Scholarships in Australia: All You Need to Know

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04 October, 2023

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Australia is an amazing destination for students looking for high-quality education, a high standard of living, and, most importantly, great work opportunities after graduating, as seen in our guide: UK vs. USA vs. Australia: Where Should You Study Abroad? With that in mind, you can make the most of your stay and study in the country by finding good scholarships in Australia, which will significantly reduce your cost of living.

Best Scholarships

Why Consider a Scholarship?

Scholarships, in general, have various advantages, some of which you may not have thought about. Aside from its main purpose of reducing tuition fees, it also has various benefits, such as strengthening your CV, giving you the opportunity to study at your institution of choice, and, lastly, helping you focus on your education rather than living expenses.

How can a scholarship strengthen your CV, you may ask? A scholarship is seen as an achievement that will highly appeal to your future employer, as various scholarships can be selective, and qualifying for one is most definitely an achievement.

Various universities and organisations have been promoting equal learning opportunities based on academic merit. Such initiatives by institutions, including high-ranking universities, can help you study at your desired institution, regardless of their rank.

Lastly, scholarships can relieve a big financial burden during your studies in Australia. This will give you the opportunity to focus on your studies rather than worrying about expenses.


Who Awards Scholarships in Australia?

Scholarships in Australia are awarded by the Federal Government, education providers, and private organisations.

Federal Government

The Australian federal government presents students from indigenous communities as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds. One of the federal government’s scholarships is the Commonwealth Regional Scholarship Programme. Unlike various other forms of scholarships, eligible students are automatically considered for this scholarship and are not required to apply.

Education Providers

Education providers awarding scholarships are most commonly universities, and they award students with scholarships based on academic merit while taking into consideration any financial disadvantage. Despite various scholarships being awarded to first-year students, many are offered to students throughout their studies in Australia.

Private Organisations

Various private organisations also choose to contribute and provide their own scholarships, which are often intended to provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to learn or to award scholarships based on academic merit.

Best Scholarships

Best Scholarships Available in Australia

In this section, we will discuss the biggest scholarships presented in Australia for domestic and international students.

Australia Awards Scholarship

The Australia Awards Scholarship is one of Australia’s most prestigious scholarships and was established to go hand in hand with the Australian government’s policies of promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, and enhancing stability. This scholarship also caters to students from developing countries so that they can research and develop, later contributing to their home country.

The Australian Awards scholarships are offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and aim to bring development to the region through collaboration. Australian awards include the Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships, the Australia Awards Short Courses, ACIAR Fellowships, and Australia for ASEAN Scholarships.


Regarding the Australia Awards scholarships’ eligibility, there are various criteria to be considered, the first being that the student is at least 18 at the start of the scholarship. The student must also meet the academic requirements of their institution of choice and have an IELTS score of 6.5 with nothing less than 6.0 at each band or its equivalent in TOEFL or PTE.

Students must also not be engaged to or married to a holder of Australian or New Zealand citizenship or residency, not be Australian citizens, not have criminal convictions, and not be in active military service. Students undertaking the scholarship must also use it as soon as it is awarded. You can read more about the Australia Awards scholarship eligibility criteria by following the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook.

How to Apply

To apply, you should check which countries participate in this award as well as the opening and closing dates for applications based on participating countries. Once you have checked the participating countries and the dates, you should read the previously linked Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook and apply online or by mail through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (excluding the Philippines).

Australian Government Research Training Programme (RTP)

The Australian Government Research Training Programme (RTP) is a scholarship in Australia that mainly focuses on students undertaking research for doctorate or master's degrees. Both previously mentioned degrees are known as higher degrees by research.

Regarding research masters, the Research Training Programme (RTP) scholarships are available for a maximum period of two years; regarding doctorate students, you will have a scholarship for a period of three to four years.

Support provided can cover tuition fees, general living expenses, and other research degree-related expenses (direct and indirect).


To be considered for this scholarship in Australia, you must be enrolled in an accredited higher-degree research programme. You should also meet your higher education provider’s eligibility criteria.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, you must apply through Higher education providers, which each have their own application and selection criteria and processes. Discuss this with your higher education provider about how you can apply for this scholarship programme. You can also check the StudyAssist website for general information regarding scholarships.

Best Scholarships

Destination Australia Scholarships

Destination Australia Scholarships is a scholarship in Australia that offers domestic and international students the opportunity to study at various levels, which range from Certificate IV to PhD and cover from one to four years of education. This scholarship is presented by the Australian Department of Education and amounts to $15,000 per student every year.


To qualify for the Destination Australia Programme, you must have either a valid student visa, Australian citizenship, or permanent residency. You should also have either accepted or enrolled in full-time study at an eligible tertiary institution. Other requirements include living in a regional area before or at the start of your study and passing your intended institution’s English language requirements.

There are 27 providers eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarship programme. Some of the universities eligible for this scholarship in Australia include Charles Sturt University, La Trobe University, Central Queensland University (CQU), Edith Cowan University, Charles Darwin University, and various other providers.

How to Apply

Applying to the Destination Australia Scholarship programme is done through education providers once you meet all of the previously mentioned criteria. You should also provide information such as your name, address, and contact details. Aside from this, you will also be required to present a personal statement in which you outline your reasons for choosing this scholarship, your achievements, and your career goals. Academic qualifications and certificates are also required.

Other Scholarships in Australia

Aside from the previously mentioned scholarships, there are multiple other scholarships in Australia that are provided by educational institutions as well as private organisations. Each of these institutions has its own scholarship programmes, which also have different criteria.

In most cases, to apply for these scholarships in Australia, you do so directly with the Australian university or institution that offers them. What each scholarship has in common, however, is that it is mainly based on academic merit. Here is a list of other scholarships in Australia.

Tips for Applying for Scholarships in Australia

Searching Tips for Scholarships in Australia

Before applying for any scholarships, it is essential that you search for your intended scholarship in Australia as early as possible, as the process can often get long and has strict deadlines. Searching for scholarships in Australia early will also give you more time to explore the different scholarships available.

While searching for your scholarship in Australia, you may find out that some of the terminologies are different from what you know, so give yourself time to understand the terms better.

Keep Up with the Deadlines

Meeting the criteria is not enough to have a successful application. It is also essential to keep track of the tight deadlines. With that said, plan ahead and keep a schedule that also includes any necessary documents or results.

Best Scholarships

Create a Memorable Application

When applying for a scholarship in Australia, it is important to create a memorable application that highlights your academic and personal achievements. For reference, you could also check out our tips on how to stand out on your college application.

It would also help if you got professional help and guidance regarding which scholarship in Australia would suit you best, as well as a review of your application. Once you have written your application letter, it is important to give it another read and check for grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as any inconsistencies.

Make sure that you also have all of your needed documents at every step of the application process.

Keep Track of Your Application

Lastly, you should regularly check your email for any updates. Calling and emailing your educational provider will not only keep you updated on your progress but will also show them how keen you are on getting this opportunity.

We highly recommend you consider your options for scholarships in Australia, as these will significantly reduce your costs of living and will be regarded as an achievement on your CV. Not to mention that having received a scholarship in Australia will provide you with access to the best education possible based on your academic merit.

For more information about Australia, you can check out our city guides, such as Exploring Brisbane: A Student's City Guide, and other important information to know about Australia, such as Australia’s Common Rules and Regulations, Reduce Your Cost of Living in Australia, and UK Deposits vs. Australia Bonds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a 100% scholarship in Australia?

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Scholarships can range anywhere from $2,000 all the way up to a full scholarship, which covers all of your tuition fees. This depends on academic merit.

Does Australia give full scholarships to international students?

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Yes, international students have access to full scholarships in Australia; a prime example of such scholarships in Australia is the Australia Awards Scholarship programme.

Which Australian university gives the most scholarships?

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The University of Melbourne awards the most scholarships in Australia.