BullHorn iconNews Flash: UCAS results are out! Beat the rush and book a room! Cities are already 80% sold out.

BullHorn icon News Flash: UCAS results are out! Beat the rush and book a room! Cities are already 80% sold out.

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Student Accommodation Ann Arbor

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Student Housing Ann Arbor

At Casita, the student housing marketplace, we proudly serve students from more than 90 countries; the booking process is completely stress-free through our experienced and multilingual staff. One of the countries where we offer student housing is the USA, where we have continuously worked to grow our network of PBSAs. 

Ann Harbour is one of the cities where we offer student housing, so if you're looking for student housing Ann Harbour, you're in luck. PBSAs usually consist of ensuite and non-ensuite rooms, studios, and apartment options. Our private options include private rooms in shared apartments, private studios, and private apartments.

Contact our accommodation experts regarding Ann Arbor student accommodations or private Ann Arbor student apartments.

About Ann Arbor

Ann Harbour is a city in the USA and part of the state of Michigan. The city has the Huron river, which gives it a natural green landscape; this is why it was nicknamed the "tree city". Ann harbour is near various cities, including the US city of Detroit. 

Ann Arbor was founded in 1824 as a settlement and commercial centre; this settlement thrived through trade and rose in prominence due to its universities and research institutions when the University of Michigan and its central campus moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor in 1837.

As a result of this focus on academics and research, Ann Arbor became a centre for healthcare and scientific research in the Midwest and has become a significant manufacturer of various technological and scientific equipment, which includes computer equipment, metal bearings, precision machines, and more.

Ann Arbor is also highly into sports, with the University of Michigan having one of the largest stadiums in the USA with some of the biggest sports, including basketball, baseball, field hockey, and ice hockey.

Suburbs in Ann Arbor


Elbel is one of the most demanded suburbs for student housing in Ann Arbour. Due to its proximity next to a variety of sports complexes, it is considered ideal for sports students; these complexes include the Elbel Field, which is a large field used for outdoor sports. Elbel is also a mile from the city centre.


Tappan contains various fraternity and sorority houses, which makes it another popular suburb among students. Tappan is also ideal for students as it is near multiple campuses, such as the University of Michigan's Law Quad and the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. Tappan also has the Fine Arts Library and multiple cafes and restaurants.


Oxbridge is known for its beautiful parks, such as the Nicholas Arbotreum and George Washington Park. Oxbridge is in the south of south university avenue, close to the University of Michigan and also home to various fraternities and sorority houses. It has been described as a student-friendly city full of cafes and restaurants.

Old Fourth Ward

Old Fourth Ward is one of the oldest suburbs in Ann Arbor; the suburb is not just home to various old buildings and lots of history but is also full of fun places to hang out. There is also a farmer's market called the “Ann Arbor Farmer's Market”.


Germantown is another old suburb with a mixed student and resident population. Germantown is known for its various food spots and old brick structures. Germantown is also known for being within walking distance of multiple libraries, such as the Law Library and the Library for the Blind. 

North Burns Park

North Burns Park is an 1800-established old suburb and is among the oldest in Ann Arbor; it is known for containing "the rock", a landmark and popular gathering spot which includes a graffitied rock. One of our private Ann Arbour student apartments near the suburb is the Exclusive Campus w/ Coworking + Shuttle Service option.

Life in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor in Michigan accommodates more than 120,000 residents, with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor accommodating more than 32,000 students. The city has been voted the best place to live in Michigan and ranks first among the top places to live regarding the quality of life index in the USA. 

Ann Arbor is also known for its unique atmosphere, full of fantastic shopping districts such as Kerry Town and South University. It is also full of libraries and the University of Michigan campuses.

Ann Arbor is also full of athletic complexes and beautiful, walkable suburbs. The city is also diverse; due to its small size, it is said to take around 20 minutes to reach anywhere. Ann Arbor is also full of parks, such as the Arboretum and Gallup Park, and is also well-equipped for walking and cycling with its bike lanes and more than 475 miles of sidewalks.

Cost of Living in Ann Arbor

Cost of rent

The average cost of rent in Ann Arbor is around $1,263 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, while a studio can cost you $1,150 per month. The average price per square meter is $29. The cheapest student accommodations are shared student rooms in student housing units.

Utility costs

It is estimated that utility costs cost an average of $180 monthly in Ann Arbor.

Grocery costs

Michigan, as a whole, has an average grocery cost of $285 per month; Ann Arbor, however, is slightly more expensive than other Michigan cities.

Transportation costs

On average, Ann Arbor public transportation, such as the Ann Arbor Authority buses, will cost you $1.5 per card swipe; there are, however, special plans and discounts for students.

Transportation in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Bus services

The Ann Arbor Authority buses are the most reliable mode of public transportation in the city. Ann Arbor also has buses for areas that surround it through TheRide bus provider.

Ride and Rental Services

You can also use ride and rental services, such as Uber and Lyft. To reach your destination, the average base cost of these services is $1.3.


Cycling is the cheapest mode of transportation around the city, costing you practically nothing; the city is well equipped for cycling as it contains 90.2 miles of bike lanes.

Attractions in Ann Arbor

Michigan Stadium

The 1927-built Michigan stadium is the largest and best-known sports stadium in the USA; it is nicknamed "the Big House" and can support more than 107,000. Some of the stadium's biggest events include the Football Spring Games. 

University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

The University of Michigan's Museum of Natural History is a university-run museum of natural history with roots that date back to 1837. Later on, the first University of Michigan Museum building was established in 1881. The museum is free for all visitors, with the option to donate.

University of Michigan Museum of Art 

The 1856-established University of Michigan Museum of Art, also known as UMMA, features various exhibitions, galleries, unique collections, and multiple events. The museum's collection includes Asian and African Art; arts and designs; photography; and Western art. The museum also has a cafe and shop and has free entry.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum

The Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum is a beautiful green spot in the middle of the busy city. The University of Michigan-run Gardens and Arboretum feature gardens, trails, a farm, and a bonsai garden.

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

The University of Michigan-run Kelsey Museum of Archaeology has extensive collections, exhibitions, and numerous research programs regarding Ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern Architecture.

Top universities in Ann Arbor

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is the best university in Ann Arbor and in Michigan as a whole. The university ranks 25th nationally. The most popular majors at the university include Computer Sciences, Business Administration, and Economics.

Concordia University, Ann Arbor

Concordia University, Ann Arbor, ranks 127-126 in the Midwest and is a private Christian university. Some of the most popular studies at Concordia University, Ann Arbor, include Nursing, Criminal Justice, Sports and Fitness Management, and Kinesiology.

Nearby Cities Ann Arbor

Nearby cities to Ann Arbor include Detroit, Windsor-Canda, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Cleveland, London-Canada, Columbus, Kitchener-Canada, and Chicago. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.


When should I start looking for Ann Arbor student housing?

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We recommend that you start looking for your Ann Arbor student accommodation as soon as possible. First, start by mentioning your institution of choice, length of stay, budget, and room types, and fill in additional information to be able to assist you.


Are there short-term stays in Ann Arbor?

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Short-term stays are available; you will have to continuously check our website for updates and contact one of our accommodation experts.


How much rent does a student pay for accommodation in Ann Arbor?

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You can get student housing at Ann Arbor for $900-1000 per month for a student room. Other costs include $1,263 per month for a one-bedroom apartment and $1,150 per month for a studio. The average price per square meter is $29.


How do I pay for my student room in Ann Arbor?

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Payments can be made through online bank transfers, cards, or Casita's banking portal. Consult your accommodation expert for more information.


Can I pay my student accommodation rent in instalments?

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Instalments are common for student housing; please check out our website or contact one of our accommodation experts for more information.

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