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Student Housing Athens

Book your student housing Athens easily with Casita. There are many student-friendly neighbourhoods with plenty of student housing options to choose from. Our student housing options include single rooms, shared rooms, flats, studios, en-suites, and more. Casita’s student homes have all the amenities you need, including Wi-Fi, on-site laundry, secure bike storage, an on-site gym, a games area, and many more. Also, they are very well located across the city because they are mere minutes away from Central Athens. Simply contact our accommodation experts team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Athens

With sunny weather, a low cost of living, and a historic downtown, Athens, GA is one of the classic cities of the South. Home to the University of Georgia campus and named the Number One Retirement Destination by Fortune Magazine. Discover Athen’s premier golf and country club community, The Georgia Club. They offer a selection of custom homes that combine classic Southern living with essential modern amenities. 

Athens offers a rich history of trivia and facts including the first university chartered and supported by state funds, The University of Georgia. Athens’s quality of life is one of the most compelling reasons to relocate to Athens, GA. 

Suburbs in Athens

Athens has a number of suburbs and neighbourhoods that students can call home during their stay in the city. As a student, you can book student housing Athens in a variety of different areas that differ in traffic, transportation, amenities, and location with respect to your university of choice. Below are some of the most prominent areas to live in in Athens, Georgia. 

Downtown Athens

This neighbourhood is the heart of the city and the home to the University of Georgia. This is arguably Athens’s best suburb for students to book their accommodation in the city. Not only is the commute to the university easy, but the area is vibrant and also houses an array of restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural attractions.


This is a small suburb east of Athens where you can enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle in an area with just under 2,000 residents. This is especially ideal for students looking for affordable accommodation in the city’s quieter areas. 

East Athens

This is another Athens suburb located in close proximity to the University of Georgia, thus making it popular among students and faculty alike. This is the ideal place to live if you’re looking for affordable housing just five to ten minutes from Downtown Athens. The area is home to several types of student homes that you can choose from according to your needs and preferences.


This is a mostly residential suburb that is also popular among students due to its proximity to UGA as well as Downtown Athens. This neighbourhood offers a quieter lifestyle at affordable prices, while still remaining close to the hustle and bustle of the city centre. 

West Side

This is one of the most popular areas to live in Athens. West Side is home to a variety of room types, student accommodation options, and award-winning educational institutions. You’ll also enjoy being close to your favourite shopping and dining spots while in the area!


This area is centrally located between both Downtown Athens and West Athens, making it a great place to call home. This is considered the hip part of Athens where students and young professionals like to live. The neighbourhood is adorned with a wide range of coffee shops, doughnut bakeries, bars, and low-key restaurants.


This is another centrally located neighbourhood that can be found between Downtown Athens and East Athens. Cobbham is one of the city’s earliest suburbs and has a mixture of both old and new homes for you to choose from. The suburb is within walking distance from some of the city’s most renowned restaurants and bars. 

Five Points

This is a historic and quiet neighbourhood in Athens; it’s located between the Broad River and the UGA campus. The suburb’s proximity to the campus makes it popular among students as an ideal place to book student accommodation in the city. Five Points is home to a variety of places where you can shop, including boutique stores, indie booksellers, old-fashioned soda shops, and organic grocers.

Cost of Living in Athens

The cost of living in Athens averages around $1615. This is usually enough to cover your basic living essentials, including transportation, food, groceries, and entertainment, and if you get a good deal, then maybe rent and utilities as well. 

Transportation in Athens

Athens Transit is a public bus system in the city of Athens, Georgia. The system began in 1976, and there are now 20 routes that run across the city. $1.75 is the normal fare. Athens Transit was known as "The Bus," but in 2018, it was rebranded as "Athens-Clarke County Transit" since it was one of the few surviving A-CC services that did not include the words "Athens-Clarke."

Most roads are laid up as loops and the outbound buses do not return on the same streets on a particular route. Major streets usually have two roads servicing them: outbound and inbound, which can be confusing. The Athens Multi-Modal Transportation Center, erected in 2006 on a brownfield near the North Oconee River, is where most routes end. The Multi-Modal Center won the American Institute of Steel Construction's 2007 Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture award, and it's built to support a future "Brain Train" in Atlanta.

Life in Athens

Athens is a vibrant city with plenty of things to do and places to see. As an international student in Athens, there is never a dull moment! You can enjoy your fair share of meals at trendy restaurants, drinks at historic bars, and even shop at some unique independent stores and boutiques. Athens also holds a number of events and festivals annually, all of which make it more of a desirable place to visit or live. 

Attractions in Athens

There are plenty of fun things to do in Athens and many great places to see. The city has a rich history, cultural heritage, and a thriving art and entertainment scene. There is always something to do or see in the city of Athens. Attractions in Athens fit a variety of different people with varying interests. 

Here are some of the city’s top attractions that you should check out during your stay in Athens!

The Iron Horse 

This attraction is located in a large field that is perfect for you to take some fun scenic pictures and horse around. Try climbing on top of it because this is the type of art you can touch!

Sanford Stadium

This is a massive part of the UGA college experience. Even when it isn’t football season, it’s still fun to visit and take pictures!

The Double-Barreled Cannon

This is a unique landmark in Athens. The cannon was created during the Civil War and though it was never used in a battle, it still made its mark in Athens. 

Universities in Athens

Athens is home to some of the top-ranked universities and renowned learning institutions in the country, including the first university ever charted. Casita offers a range of options for student housing Athens near these universities, check them out!

University of Georgia

  • A couple of accommodation options are available a public transport ride away.

  • South Lumpkin at Earth Fare Inbound bus station is just 3 minutes away.

  • Places of interest: Athens Memorial Dog Park and Memorial Park.

Nearby Cities

Besides having facilities for student accommodation in Athens, Casita offers student accommodation in these cities in the USA: Chicago, Berkeley, Columbia, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, Sacramento, Brooklyn, and New Haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

When should I start looking for Athens student housing?

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Starting your search for student housing in Athens early is recommended. The earlier, the better. Also, Casita is there to help you with most of the steps; the room type, the amenities provided, the location, and the proximity to your university.

Are there short-term stays in Athens?

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Yes, but you should check the availability of your Athens student accommodation of choice during your desired period. You can also refer to a Casita accommodation expert to help you find accommodation that accepts short-term stays.

How much rent does a student pay for accommodation in Athens?

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The average monthly cost for student housing in Athens starts from around $569 and can go up to $1,069 for bigger houses or properties. This mainly depends on the room type, the provider, the location, and the amenities offered at the property.

How do I pay for my student room in Athens?

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Payment can be made via net banking or through your debit card. We also have our own payment portal at Casita, where we can assist you with the entire payment process!

Can I pay my Athens student housing rent in instalments?

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Yes, you can pay your rent in instalments. However, some providers may require you to have a USA guarantor. Refer back to your accommodation expert for further help on the matter.

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