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Facilities You Should Look For in Your Student Accommodation

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Hagar Samir

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14 August, 2023

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8 mins read

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Student Housing

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Studying abroad is known to be challenging for international students; they need to go through a lot of steps in order to ensure that they have exactly what they need! Choosing a study abroad destination, a university, and having a student visa are all important steps, but there are also crucial steps after that, like choosing the right accommodation!

Choosing suitable accommodation is one of the most important yet delayed steps. In most cases, students wait until the last minute to choose the place they will stay for a long period of time! This usually results in them not finding what they are looking for and ultimately having to settle with whatever they find. This is why it’s always advised to start the search early and know exactly what you want!

For example, some students have very specific needs that cannot be met right before school starts. Also, there are students who look for certain accommodation facilities, so they start the search early in order to find them smoothly! Of course, all the accommodation facilities are important, and the more, the better! However, there are certain accommodation facilities that students should look for first in their student accommodation.

Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation Facilities You Should Look For 

In order to make your stay easier and better, there are certain accommodation facilities you should look for while searching. Not only will they help make your stay much easier, but they will also make time for other things to be done as well. We’ve gathered a list of the most important accommodation facilities for you to check out!

  • All-Inclusive Bills 

While searching for an accommodation option, search for those who provide all-inclusive utility bills. All-inclusive means that what you pay to rent a room, apartment, or studio includes all of the bills, including electricity, water, gas, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Paying for them all together is more efficient and much cheaper than paying for each thing on its own. Also, having this feature prevents any miscalculations or extra fees. 

Bear in mind that some accommodation options have a cap limit for electricity and water usage that is included in your rent, so make sure to ask beforehand about all the details! Some of Casita’s accommodation options that include all-inclusive bills are iQ Shoreditch, Moss Court, Jennens Court Unite, and Hydrogen Roost.

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi 

Having an internet connection is one of the most important accommodation facilities! Nowadays, everything needs Wi-Fi, including studying, so it’s only wise that you search for a place that provides Wi-Fi without having to pay extra or go somewhere else every day just to study. So, do yourself a favour and avoid accommodation options without Wi-Fi to avoid spending extra hours outside just to finish an assignment!

Make sure that it states that there is, in fact, Wi-Fi while looking, as some places do not add that. Also, make sure that it’s actually fast and working well to avoid any problems! Some of the best accommodation options that provide high-speed Wi-Fi for students to make use of are Nottingham Two Roost, Regent’s Park, iQ Fletcher House, and Mary Sturge Unite.

Accommodation Facilities

  • Security 

Security is always important, especially when you’re all alone and away from home. This is why having security is one of the first accommodation facilities you should look for while searching. Having 24/7 security and CCTV at the property should be a necessity while looking through your accommodation options. Also, security features such as security alarms and secure entry to the rooms are a huge plus. 

Not only will this be comforting for you, but it will also be extremely comforting for your family back home. This will only increase their willingness to let you travel, as they know you’ll be safe and sound while staying there! Casita offers a wide range of accommodation options that are CCTV-monitored and have 24/7 security, including iQ Penworks House, Melia White House, Bonington Student Village, and Manchester Victoria Aparthotel.

  • Content Insurance 

This amenity is not really well known, despite its huge importance. Content insurance means that everything in your accommodation is insured, so if anything goes missing or needs fixing or replacing, the accommodation company is responsible for taking care of it! This protects the student and saves a tonne of money. 

This is why it’s advised to look for accommodation facilities that include content insurance. It’s okay if the search takes time; after all, it’s a place you're going to spend a good amount of time in, so make sure you have everything you need! Our accommodation options that offer content insurance include iQ Manchester Gardens, Emily Bowes Court Unite, Staniforth House Unite, and The Vantage Nottingham

  • Transport Links 

If you can’t find a place with all the accommodation facilities you need that is also close to your university, you can search for a place in close proximity to transport links that will get you there in less than 20 minutes. The whole point of living off-campus is to live comfortably but not too far from the university, so don’t make it harder on yourself! 

Bus stations are important because they’re always working on a schedule, so you won’t have to wake up every day and pray that you find something to ride. Some of the best accommodation options that Casita offers that are a short walking distance from bus stations are iQ Exchange, iQ Studios 51, Maida Vale, and Princess Street.   

Accommodation Facilities

  • Laundry 

In some cities, there are several laundry facilities provided. However, you should not depend on that while travelling. While searching, search for laundry as one of your accommodation facilities. You’re going to be on your own, so you won’t have someone to do your laundry for you! This is why it’s important to have a place that is close by to do your own laundry in. Some accommodation options offer in-unit washers and dryers that you can use. 

In most cases, there is a laundry room in the building that you can make use of during your stay. With this facility, you’ll be saving both money and time, as you won’t have to go to the laundromat or wash your clothes by hand every day! This will also avoid any hassles, such as losing your clothes or taking others’ clothes by mistake! Casita’s top accommodation options that provide laundry facilities include iQ Wilmslow Park, Arch View House, True Birmingham, and Collegiate Nova Nottingham

  • Study Areas 

This is one of the accommodation facilities that not everyone needs! If you have a noisy roommate or you need to study in a place that is built specifically for studying, a study room will be exactly what you need. Study rooms are a nice addition to the buildings because of the peace and quiet environment they provide. They make it easier for students to study and get their work done. 

Also, it is nice to separate the place you’re staying from the place you’re studying so that you can avoid boredom and not have to associate your room with studying. They’re also great motivation, as everyone around you will be studying as well. Our best accommodation options with study rooms include Olympic Way Unite, iQ Kerria Apartments, Chamberlain Place, and Collegiate Clarendon Street.

  • Fitness Facilities 

If you’re into sports or you used to go to the gym regularly before, then a fitness facility is surely one of the most needed accommodation facilities for you! It’s always good to get in 30 minutes of exercise in your day, both for your mental and physical health. Having a gym at your accommodation will make it easier and more motivating for you to go, as you won’t have to spend time commuting! 

Some places also offer yoga classes, tennis courts, and basketball courts, which is great because this variety means that you won’t ever be bored! Casita’s accommodation options that have fitness facilities include Boulevard Wharf, Kentish Town, 88 Bromsgrove House, and Circle Square

Accommodation Facilities

  • On-Site Maintenance

One of the best accommodation facilities offered is on-site maintenance. No one likes to go through the hassle of finding a good fixer to fix something for them, so having it already provided at the building is always a huge advantage! You won’t have the responsibility of searching or making sure not to forget that you need to find someone to fix a broken water tab! 

While searching for a suitable accommodation option, consider on-site maintenance a priority; there’s no guarantee that you won’t need one in the future, and having it close by will save you a lot of trouble. Some of the accommodation options that provide their residents with on-site maintenance are Q3 Apartments, East Central House Unite, Battery Park Unite, and Nottingham Radford Mill

  • Communal Social Spaces 

While it may not be as important as the other accommodation facilities, it doesn’t hurt to have communal social spaces around you. There will be a time when you feel bored and maybe a little lonely; this is where a social space will be a great place for you to socialise, communicate, and get to know other students!

Having places like a games area, a lounge room, a cinema room, a rooftop terrace, and courtyards will help you befriend a lot of people and get to know different cultures; after all, it’s all part of studying abroad! You can find communal social places in a lot of accommodation options while searching, including IQ Newtown House, Lakeside Unite, Wembley Residence, and Vita First Street.

  • Pet-Friendly 

There is nothing worse than having to leave your pets back at home and missing them all the time. This is why it’s important to consider pet-friendly accommodation options while searching through the accommodation facilities. If you don’t have pets or don’t want pets, there are always options that do not allow pets in the building.

Being able to travel and have your pet with you will help you focus more, as there won’t be any distractions back home, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything your pet does! Some of the accommodation options that allow you to bring your pets are Selina NQ1 Manchester, Cannon St Apartments, Selina Birmingham, and The Combworks

How to Look For These Accommodation Facilities?

There are certain steps you can take to search for the accommodation facilities you want to make sure that the accommodation you choose is the right fit for you. These amenities’ aim is to facilitate your stay, so choose wisely! It’s easy to search and book with Casita; here’s how:

  • Visit Casita’s website

  • Search for the city you want to stay in 

  • Use the “filter” feature in order to see the accommodation facilities you want 

  • Casita also has a compare feature that you can use if you’re not sure or are confused between two options. This feature will help you find the advantages and disadvantages of each accommodation option to make the process go smoother

  • After you find the most suitable accommodation with the accommodation facilities you want, click the “Enquire” button to chat with our accommodation experts. They are multilingual and are always available to help you, give you all the information you need, and guide you through everything for an easy booking process.

There are so many more accommodation facilities available for students! Of course, their importance varies for each student. For example, some residents prioritise having security over on-site maintenance if they cannot have both. Also, your priorities should depend on your budget and preferences. So, don’t worry; you’ll find what you’re looking for at the end! Good luck!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are the accommodation facilities important?

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These accommodation facilities are important because they prevent you from consuming so much time worrying over things in your room. You won’t have to make an extra effort and will end up saving so much energy!

How do I choose my accommodation?

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You choose your accommodation according to its location and how close it is to your chosen university. Also, choose an option that provides you with all the accommodation facilities you will need. 

What are the most important accommodation facilities?

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This really depends on the student, but generally speaking, students search for accommodation with all-inclusive bills and high-speed Wi-Fi.

What is a good example of an accommodation?

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A good accommodation option is one that fulfils everything you need so that you won’t have to search in the city for these amenities.