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Quick Guide: UK Pathway Universities & Colleges

Quick Guide: UK Pathway Universities & Colleges

22 August, 2017

What are Pathway Programs?

Pathway Programs could be best described as your guarantor to a place in a reputable University in the UK. These programs or educational services are spread between A-levels, foundation, international year one, graduate diploma, pre-masters, or English Language course to be prepared for further studies in the UK. These programs availabilities vary from one provider to another.

A-level pathway could be in numerous fields, such as science and medicine, Engineering and Mathematics, and Economics, Business and Actuarial Science. Psychology, sociology, biology, and English language A-level pathways are available as well.

Foundation programs for international students offer pathways in the arts, humanities & social sciences in addition to other numerous fields.

English language courses are also available for students who want or need to develop their English language’s skill in order to be able to follow up with the native-speakers environment they are going to be involved in when going to college. Completing any of these programs successfully with good grades will guarantee the student prestigious four-year College degrees.

Where are Pathway providers?

The most famous global educational pathway providers are Study Group, Cambridge Education Group, INTO, Kaplan International Pathways, and Navitas UK. Each is specialized in specific programs and has partner universities where you can enrol for graduate or postgraduate studies. Indeed, these partner universities are spread across the UK to guarantee that international students can easily find the place that they are looking for.

Choosing the right pathway college will greatly influence your future. Each pathway provider offers programs in almost all the fields that you can think of, and if not available in one, you will find it with another. Navitas UK university programs, for example, are offered in Edinburgh Napier University International College, Swansea University International College, and Anglia Ruskin University International College, in addition to other universities. You can be studying with Kaplan at the University of Aberdeen, Aston University, Nottingham Trent University, City University London, and numerous others. INTO have numerous centres across the UK, such as INTO Glasgow Caledonian University, INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, INTO City University London, and in Exeter and Newcastle.

To sum up, obviously, different educational backgrounds are not the obstacle that will hinder international students from studying abroad or from pursuing their passion for particular fields. Pathway providers make it easier not only to learn about the UK’s educational system but also to learn about the UK’s culture to shape your future as you have always imagined it.

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