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Why Should You Study in Australia?

Why Should You Study in Australia?

17 January, 2018

It is inevitable that studying abroad not only enhances students’ sense of independence and ability to learn faster but also makes them more creative and innovative. It is a huge leap for any student to start digging and picking between different countries to start their higher education journey. 

Most international students, if not all, initially look for internships and scholarships, and when it comes to that, Australia is the one to consider first. Comparatively, Australia is ahead in terms of attracting foreign students due to the fact that it offers more scholarship opportunities and the reasonable cost of living. 

Educationally speaking, Australia offers high-quality education and regularly features in global university rankings in terms of academic and employer reputation as well as international student ratio. The University of Sydney, the University of Wollongong and various others numerous Australian universities feature in the Times Higher Education Rankings, so, it is no surprise that Australian universities offer a wide range of majors and degrees. Whether you are studying engineering or English, biology, business or Mathematics, there are numerous and various options and mergers to choose from. 

In case you are satisfied with your experience studying abroad in Australia, you can stay longer with the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) or the post-study-work visa that permit international students to continue to work after their graduation in multiple disciplines. Some universities offer internships along with work opportunities. Not only that but also the trouble-free process of obtaining the Student Visa (subclass 500) allures students to consider Australia as one of the best studying-abroad options. 

Studying in Australia has many advantages. The cultural diversity of the Australian community makes students step outside of their comfort zones and experience new multicultural concepts and ideas which broadens and widens their professional and personal perspectives. Australian cities are ethnic and diverse, hosting people with different nationalities, and its multicultural society makes it safe, friendly, good-natured, and conflict-free. Also, being exposed to new languages boosts the brain’s innovative side. Similarly, the fact that Australia is an English speaking country makes communicating and studying way easier if you stick to the standard American or British English. Amongst the benefits of studying overseas is getting to know basic slang language. The Australian slang is completely different from both American and British English. For instance, Aussies call barbeque a barbie, sick day a sickie, and good job a good lurk!  Other pros that come from living in Australia are improving your culinary skills, enjoying public international celebrations, and making global life-long friends.

Away from education, Australia is a perfect student-friendly continent and a country that manifests exotic wildlife, great outdoors, and amazing beaches. Students living in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere else get to enjoy the aquatic nature of the country as it opens the door to numerous and various water sports, like surfing, sailing, snorkelling and diving, beach volleyball, kayaking, and skiing. Australia’s superb location makes travelling to surrounding islands an effortless act, like New Zealand, which is a well-known destination for students and tourists alike.

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