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Breaking Down the Academic Year in Australia

Breaking Down the Academic Year in Australia

29 October, 2019

Are you planning on studying in Australia? Being a whole continent on the other side of the world means you can safely assume things are quite different over there. It’s not just the weather that will leave you confused; it’s the Australian academic year calendar too. Here’s a simple breakdown of the terminologies and dates of the universities’ academic year in Australia to get you started:

What Is A University Academic Session?

In Australia, the academic semester is most commonly referred to as a “session.” Some universities refer to it as a “term.”

How Many Academic Sessions Are There in A Year and What Is A Trimester?

Most Australian universities follow a two-session model, while others follow a three-session model in which one session is referred to as a trimester. A trimester is a 12-weeks study period followed by a study break and then an exam period. Deakin University, CQUniversity, Griffith UniversityBond Universitythe University of Canberra, and the University of New South Wales all have a total of three trimesters throughout the year while universities like Melbourne Institute of Technology offer both two-session and three-session options. The first session within a three-session model is the Autumn Session, followed by the Spring Session and lastly the Summer Session.

Student Academic Year

What Is A Summer Session?

Universities with two sessions offer students a short optional session during the summer in which students have the choice to finish extra courses if they wish. On the other hand, a summer session at a university with three trimesters is obligatory. So it is fair to say that two-session universities have only Autumn and Spring sessions.

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When Does Each Session Start?

The year starts with the Autumn Session by the end of February or beginning of March. This first trimester lasts until the mid-term break in the month of April. Exams take place in June/July for 1 month. The Spring Session is then scheduled to start in July or August followed by a break in September or the beginning of October with an exam period end of October/November. The Summer Session usually starts in November and ends before Christmas. Yes, Christmas comes during the summer months in December! Australia has the power to surprise you!

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