester, Rock Hill, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Marcos, Santa Clara, Santa Monica, Springfield, St. Louis, St. Petersburg, State College, Statesboro, Stillwater, Storrs, Syracuse, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tempe, Tuscaloosa, Tyler, Waco, Washington, West Hollywood, West Lafayette, Wichita, Wichita Falls, Willington, Wilmington.