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Student Accommodation Boston

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ESL Townhouse
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32 mins by public transport to Central Boston
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From$2,490per month
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Boston Etymology - Where Did Boston Get Its Name? 

Boston was founded on September 7, 1630, by Governor Winthrop. The city was then called by the name Tremontaine for the three hills in the area; however, that name was changed by the Puritans and the town got its current name, Boston. The meaning of the word Boston comes from Lincolnshire, England and it means Botwulf's Stone or Botwulf's tun (tun is an Old English word for a hamlet or small town) Boston refers to Botolph, the English saint of travellers and farmers.

What Is Boston Famous For?

Boston is widely known as “the birthplace of the American Revolution” since lots of historic events took place in the city during the revolution. Boston is also pretty famous for its delicate baked beans, its amazing Fenway Park, The annual Boston Marathon, and way more incredible outstanding things that make Boston one of the best cities in America, and maybe even in the whole world.

Boston Location 

Boston is the capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States and the 21st most populous city in the country. Boston is located near lots of big cities in the USA, such as New York and Niagara Falls. New York is 215.33 miles away from Boston and Niagara Falls is 467 miles away from Boston.

Why Choose Student Accommodation in Boston? 

1. Top-notch Universities

Boston is home to Top-notch universities such as Harvard, MIT, Tufts, BU, Boston College, Emerson, Northeastern, Wellesley College. The quality of higher education in Boston is exceptional and is top-rated in comparison to other cities. 

2. High Standard of Medical Care

A high standard of medical care is provided by nearly every Boston Hospital. 

3. High-paying Jobs

Especially in high-tech and biomedical fields, so if you’re one of these fields students, you are guaranteed a bright future! 

4. Big City… but not too big

Boston has everything you'd want in a metropolis like New York or Chicago without being extremely crowded. 

5. Diversity

Boston, like many other cities, is incredibly diverse. You can meet folks from almost any background, and you're unlikely to notice that they look different from you.

Boston 6 Incredible Festivals

1. Head of the Charles Regatta

The Head Of The Charles Regatta, which began in 1965 and is now the world's largest rowing event, attracting over 11,000 athletes from all over the world to compete in a variety of sculling and sweep rowing competitions. Competitors range in age from 17-year-old junior rowers to athletes in their 90s, and the race is considered a must-attend event for world-class and Olympian rowers.

2. Boston Calling Music Festival

Boston has been without music festivals for a while until Boston Calling Music Festival arrived with its downtown event. Boston Calling is now held twice a year. Death Cab for Cutie, The National, Bastille, and Built to Spill have all performed at the spring edition, which takes place during Memorial Day Weekend.

3. Boston Arts Festival

This yearly event aims to highlight Boston's visual and performing arts. It will enter you into a long journey of exploring each piece of art and watch every performance. 

4. Chinatown August Moon Festival

Since Boston has a huge Chinatown on its land, they never forget to celebrate the annual famous Chinese moon festival, and the best thing is it will give you the same feelings as if you were in China with the same delicious food and the same celebration vibes.

5. Boston Kite & Bike Festival

The Kite & Bike Festival, which began in 1969 and is now a Boston institution, attracts over 1,000 people to Franklin Park each May for picnics, kite flying, and other activities.

6. Boston Dragon Boat Festival

In an exciting race to the finish line, 70+ teams from the USA and the world compete on a 500-meter course. The teams practice paddling in sleek, colourful 39-foot Hong Kong-style dragon boats in the spring to prepare for the June races. Along with dragon boat racing, the event has performances from diverse Asian cultures, Asian cuisine, and arts and crafts that embody the ancient Chinese celebration's customs. Maybe you can participate in next year’s race! 

Boston Climate

Weather and Temperature

Summers in Boston are hot, winters are bitterly cold and wet, and the weather is partially cloudy all year. The temperature normally ranges from 23°F(-5°C) to 82°F(28°C) throughout the year, with temperatures rarely falling below 9°F(-13°C) or rising over 91°F(32°C).

What to Pack and Boston Local Timing

To be ready for Boston’s weather, you’ll need two obvious things; light clothes in the summer and heavy clothes in the winter. For summer clothes, avoiding polyester and silk fabric is a wise choice. Cotton and denim fabrics are good. For the winter clothes, coats, jackets, sweaters, anything that shout out heavy is what we are aiming for. Plus all the extra gloves, scarves, icecaps, boots, and most importantly the umbrella for a whole full rainy year. Boston time zone is GMT-4 keep in mind when booking your travels and student accommodation in Boston. 

Where to Go and What to Eat in Boston?

6 Mesmersing Places You Must Visit in Boston

1. Freedom Trail

The three-mile Freedom Trail takes you past 16 of the city's most important historic monuments and sites, as well as into them. The line of red bricks on the sidewalk and footprints at traffic crossings make it easy to follow. Before visiting the State House, start by picking up pamphlets on the sights at the Visitor Center in Boston Common.

2. Fenway Park

Fenway Park, dubbed "America's Most Beloved Ballpark," is one of the country's most storied sports complexes, and even if you're not a sports enthusiast, a tour of it is entertaining and informative. The Green Monster, a 37-foot green wall in left field, is one of the park's most distinctive features, so if you had the time, you should check that out too.

3. Boston Public Garden 

As America's first Botanical Garden was created in 1837 the garden has held on to its roots and continues to display and is now one of the most visited attractions in Boston. From November to mid-March, you can rent skates to use on the Frog Pond to admire the spring blossoms and fall foliage hues reflected on its surface, and in the summer, you can watch kids play around in the wading pool.

4. Museum of Fine Arts

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, one of the country's top art museums, is known for its Impressionist paintings, Egyptian treasures, Asian and Persian fine arts, and works from ancient Greece and the Middle East.

5. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, which features full-scale reproductions of the real ships from which the Sons of Libertyspiltd tea overboard, offers tours that include a participation reenactment of the incident. Visitors are guided through that historic night by costumed historical interpreters through interactive displays, videos, and multi-sensory experiences. Everyone, of course, gets to throw tea into the water. 

6. North End

The North End is a popular hangout spot for tourists for reasons that go beyond its historic significance. It has altered a little since it was populated with newly arriving Italian immigrants, but it still has its Italian spirit and lively flair. There are Italian restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and shops smelling of cured olives, freshly roasted coffee, and Italian cheeses.

5 Classic Boston Dishes You Should Try

1. Boston Cream Pie

This pie, which is filled with delicious custard and placed between a yellow butter cake and covered with chocolate, is undoubtedly everyone'sfavouritee. This dish, which resembles a cake more than a pie, originated at the Omni Parker House.

2. Boston Baked Beans

Boston was not given the nickname Beantown by accident; it is derived from the city's famous baked beans. Baked beans aren't baked, despite their name; they're simmered, sweetened with syrup or molasses, and mixed with bacon or salt pork.

3. Cannolis

It's no surprise that Boston likes these pastry and cream marvels, especially with an Italian area like the North End within its city limits. The hollow pastry tubes piped with sweet ricotta cheese and studded with chocolate, almonds, or fruit is something people die for. 

4. Lobster Roll

The sandwich, which is usually served on a buttered, griddled roll, is piled high with pink lobster meat and doused in warm melted butter or mayo. Lines build swiftly and inexorably at Neptune Oyster in Boston, overflowing with tourists eager to eat the legendary Maine lobster roll, and soon you will be joining them. 

5. Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is a rich and thick soup made with clams, salt pork or bacon, potatoes, and cream. Oyster crackers are a must-have. Clam chowder is distinguished from other chowders by its white hue.

Transportation in Boston

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority manages and regulates Boston's most popular public transportation alternatives, which include the subway (also known as the "T"), buses, commuter trains, water taxis, and ferries (MBTA). For us, we think that walking is the greatest method to get around Boston. The efficient "T" metro system, which combines subways, trains, and trolleys along five separate lines, is the second-best mode when your itinerary takes you outside of the city centre.

Universities in Boston 

1. Boston College

2. Boston University

3. Harvard University

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT

5. Simmons University

6. Suffolk University

7. William James College

8. Bentley University

9. Stafford House Boston

10. Northeastern University

11. Oxford House, Boston

12. Teaching House Boston

13. Babson College - Boston

14. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Other Student Accommodation In USA

Besides having facilities for student accommodation in Boston, Casita offers student accommodation in these states and cities in the USA: 

Abilene, Alhambra

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