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Find the best student rooms in Spain

Select the city where you are going to study from the below options. Finding your perfect student home has never been easier!

Student Accomodation in Spain

Vibrant and culturally rich, Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world. It is located in extreme southwestern Europe. The kingdom of Spain is well-known for its cuisine, Flamenco music and dance, siesta, bullfights, horses, arts, literature, architecture, Moorish heritage, islands, Mediterranean beaches, wines, fruits, and vegetables, as well as football. A popular tourism destination, it is known for its stone castles, snow-capped mountains, enormous monuments, and sophisticated cities.

Casita Student Residences in Spain

Casita offers inexpensive student housing in Spain with a range of options to suit students' needs. You may socialise with your peers, meet new people, and take advantage of services like shops, study spaces, game rooms, gyms, and laundry facilities when you live in a shared residence with common areas.

Below are our most popular student accommodations in Spain.

1. Lope de Vega University Residence

There are several services and amenities available to residents of the Lope de Vega University Residence, a student residence in Madrid. High-speed Internet and Wi-Fi, all-inclusive billing, an extra emergency network, weekly cleaning service, individual air conditioning (heating and cooling), on-site maintenance service, round-the-clock security, and CCTV with electronic access control are some of these. A stunning outdoor patio, a games room with pool, TV, and PlayStation, a fully equipped gym, a sports area, a restaurant-dining room, and a laundry service are available to help you make the most of your time at university.

2. Barcelona Diagonal Residence Hall

This student residence offers a wide range of amenities and services, including accessible rooms, unlimited access to common areas, an outdoor pool, a dining area, a gym, study rooms, and recreation rooms. Vending machines, Wi-Fi, self-service laundry, and maintenance services are all available.

Booking a Student Room with Casita

Book your student accommodation in Spain in just 3 easy steps.

1. Explore

Browse more than a million rooms in 60 different countries, decide where you want to study, and look into your student accommodation options.

2. Discover.

Utilise our excellent filters to find the ideal room for you. Select your desired room type, budget limit, and even amenities. 

3. Secure

Fill out the form and reserve your room by clicking the Enquire button. Our accommodation experts will get in touch with you to help you finalise your booking.

Popular Cities in Spain

1. Madrid

Madrid is renowned for its museums of modern and contemporary art. If you decide to study in Madrid, you get to live in a vibrant city. Around 617,000 international students studied in Spain in 2018, with roughly 20,000 of them studying in Madrid.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is not just the biggest city in Catalonia but also a popular destination for tourists and international students. You won't want to spend much time at home because the city is spectacular. Around 300,000 foreigners reside in Barcelona, and English is frequently heard on the street.

3. Cartagena

A lover of history will adore Cartagena. The town, which is relatively small and is located in the province of Murcia in the southeast of Spain, is home to many tourist attractions. A lot of great civilisations and cultures have lived in Cartagena over the course of its history, making it one of the most intriguing places in all of Spain. Everyone should make an effort to get to Cartagena, one of Europe's amazing undiscovered gems.

Spain Student Accommodation

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