3 Easy Steps to Book Your Casita Student Room

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09 December, 2021

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Student Housing

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When you decide to study abroad and finally get your university offer, one of the first things that come to mind is booking your student room abroad. Even parents have questions about the booking process regarding student accommodation. To make your life easier, Casita has only 3 easy steps to book your new student room:

1. Explore

This is the initial step and we consider it to be the most important one. Type in Casita’s search bar the city or the university you’re going to. The browser will then redirect you to a new page with all the available student residences near your university or the city centre. Explore your options and use the filters to highlight preferred facilities and room types.

Northgate Point

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2. Discover

At first, you will be able to see the distance between the university and the properties are shown. You’ll also get to check the lowest price for the rent on all student accommodation listed. Is that accommodation the one you have been waiting for? Just like them and we will shortlist all properties for you with our comparison feature. 

You can register a new Casita account or log in to your existing Casita account. The registration form takes less than 3 minutes to finalise. Some students shortlist the properties and show them to their parents, so they choose together as a family. No wonder our shortlist’s icon is a heart! 

Before moving to the final step, we strongly recommend you to read our Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room blog post first.

3. Secure

Now it’s time to get a dedicated accommodation expert to help you book your room. Once you decide which is the room you want, click on our Enquire button and our team will receive your booking request and get to know all your preferences, as long as you fill out the message box on the form. 

You’ll receive an email asking you to take a few moments to complete your profile so the Casita team can process your booking further and find you the perfect student room considering your budget and requests.

And now that you’re done, you can read our Student Rooms: Expectations vs Reality and know all about the benefits of renting a student room with Casita.


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