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Reduce Your Cost of Living in Australia

Reduce Your Cost of Living in Australia
Created By: Ola ElWassifyon 14 November, 2018

One of the main things international students consider thoroughly before studying abroad is their living expenses. Even if the cost of living in Australia is widely-known to be high, students’ budget planning could save them a lot of money and earn them some too. Deciding on the estimated living expenses in Australia for international students is easy when considering some factors, like:

1. Setting a Student Budget Plan

Based on setting an applicable college student budget plan, anything that comes later could be swiftly handled. List all of the obligatory bills and life essentials that you have to buy every week. Yes, every week not every month, so it is easier to track and change the plan if things went wrong. You have to track all your outings and save on shopping and leisure centres, museums, beaches, wildlife parks, events, and festivals as well as all the student activities there is.

2. Choosing Your Student Accommodation Wisely

Choosing your student accommodation in Australia is one of the major decisions you will have to take, and this decision could be twisted for your own benefit. Its location should be close to your university and this is how to reduce expenses and save money. Also, if you make sure that there are cheap means of transportation to and from your university or college, it will save you both time and money. Casita’s search bar gives you the advantage of writing your university/college name and it will get you the closest accommodations to it in no time. Also, student accommodation in Australia has a wide range of room types, from studios and en-suites to single and shared rooms, so choose what best suits your budget and needs. 

3. Shopping at Street & Flea Markets in Australia

Even if your self-contained studio in Australia or your student en-suite room has everything you have ever wanted, you will still need to buy some stuff. To reduce household costs, aim for street and flea markets across Australia to buy groceries, clothes, drinks, and households too. To find them easily, read our Street Markets in Australia You Must Know blog article.

student saving in a piggy Bank

4. Hunting Student Discounts in Australia

One of the most effective ways to reduce monthly living expenses in Australia is to look up student deals and discounts. You can get discounts on transportation, rails, buses, groceries, clothes, and even electronics. To know which cards to get, read our Benefits and Discounts for Students in Australia blog article.

5. Getting a Student Job in Australia

Away from putting extra cash in your pocket, finding a student job in Australia will boost your interpersonal and professional skills. Even if you think you have no time to keep a job while studying, try it at least for a while and you will discover it was absolutely worth it. To get an edge into finding a job in Australia, you can check Australia's Student Job Search Strategies blog article.

6. Asking for Advice

Gather some pieces of advice from like-minded students or from your senior student accommodation mates when it comes to setting a budgeting plan, cheap shopping around Australia, and hunting student discounts and deals. They will always give you credible information out of the experience, so do not be shy to seek any advice.

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