Top Universities for Accounting and Finance in the UK

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18 July, 2023

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Choosing your university major is one of the most important first decisions you’ll have to make for yourself as you step into adulthood. After choosing one, there is also the major decision about which university to study at. While thinking of a major, it’s always smart to consider a few factors, like your skillset and your preferred type of learning.

For example, practical fields like accounting and finance would be the perfect major for someone who likes working with numbers and has excellent analytical thinking skills. It has a lot of fields, is always in demand, and has high salary prospects. Moreover, when thinking about a university, you want to choose one with a programme that gives you all the knowledge needed to succeed in the real world.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing a university. First, you need to understand the programme, how it works, and if it’s suitable for your needs. Second, you want to know the fees of the university; the United Kingdom is as good as it is expensive! The third and very important thing is that you need to find UK student accommodation near universities that offer accounting and finance programmes. 

There are specific countries where accounting and finance prevail, with universities that offer a full programme that is packed with knowledge and everything you need in order to be experienced enough. The United Kingdom is known for its high-quality education in several majors, including accounting and finance. 

Universities for Accounting and Finance UK

Best Universities for Accounting and Finance 

Students, both local and international, seek out universities in the United Kingdom because of their reputation and high-quality education. Let’s take a look at the best universities for accounting and finance in the UK!

The University of Glasgow 

The University of Glasgow’s history is distinguishable, recognised, and unforgettable. Upon the request of King James II of Scotland, Pope Nicholas V issued a bull in 1451 that established the university. From 1460 until its relocation to Glasgow's west end in 1870, the university was housed on property provided by Lord Hamilton on High Street. 

The University of Glasgow is known for its amazing reputation in the United Kingdom and around the world! The university is ranked eighth in the United Kingdom and 25th in Europe. In appreciation of its contribution to reparative justice, the university received the title of "2020 The University of the Year." There are several shining examples of world-changing researchers that have made an impact and built the university’s reputation for hundreds of years, including Professor Sir David MacMillan, a chemistry graduate who received the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 2021. 

The University of Glasgow is at the top of the list of the best universities for accounting and finance in the UK. The university’s business school boasts triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, making it a top destination for accounting and finance students from around the world. You can choose multiple degrees according to your career aspirations, including accountancy, accountancy with finance, accountancy with international accounting, accountancy with languages, and accountancy/economics. One of the examples of these degrees is:

Degree Structure

The degree takes four years to complete; each year has its own structure. The first year gives you a glimpse of your future career with introductions to financial accounting and management. You’ll also learn all about the financial market as well as economics.

Second-year is all about practical learning in a standard setting with subjects like taxation, business law, and statistics. The last two years are the ones that truly prepare you for your future career as an accountant. Finally, you are required to complete a dissertation with assistance from one of the highly-qualified staff members for your graduation project.

Some of Casita’s accommodation options that are located close to the university include Kelvin Court Unite, Merchant City House, and Kyle Park House. They all provide a variety of amenities and features to facilitate the students’ stay. 

Universities for Accounting and Finance UK

The University of Strathclyde

This is another university that is considered one of the best universities for accounting and finance. The University of Strathclyde, located in the heart of Glasgow, offers a range of business degrees and is renowned for its accounting and finance department. It holds accreditation from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Students can do either a joint degree in both accounting and finance or specialise in one of them. The best thing about both degrees is that students can create their own course curriculum, choosing the subjects that best suit their career aspirations.


If you’re wondering what makes Strathclyde one of the top universities for accounting and finance in the UK, their comprehensive course structure breakdown is the proof you need. A bachelor's in accounting combines a wide range of business subjects to give you an in-depth understanding of the laws and economics that go hand in hand with accounting.

After applying to study accounting at Strathclyde, your first year will focus on:

  • Business Ethics

  • Disruptive Technologies

  • Social-Ethical-Environmental Governance (SEEG)

  • Marketing and Sustainability across Domains

The second year will sharpen your skills in financial and management accounting, with an opportunity to study taxation. Your third year will cover advanced topics in financial and management accounting and auditing, by which time you will have completed the accreditation requirements for professional accounting bodies. Finally, the last year will prepare you for the practical world with subjects like:

  • Public Sector Accounting

  • Accounting Information Systems

  • Integrative Studies in Management and Accounting


As for the BA in Finance, this will introduce you to the principles of investment and value, the art of decision-making, and the ins and outs of business finance. It paves the way for a career of your choosing in any financial service like investment management, insurance, or banking. Year one will give you all the basics in investment and value, including the valuation of bonds and shares, and show you how businesses make investment decisions and their various accounting methods.

In the second year, you’ll dive into statistical and spreadsheet methods of analysing financial problems, along with international financial decision-making and policies in business. Third-year classes are all about financial statements, financial markets, and banking systems. Your last year will give you the option to specialise in finance or earn a joint degree in finance and another principal subject.

Some of the best accommodation options close to the university include Merchant City House, Kyle Park House, and West Village.

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The University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities and a part of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), which includes 23 research-intensive institutions across six continents. According to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, it’s one of the top 10 universities for research power in the UK.

It was recognised as the country’s highest accolade for an academic institution in 2009 and 2011 and was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. It also received the highest category of praise, a commendation by the Quality Assurance Agency, for its enhancement of student learning opportunities. This degree is only 3 years long and is available in various combinations for you to specialise in, such as BSc Actuarial Mathematics, BSc Banking and Finance, BSc Economics and Finance, and more. 

Accounting and Finance Degree at the University of Leeds

So what makes the University of Leeds one of the best universities for accounting and finance? The courses at this university will help you gain a thorough understanding of the way financial information is used and managed in businesses and how it gets reported on an internal and external level. It’ll help you develop valuable skills in analytics with an overview of essential topics like:

  • Financial and Management Accounting

  • Corporate Finance

  • Economics

  • Financial Analytics

You’ll also have the option of adding subjects of your choice, such as:

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Your first year will introduce you to the basics of finance, financial accounting, and management accounting. In your second year, you will delve into corporate finance and financial analytics. Your final year will revolve around preparing you for the job market with advanced classes about critical cases in accounting and finance, advanced finance, and contemporary issues in accounting.

The University of Leeds has a wide range of accommodation options for students to choose from according to their needs, budgets, and preferences. This allows students to discover a lot more because they won’t have to worry about not finding accommodation that is close to the university. These options include iQ Marsden House, Trinity Hall Apartments, Hepworth Lodge, and Clarence Dock Village

Universities for Accounting and Finance UK

The University of Aberdeen 

The University of Aberdeen is not only the fifth oldest university in the UK, celebrating its 525th year in 2020, but it's also one of the top 30 Universities in the UK and also takes the lead as one of the best universities for accounting and finance in the UK.

You have the option to either specialise in accounting or do a joint degree to broaden your future career choices. You can also choose from many other degree options, such as accounting and business management, accounting and economics, business management and finance, and more.

You also have the option of adding a foreign language to your degree, like French, Spanish, or German. The joint degree will help you gain the analytical and evaluation skills that are needed to succeed in today’s business world. You will learn all about financial problems and how to professionally and efficiently navigate them. The university also offers real-life experience in professional training facilities such as the Bloomberg Finance Lab.

Some of the best Aberdeen student accommodation options include Linksfield, Trinity Court,   Pittodrie Street, and 403 King Street

London South Bank University 

Studying at the London South Bank University means you’ll be studying at a university that landed 7th place in the best universities for accounting and finance in the UK. It’s also recognised by the Guardian University League Tables 2020 as 2nd in accounting and finance for career prospects at London universities.

You will be taken through the concepts of management, financial accounting fundamentals, business economics, and more during your first year. Then you’ll dive into advanced management accounting, business laws, and the fundamentals of taxation and finance in general. Third-year is an optional placement year where you can gain practical experience in the professional world.

The fourth and final year will sharpen your skills by teaching you specific courses; these courses are Accounting and Finance Theories, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, as well as l Taxation, Corporate Reporting, Enterprise Strategy, and Corporate Finance and Risk Management. 

There are several accommodation options for students attending London South Bank University, including North Lodge London Residence, iQ Paris Gardens, Dashwood Studios, and South Bank Residence

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The London School of Economics and Political Science 

If you want to go somewhere that is a leader in all that concerns the business world, the London School of Economics and Political Science would be the perfect option. It is highly regarded as one of the best universities for accounting and finance in the UK, especially as it is a specialist university.

Over the course of three years, you will be heavily exposed to various elements of finance and accounting. In your first year, introductory courses will give you the basics of economics, mathematics, and statistics. In the second year, you’ll dive further into accounting theory and practice and the principles of finance. Your last year will pave the way for your upcoming professional life, giving you guidelines for dealing with the complications of financial and management accounting as well as strategy implementation for any issues in them.

Some of the best accommodation options for this university include Lincoln’s Inn, Stukeley Street, and Macklin Street

Of course, these universities are not the only options you have! There are several other universities that offer great accounting and finance programmes; all it takes is good research for you to find something that is convenient and suitable. You also have to take care of where you’re staying, as this should be one of the most important steps in your research! This is now so much easier because of the many student marketplaces that will help you find suitable accommodation, so good luck with your journey! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best universities for accounting and finance in the United Kingdom?

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The best universities for accounting and finance in the UK include the University of Glasgow, the University of Leeds, and the University of Aberdeen. 

Which course is best for Finance in the UK?

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The best finance courses in the UK include:

BSc Accounting and Finance

BSc Finance

BSc Financial Mathematics and Statistics

BSc (Hons) Management (Accounting and Finance)

BAEcon Finance

BAEcon Economics and Finance

MSc Financial Technology

MSc Finance

Is studying finance in the UK worth it?

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Studying finance in the United Kingdom is worth it! It’s reported that there are a lot of job opportunities, and most students have a secure future after studying finance.

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