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Facilities You Should Look For in Your Student Accommodation

Facilities You Should Look For in Your Student Accommodation
Created By: Hadeel Hossamon 06 August, 2021

Now that you’ve chosen your study abroad destination, your university, and have your student visa, it’s time to look for the perfect student accommodation. This is the final decision you will make as you step into your new life and experience studying abroad. It’s also significant if you want to make the most of this adventure by having a new place to call home. When it comes to choosing your student accommodation, comfort has to come first, which is why you should always look at the amenities offered in each building and choose what suits you best. Here are some of the most important amenities you should look for in your student accommodation:

1. Transport Links

If you don’t manage to find a student accommodation that is within walking distance from your campus, the next best thing is to look for one surrounded by decent transport links. Try not to choose accommodation options that are more than 20 minutes bus ride away from the university. If you are not sure how to find the closest options to your university, simply type your university name on Casita’s website, and you will get a list of the closest options immediately.  

2. All-Inclusive Bills

All-inclusive bills mean that the price you pay to rent a room, flat, or studio includes bills like electricity, water, gas, and sometimes Wi-Fi. This is much more efficient and even cheaper than paying a separate bill for each service as well as rent. Some student accommodations have a cap limit for electricity and water usage included in your rent, so make sure you ask about it. Most of Casita's PBSA's have bills included in the rent, use the filters to chose a building with the facility you need. 

3. Insurance

Another great amenity that is offered in many student accommodation options is contents insurance. This feature means that everything in your room is insured, and if anything needs fixing or replacing, the accommodation company will take care of it.

4. Wi-Fi

This one goes without saying; it is the 21st century, after all! No one can survive without internet these days. As a student, you can’t work on your coursework or assignments without free Wi-Fi, so always check if the accommodation has free Wi-Fi beforehand. 

5. Security

peace of mind in your new home is important. Look for an accommodation that has 24/7 security and CCTV listed in its features. You should also look for security features such as an alarm system and secure entry to your room to keep yourself and your belongings safe and sound. Being in a new place can be scary, so this will make you feel much safer and give your family reassurance, making you both sleep better at night. 

6. Laundry

No more Mom is picking up your dirty laundry and you coming home finding it magically clean and folded on your bed; it’s your responsibility now. While some cities have separate laundry facilities for the public, it’s much better to choose student accommodation that offers its own. Some offer in-unit washers and dryers that you would share with flatmates, while others have the laundry room in the building for all residents to make use of. This will save you the trip to the laundromat or the hassle of hand-washing every couple of days, so it’s an important feature to watch out for.

7. On-Site Maintenance

No one likes the hassle of looking for a handyman to fix a broken light or even a broken water tap. One of the best things student accommodation providers offer is on-site maintenance for items inside rooms and flats for fast and easy fixes of most types of malfunctions. It’s another responsibility you can take off your shoulders while staying in a student residence.

8. Communal Social Spaces

This might not seem vital to many students, but it never hurts to look for student accommodation with few communal areas that promote social interaction between student residents. After all, part of your journey while studying abroad is interacting with different cultures. Therefore, many student accommodation options offer social spaces such as a games area, lounge, cinema room, rooftop terrace, courtyards, and more.

9. Study Areas

We all know focusing on studying can sometimes be challenging, but it helps if you switch up your surroundings. Student accommodation with dedicated study areas would be a great help if you don't feel with a lot of motivation. 

10. Fitness Facilities

Your health is extremely important, especially when you are living away from home, where your mom used to cook you healthy food. This is why you should look for a student accommodation that offers an on-site gym where you can get 30 minutes of cardio before classes to feel refreshed. Some residences even offer yoga classes, tennis courts, and basketball courts as well. Anything that gets the heart pumping will do just fine.

These are just some of the facilities that many student accommodation providers offer. Your priorities regarding amenities should, of course, depend on your budget and specific lifestyle needs and preferences. Still, keep in mind that most of your time will be spent attending classes, studying, and social activities, so it would be wise to get as many responsibilities off your shoulders as possible.

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