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How to Apply to a UK University as an International Student

27 October, 2016

Many students from all over the world consider studying in a UK university as a prestigious achievement. If you are well prepared as an international student, you not only get a good education but also enjoy your time in this uniquely diverse country. Here is a simple guide to help you apply to your desired UK University.

There are 4 main steps that you should follow when applying to study in the UK as an international student:

  • Read through this guide and understand the various processes for international students.
  • Do a search on the course database and find the most suitable course you want to study.
  • Find the right accommodation option.
  • Apply for a UK Student Visa.

1. Find Your Preferred Course

One of the first steps that international students need to take is to ensure that their chosen university offers the exact course that they are looking for. While doing your search, make sure you check the specific entry requirements listed for your country. This is an important part of the process as it will show you whether or not your current qualifications are valid in the UK. You can even call the international office of the UK University and get first-hand information about the state of your qualifications.

The next step is to register in the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), which is the official government-approved service for making applications to UK universities. While a few universities do allow direct applications by international students, most universities will only consider your application when it is made through the official UCAS system. Remember that some universities will require that you take an admissions test first, especially for courses like medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and law.

2. UK Student Visa

All international students seeking to study in the UK must get a student visa first before even planning their trip. It is also equally important to note that the student visa is only available for people who are planning on studying degree courses, and not short-term or part-time courses. Generally, you must receive an acceptance confirmation from the UK University before you can start applying for the visa. Next, you need to prove you can afford the tuition and accommodation before finally making the visa application.

3. Accommodation

The type of accommodation you choose is an important decision as it could help save you lots of money in the long term. Although there are numerous accommodation options for international students, flatshares are one of the widely used ones. This is where students share a flat, which is usually furnished with all the essential things including shared kitchens and bathrooms.

With this simple guide, international students can now have an idea of what is required to study at a UK university.

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