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UK University Interview Tips and Tricks

UK University Interview Tips and Tricks

Created At:18 October, 2017
Created By:Ola Elwassify
Updated At:14 March, 2023
Tips and Advice
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If you have been contacted to go to your UK university interview, it is unquestionable that your application stood out and that your personal statement left a good impression. As a student, preparing for this interview is crucial and will be life-changing. Some tricks should be considered before going and other tips are inevitable during the interview.

1. Review and Get Ready

Make sure to review the university's prospectus, because surely you will be asked, 'Why this university?' and 'Why this course?' Researching thoroughly will make you pass an essential part of the interview with ease. Also, make sure to spend some time surfing the internet for some NEWS related to your course/subject. Being well aware of the current affairs globally always leaves a miraculous impression.

2. Read and Prepare

Reread your personal statement and prepare to elaborate on the topics that you have tackled.

3. Mock It!

Arrange with one of your friends to give you a mock interview beforehand in order to put your fingers on the areas that need development. This practice will boost your self-confidence and will make you less stressed during the real interview.

4. Be an Early Bird 

Go 15 minutes early and sleep well before showing up. Chances are, if you sleep well, your thoughts will be more organised and you will understand the interviewer better, and by default respond with ease.

5. Set Goals

Of course, you should link the course that you are applying for with your long-term goals and aspirations. Further, you can mention the potential careers that you plan on pursuing after graduation.

University interviews are a two-way interaction between the interviewee and the interviewer, so be ready to equally contribute to the discussion. The interviewer will expect you to expose some knowledge of the course that you are applying for and the university as well, however, prepare some questions to ask during the interview to show how keen you are on learning, developing, and coping with the demands of the course. Make sure that the questions were not answered before in the information sent to you by the university.

6. Practice Non-Verbal Communication

Your body language plays a significant role in the interview, so smile confidently, sit up straight, maintain friendly eye contact, and let your voice show enthusiasm and interest. Remember to let the interviewer lead the handshakes, sitting down, and so on.

7. Listen Attentively 

Listen carefully to each question and take your time before responding. You can ask the interviewer to rephrase the question is you think that you did not comprehend it the way it was said.

The aim of this is to stand out from the crowd! Be yourself. That is the only guaranteed method of being original because there will never be another you. Dress appropriately for the interview and show the interviewer how professional, serious, responsible and eager to learn you are.

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