Top Destinations for MBA Studies

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17 January, 2023

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Getting an MBA is part of the plan for almost every student after graduation. Not only is it so common among students enrolled in various fields, but it’s also popular among young professionals trying to advance in their careers and have a leg up in the professional scene. 

An MBA is a generalist degree, and as such, it gives its holder fundamental knowledge of management and a full and holistic understanding of business across several areas, including marketing, finance, and accounting. An MBA programme also gives you time to touch up on and develop vital leadership, communication, and soft skills.

As MBA degrees get more and more in demand, several questions arise. What exactly is an MBA? Can anyone get an MBA? Which MBA degrees are most in demand? What are the top destinations for MBA studies? Well, buckle up! We’re about to answer all your questions—and more! 

What Exactly is an MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration; it is the official graduate degree offered by business schools and colleges across the globe. An MBA is an all-inclusive degree that not only gives you business insight and widens your understanding of management and its various fields but also develops much-needed workforce skills and looks great on a resume! 


Can Anyone Get an MBA?

Basically, anyone can get an MBA. A business degree is not essential for pursuing an MBA; you do not need a business foundation to get an MBA; however, having business experience may help further your application. You only need a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, and you can easily apply to an MBA programme.

MBA programmes are usually flexible. You can either do a full-time MBA programme, where you can commit fully to the degree and attend classes on a full-time basis, or you can do a part-time MBA programme if you are a working professional and need to adjust your classes to your work schedule. Part-time MBAs have weekend and night classes, allowing flexibility and ease of learning. Some MBA programmes can also be earned online, making getting one with a busy schedule even easier.

Which MBA Degrees Are Most in Demand?

MBA studies span an array of management disciplines, all of which are widely recognised and highly in demand. Some of the most reputable and increasingly in-demand MBAs include the following:

  • MBA in Digital Marketing

  • MBA in Business Analytics

  • MBA in Data Analytics

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

  • MBA in Finance

  • MBA in Strategy

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Human Resource Management

  • MBA in Risk Management

  • MBA in Operations

What Are The Top Destinations for MBA Studies?

Your choice of place to pursue your MBA studies depends on several factors, including finances, living costs, which specific MBA discipline you’re interested in, and whether you want to do a full-time or a part-time programme. Put your explorer shoes on and join us as we uncover the top destinations for MBA studies across the globe!

1. United States of America

One of the best places to get an MBA degree is the United States of America. Not only is the country a great place to get a degree, but it’s also a great place to kickstart your career after getting your MBA. MBAs in the US are typically two years long and are designed to provide a combination of internships and project work. The two-year program gives students more time to explore career opportunities with high market value. 

352 US schools featured in the QS World University Ranking offer notable MBA programmes. The state with the most schools featured is New York, followed by California. Here are the best MBA colleges in the US and how much they cost.

2.  United Kingdom

Another top destination for MBA studies is the United Kingdom. This is mainly because of London and its financial ranking; London is currently ranked by the Global Financial Centres Index as the world’s most competitive financial centre, thus making the UK an attractive destination for MBA studies.

MBA programmes in the UK usually last for one year, making it an easy and convenient choice for students to get an MBA there. The QS Global Employer Survey consistently shows that UK degrees are highly valued and internationally recognised. There are 24 UK business schools on the global list. Here are some of the best MBA colleges in the UK and their tuition costs!

MBA Studies

3. Germany

Germany has a spot on this list for many reasons, the most important of which is its affordability. The duration of the MBA course depends on the university you’re applying to. A full-time MBA in Germany lasts between 12 and 24 months. The Financial Times' Top 100 MBA ranking includes three German schools.

Below are some of the best MBA colleges in Germany: 

4. Canada

Canada is one of the world’s top destinations for MBA studies. Canada has a high quality of life, top-ranked student cities, and offers students a great place to pursue their MBA studies and find great working opportunities after graduation. Some of the best MBA colleges in Canada include the following:

5. Australia

As one of the most student-friendly countries in the world, Australia has earned a fair spot on this list of top destinations for MBA students. Australia boasts a number of highly-ranked business schools, a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and a high quality of life. 

According to the QS ranking, Australia is among the top five MBA study-abroad destinations. Quality education, high-end research opportunities, and excellent career prospects help Australia earn a place on this list.

We have compiled a list of the top MBA colleges in Australia and how much it costs to get your degree there:

6 .China

Affordable tuition fees, economic investments, and the desire to become an academic hub for international students make China a top destination for MBA studies. Some of the best MBA colleges in China include the following: 

  • Tsinghua University: 14,525 EUR/year

  • Peking University: 12,050 EUR/year

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University: 11,950 EUR/year

  • Fudan University: 41,825 EUR/year

  • Sun Yat-sen University: 11,865 EUR/year

7. France

France was the first country in Europe to offer an MBA programme and is still among the best countries to do an MBA. France is also home to highly-ranked universities, and the student living costs align with the European average. Currently, France is a sought-out destination for students seeking many opportunities with a diverse range of career goals and prospects. 

In France, you can have access to many of the top business schools in the world. Here’s how MBA costs at French universities line up:

  • University of Bordeaux: 5,240 EUR/year

  • IGR – IAE Rennes: 6,035 EUR/year

  • École EAC: 8,800 EUR/year

  • Grenoble Ecole de Management: 15,725 EUR/year

  • Audencia Business School: 31,500 EUR/year

8 .Spain

This is another European country on the list. Doing an MBA programme in Spain is easy for everyone since they have English-taught MBA programmes at Spanish universities. The duration of courses varies depending on the student’s schedule. For a full-time course, it can be completed in one year. 

There are 168 business schools among the world’s top 500 business schools, according to the QS Global Ranking. The list of the top MBA colleges and how much the tuition costs is as follows:

  • Carlos III University of Madrid: 13,500 EUR/year

  • GBSB Global Business School: 15,050 EUR/year

  • BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School: 5,850 EUR/year

  • EAE Business School: 28,500 EUR/year

  • EU Business School:  34,410 EUR/year

MBA Students

Benefits of Doing an MBA Program Abroad

Getting your MBA in a foreign country has its benefits. With this list of top destinations for MBA studies in mind, let us delve into why you should pack your bags and go there! 

International Networking

Completing an MBA in another country will introduce you to local businesses and professionals, as well as classmates from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Building a strong network abroad allows you to find a job after graduation easily and opens up so many business opportunities. 

Language Diversity

If you study in a non-English-speaking country, you’ll have countless opportunities to learn another language easily at your disposal. Even though English is a major language in the business world, Mandarin Chinese and German come close behind. This allows you to become fluent in more than one language, network, and find jobs abroad easily. 

Cultural Exposure in Business

Understanding the cultural practises of other countries boosts your value as a businessperson. Learning things like business greetings and workplace norms will help you avoid possible offensive behaviour or speech when you eventually start working in the field. A few examples to be given in this scenario include the fact that business practises tend to be more formal in Germany than in the US, while in China, business is often conducted during meals. 

Lower Costs and Scholarship Opportunities

Chances are, getting your MBA abroad would be cheaper than doing it at home. There are plenty of opportunities for scholarships for international students and places for you to earn a high-quality and affordable MBA degree. 

A Gold Star on Your Resume

An MBA degree from a foreign country, especially if it’s one on the list, would look great on your resume. There is a reason why students rush to get an MBA degree, specifically one from abroad, and it has a lot to do with how much employers value potential applicants with an MBA degree from a foreign university on their resume. 

Getting an MBA degree can open up several doors for you, especially if you get it at one of the top destinations for MBA studies around the world. So, where are we headed to get an MBA? Is it the US, France, or China? Pack your bags and let us know!  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which MBA is most in demand?

The most in-demand MBAs include the following:

  • International Management

  • Strategy

  • Consulting

  • Finance Leadership

  • Entrepenurship 

  • Marketing

  • IT or Technology Management

2. Which is the number one college for MBA in the world?

Stanford Graduate School of Business is the world's top-ranked college for an MBA. 

3. Which country is best for an MBA cheap?

Germany is considered the cheapest country to have top MBA colleges. Students will pay approximately 111 euros per semester for an MBA in Germany. 


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