Reasons You Should Study Accounting and Finance in the UK

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Engy Hassan

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31 January, 2022

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University Life

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Holding a degree in accounting and finance is like having the joker in a game of cards! You can be an accountant, an auditor, a financial analyst, a personal financial advisor, or even a financial manager; the possibilities are endless. Still, why should you study accounting and finance in the UK? The country has the best universities and colleges in the world. Furthermore, UK graduates benefit from many perks, including:

1. Salary and Stability

Studies show that UK graduates usually get 6-figure salaries within 4-5 years of graduation. Furthermore, accounting and finance is a pretty flexible career. With experience, you can open your own business and work for multiple companies. Generally, not many four-year degrees will give you this flexibility or financial stability.  

2. Job Satisfaction 

While accounting and finance are not the most fun or creative careers globally, they are highly satisfying financially. Furthermore, records show that finance graduates set a good life and work balance after graduation—job satisfaction percentage record the second-highest percentages in the UK according to a survey conducted by totaljobs

3. Job Opportunities

There are many accounting jobs out there, and you won’t have to move across the country to get yourself a good job. Wherever you live, chances are you have a company that needs an accountant around you. Accounting is considered a relatively essential profession as businesses will always need an accountant to interpret the law, balance their books and do their taxes. As long as we have a government that makes new laws, we will always have accountants.         

Career paths you can try out include: 

  • Tax Accountant. 

  • Financial Accountant. 

  • Managerial Accountant.

  • Financial Planner.

  • Internal Auditor. 

Job Skills You Will Get as a student

4. Invaluable Skillset 

If you are interested in starting your own business, an accounting degree provides you with the best skillset you need for any business. From numerical analytical skills to communication and entrepreneurship, you learn how to deal with the fundamental dynamics of any business as a finance graduate. 

If you look at the statistics, you will find that most billionaires have business degrees. Therefore, learning the basics of personal finance and money management will likely lead to you being financially successful. 

Finally, make sure you do your research before making any decisions. Don’t forget to ask senior students about the UK's best finance and accounting universities. 


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