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Our student guide to accommodation and lifestyle in the UK

10 Best Casita Communal Games Rooms

Casita student accommodations across the UK house different social lounges for students to communicate, make new friends, and meet like-minded people. This one is specifically made for communal games rooms in our accommodations across the UK. Some communal rooms are luxurious, other are modern, and also classic!

Casita Student Accommodations with Enviable Views

Most of our purpose-built Casita student accommodations come with fantastic views whether they are located in the heart of a hectic city or any other quiet neighbourhood. Going back and forth between Casita buildings while looking for the most appealing and unbeatable view might be tiring and for sure it is time-consuming. In order to make it easier for you, we have gathered Casita student accommodations with enviable views in one place.

How to Find/Choose Your Casita Student Accommodation

Casita is privileged with an easy-to-use website offering hassle-free surf for students. Searching for your new home as a student should be fun and with people whom you can trust. Learn how to use filters to get your way around Casita's website easily. If you are stuck with a lot of ideas and do not know where to start, here is your Casita search guide.

5 Must-Have Skills for University Students Pursuing Professional Careers

University students tend to overthink their future careers and get overly stressed about how they could be prepared to work after graduation. In addition to some basic skills that you should be acquiring and work hard on if you are concerned with your professional career after graduation, there are a few steps to be followed before this major preparation process.

Major Festivals and Events in London, June 2017

Whether you are an adventurous or a cautious student, undergraduate or postgraduate, artistic or unimaginative, you will find something that suits you in London. Explore June's lifestyle in London this year to forget about stressfulness for a while. Many festivals, events, and even markets are being hosted at this time of the year. Make the most out of London this June.

Effective Student-Professor Interaction Guide

Fresh students are always having a hard time dealing with their University professors at the beginning. Students do not have to wait till they get used to it, and after already giving professors a bad impression about their performance, although they are actually hardworking ones. Professors do notice how students address them, their language, attendance, and positive or negative attitudes. It is the student's job to make sure that he leaves a good impression to smooth his upcoming university years in the UK.

Students’ Unions and Students’ Vibrant Activities in UK Universities

The university world is vibrant, hectic, and lively. Students' Union were launched to give the students an opportunity to work on their skills, develop their strengths, and strengthen their weaknesses. They offer various activities, whether they are charity, sports, radios, blogs, or even musical and dramatic events. Here are some of what Students' Unions across the UK are offering.

May 2017: Free and on Budget Destinations for Students in London

London is the biggest city in the UK and knowing exactly where to go and when could be a little bit misleading. London is widely-known for being costly and over-priced, however, a lot could be done with no charges at all or on a low budget. Students residing in London will surely benefit from knowing new places, events, museums, and landmarks to visit across the vibrant city of London without having to spend a lot of money.