Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students 23/24

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21 March, 2023

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Studying abroad is something almost every student wants! You get to explore a new country, meet new people, try new things, and go on many different adventures! The problem is, what if the cost of travelling, studying, and living abroad is too much?

Many students find managing their finances while travelling a challenge that prevents them from enjoying their college experience to the fullest. This results is them missing out on a lot of things. Luckily, there are many scholarships available for students to apply to these days. This will help them go to the best universities without having to worry about money!

Several scholarships are being offered, which adds to the international students benefits. However, not all scholarships cover all or most of the expenses. This usually results in some students still struggling with money, even with the scholarship.

This is why it is important for international students to search well before applying. They need to know the full details of the scholarship and whether it adds to the international students benefits or not. 

So, we’ve gathered a list of scholarships that cover all or most of these items: tuition fees, flight tickets, conference attendance fees, monthly stipends, and health insurance. These are the basics of any scholarship.

In order to apply for any scholarship, you have to check if you meet the eligibility criteria and follow the instructions before the scholarship’s deadline. So, let’s take a look at some of the best fully funded scholarships for international students!

Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students 23/24

The following fully funded scholarships are available for international students in a wide range of fields, including arts, humanities, science, maths, physics, and engineering. Students are also able to choose whether they want to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, or Postdoctoral degree. 

GREAT Scholarships 

Offering scholarships from 14 countries, GREAT Scholarships give students the opportunity to have £10,000 towards their tuition fees in a wide range of one-year postgraduate courses. There are almost 200 scholarships that are offered in the 2023-2024 academic year that are provided by 49 universities in several countries, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. 

GREAT Scholarships are offered to students from a lot of different countries, including Egypt, China, Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Mexico, and Malaysia. Each country has its own requirements, which is why it is important for students to check the website and see if they meet the criteria or not! All scholarships are jointly funded by the United Kingdom government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council. 

GIST Scholarships

GIST Scholarships is a joint initiative between the university itself and the South Korean Ministry of Science and Technology that was founded in 1993 by the Korean Government. The Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology focuses on research related to the fields of applied science and engineering. The scholarship offers everything, from tuition fees and monthly allowance to housing and health insurance!

The Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea offers scholarships for students with talent and a passion for research! Students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree, a Doctoral degree, or a Master’s degree leading to a Doctoral degree are welcome to apply! 

If you’re someone who is interested in science and technology, this scholarship will help you build a solid foundation in these fields. The GIST Scholarship programme mainly focuses on research; you will have the opportunity to gain access to important information in the scientific and technological fields.

Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

Another great, fully funded scholarship is the Simmons University Kotzen Scholarship. This scholarship is provided for undergraduate studies. It is offered to students who wish to pursue a degree in the United States! 

This scholarship covers full tuition, mandatory fees, and rooms. In addition, there is an extra $3000 annual award that is given for summer internship tuition, short-term courses, or research support. Students get a four-year period to finish their degree of full-time undergraduate study. 

A huge advantage of this scholarship is the wide range of courses offered by the university for this scholarship. These courses include:

  • African Studies (BA)

  • Biology/ Nutrition and Health Promotion 

  • Biochemistry (BS)

  • Business Management (BSBA)

  • Information Technology (BS)

  • Nutrition and Dietetics (BS)

  • Physics (BS)

  • Public Relations and Marketing Communications (BA)

  • Sociology (BA)

This scholarship is eligible for all countries, and students can apply as a freshman for the fall semester. The requirements vary according to the country and profession; however, it is mandatory that all international students submit TOEFL and SAT or ACT scores. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a fully funded program that was established in 2000 because of a US donation of $210 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge. It is considered the biggest donation ever made to a United Kingdom university! 

Eighty full-cost scholarships are offered to students from outside the United Kingdom to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree. Any topic found at the University of Cambridge is accessible and valid for the scholarship except for specific courses. 

The scholarship is for both Masters and PhD degrees. Students will have two years for Master’s degree and three for a PhD degree. Two-thirds of these awards will be offered to all PhD students, with approximately 25 awards available for students in the United States and 55 available for international students! Courses which are not eligible for the scholarship are:

  • Any Undergraduate degree such as BA (undergraduate) or BA affiliated (a second BA)

  • Business Doctorate (BusD)

  • Master of Business (MBA)

  • Master of Finance (MFin)

  • PGCE

  • MBBChir Clinical Studies

  • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time)

  • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)

  • Part-time degrees

  • Non-degree courses 

Chevening Scholarship

One of the most well-known scholarships is the Chevening Scholarship! This programme began in 1983 and has become a prestigious and highly competitive international awards programme! Over 1,500 awards are made most years because of the increased level of investment that lead to the programme’s success. Chevening Scholarship is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. 

The programme provides two types of awards, Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships, where the recipients are chosen by British embassies. The scholarships are for students who want to pursue a Master’s degree in UK universities. 

The programme period depends on the course the students choose, but it does not exceed an academic year. Any course offered by the chosen university is eligible for the scholarship! Chevening provides a fully funded programme, from university tuition fees and travel costs to and from the UK, to an arrival allowance and a monthly stipend. 

GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship 

The University of Sterling, through the GEM programme, offers eligible students £2,000 each year, which amounts to £8,000 over four years, towards the payment of their annual fees. The university welcomes students from all over the world to apply for the GEMS Scholarship! If you are eligible and accepted for this award, your fees will automatically be reduced by £2,000 each year!

The programme is for undergraduate studies who want to study at the University of Sterling. Students will have four years to finish their programme! The scholarship applies to the following courses:

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Health Sciences and Sport

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences

  • Management

Students who applied for this scholarship must have received a conditional or unconditional offer of admission for an eligible undergraduate programme at the University of Stirling. In addition, students must be full-time students at any GEMS Education school at the point of application to the University of Stirling. 

University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship

The University of Bristol, founded in 1876, offers a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is available for both undergraduate and Master’s degree students. It provides students with up to £20,000, which can be used towards the cost of tuition fees. 

The university works hand-in-hand with its partners in more than 40 countries. The aim of this scholarship is to help students build a good future for themselves. Students from all over the globe are eligible for this scholarship. 

The courses eligible for the scholarship at the undergraduate level are any full-time undergraduate programme except for Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science. For the post-graduate programme, any one-year, full-time taught programme offered at the university is eligible. The programme period depends on the selected programme. 

Imperial College London PhD Scholarship 2023

Another remarkable fully funded scholarship is the Imperial College London PhD Scholarship! Many scholarships are given out each year for international students. The scholarship covers both the tuition fees and the annual tax-free maintenance costs of £18,062 – £22,200 for 42 months. 

However, one of the main requirements that the college needs is seriousness. Students have to have a First Class Honors degree at a Master’s level or an equivalent in Chemical Engineering.

The period of the programme is 42 months, and students from all over the world are welcome to apply! Students should get at least the minimum score for the English Language Proficiency set by the institution. 

 Funded Scholarships For International Students Of course, there are several other scholarships that offer a fully funded programme in all fields! Students have to do their research beforehand and know which place will fit them most. Also, they have to calculate the cost of living away from the tuition fees and see if their culture perspective matches the country they’re going to live in during their programme. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are there fully funded scholarships in the United Kingdom?

There are several scholarship options in the UK! Most of the scholarships are also fully funded and for all majors, so the search is definitely worth it!

2. Can international students find scholarships easily?

Definitely! Most scholarships are for international students. You don’t have to be living in the country for you to have a chance at a scholarship! 

3. Which UK scholarship is fully funded in 2023?

There are several fully funded scholarships, including Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which is fully funded and available for international students. It is offered for Masters and PhD studies. 


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