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Where Should You Study Abroad? The USA, UK or Australia

Where Should You Study Abroad? The USA, UK or Australia

Created At:22 August, 2020
Created By:Ahmed Azzam
Updated At:15 March, 2023
University Life
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The USA, the UK and Australia are among the top destinations for studying abroad. These countries are famous for attracting international students because of their quality of education and world-renowned universities. If you are stuck with which country to choose from, here are a few points to consider for each country. These will help answer some of the questions you might have.

1. The Quality of Education

The UK, USA and Australia are very similar when it comes to quality education; they all provide worldwide recognized degrees.

The United States has the largest number of universities and colleges in the world; more than 5,300 colleges are available within the country. According to Top Universities, approximately fifty per cent of the world’s top 50 universities are located in the US, many focus on research quality and have top-class teaching staff. 

Student Homes in the USA

On the other hand, the UK is acknowledged throughout history as the leading student destination. In 2018, almost 20% of the total student population in the UK were international students. The country has approximately 130 universities, many of which are historically prominent educational institutions like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge

Australia matches the same quality of education as the USA and the UK. It hosts numerous universities that offer their students effective teaching experience. The country’s multicultural nature allowed nearly 700,000 international students to enrol in Australian universities in 2017. 

2. Employment and Immigration Opportunities

Studying abroad goes hand in hand with gaining work experience, you decide to travel and study in a particular country to develop your career prospects. One way to improve your skills is to have a part-time job alongside your studies. This might help you build your CV to stay permanently in your new country.

In the USA, you can work on-campus for 20 hours during the semester and full-time during your vacation in your first year. In the second year, you can work a part-time job off-campus where you get more exposure to practical experience. As for immigration opportunities, once you have received your degree, you can stay and work up to 12 months in the country through the Optional Professional Training (OPT) programme. Afterwards, you can apply for H1B (work visa) that would allow US companies to hire you.

In the UK, you can land a part-time job where you can work up to 20 hours per week as long as you have your Tier 4 student visa. Working while studying in the UK has its regulations, and you have to follow them and make sure you have the right visa to be eligible to work. While it is hard to gain a permanent visa after your graduation, a degree from the UK is valued all over the world, and you still have many opportunities to improve your career.

Last but not least, you can work 20 hours per week during your semester in Australia. Due to a shortage in a number of fields, Australia offers a Skilled Migration Programme through which the government supports students with the potential of contributing to their economy. Browse through our guide on how to find work on a student visa in Australia to know more. 

3. The educational system and Academic Calendar

The educational system and the academic calendar differ from one country to another, and understanding the differences may help you narrow down your decision to which works better for you.

The USA has a flexible educational system where you can get a bachelor's degree in more than one way; you can acquire an Associate degree and then transfer the credit hours earned to pursue a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. Usually, the academic calendar starts from September till the end of June with two main semesters. You can learn more about the structure of the US education system through our blog.

In the UK, the academic year is divided the same way as the US; however, the educational system in the UK is considerably different. The UK system is not as flexible as the USA as the country does not have the same amount of higher educational institutions. To apply to a university in the UK, you need first to submit a  UCAS application, which you can find out more about here. 

Education in Australian is slightly different from both the UK and the USA as the academic year starts in January, not September. Also, many universities divide their curriculum over three semesters instead of two. Read our breakdown of the Academic Year in Australia to know more. 

4. Accommodation Options

You have to consider the type and the price of accommodation you want to stay in your new country. Accommodation options will vary according to the city you choose to live in. 

There is a wide range of student homes you can live in in the USA. Casita offers more than 600 student rooms across many US cities to suit your needs. Most accommodation follows a monthly rent scheme, and if you have a pet, there are many facilities that are pet friendly. Furthermore, you can rent an unfurnished home and have the freedom of choosing your own furniture. 

The UK has numerous student rooms that are situated near the universities and transportation links. London alone has more than 14,000 accommodation options that vary from studios, ensuite rooms, single rooms and flats. Most student halls in the UK calculate their rents per week, and many offer all-inclusive bills. Most of them are furnished, and a deposit is requested upon reservation.

Moreover, if you want to explore the residences in Australia, we recommend you go through our listing of more than 1200 rooms in Australia. You will need to pay a bond that is similar to the deposit in the UK. You will find the majority of rooms furnished with a weekly rent scheme.

Student Homes in Australia

5. Lifestyle

You are going to spend a long period of time in your studying destination, so taking into consideration the culture and lifestyle in the country is crucial. Every aspect might affect your experience, so you need to make sure you have the full picture of what it is like to live in each country. 

The USA has a wide variety of lifestyles that differs from one region to another. You can find almost every climate in the USA, ranging from snowy, cold weather to sunny, hot ones. It is known for its diverse social life and international communities across its big cities or even smaller suburbs areas.

The UK mainly has colder weather than in the other two countries. It is rich in history and art that are depicted in the various museums and art galleries all around. The country life in the UK is unique, and it is easy to travel around because of the intersected transport links.

Australia gives adventurous vibes because it has huge wildlife, natural landscapes, and beaches in almost all cities. It’s the perfect place if you prefer warmer environments, the weather tends to be hotter than in the UK and USA.

Now that you have gathered all the information related to these three destinations, you can choose your favourite from this list and pick your city to know more about the available student residences while studying abroad.

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