How Studying Abroad Makes You Smarter and Happier

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Ola Elwassify

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07 February, 2017

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A lot of students hope to study abroad in countries such as the UK due to various reasons such as exposure or the feeling that education abroad is much better than back home. This may be true, but the fact is that studying abroad exposes students to so many things that will definitely make them smarter and happier. As a student, you get to see, feel and experience more since you cannot simply stay in school without exploring a little bit. However, if you need a bit more convincing, the following is a list of how studying abroad is beneficial to you.

1. Boost Your Independence

By studying in the UK, you will most likely be alone which means that you will have to learn how to take care of yourself. You may have to get a job to take care of your needs which will help in creating a sense of independence. This means that you will have to learn early on how to manage your time as a student and money which basically shows that you will be smarter compared to someone who is studying in their hometown.

2. Exposure to Different Cultures

Students from all over the world want to study in the UK which means that you will find yourself in the middle of all these different people with diverse cultures. With time, you will become more open to learning about them and even taking part in some of their practices which may bring you a lot of joy and knowledge.

3. Learn New Languages

If you are a student abroad, it is possible that you find yourself in a country that speaks a different language from your own. This is where you will have to adapt and start learning the local language since it will help you in communicating with the locals and also socialise better. By learning a second language, you may be open to learning more which makes you smarter.

4. Increased Creativity

Finding yourself in a completely new environment especially one where few people speak your language, or you can relate with will mean that you get a bit creative. You will have to develop problem-solving skills and learn about your new environment and getting accommodation as fast as possible since it is not fun being a newbie for too long. This basically means that you will be sharper; hence smarter than your counterparts back home.

5. Facing New Challenges

The very step that you made to move to the UK is very daring in itself, but you will realise that in the new environment, you will be probed to make even more daring moves. This is an exciting experience especially for someone who was not open to the same before. You will come up with ways of overcoming challenges while finding new ways of having fun and socialising.

Being a student abroad is not only a great move for your education but also your socio-cultural experience. The new environment and people will definitely trigger your brain hence making you smarter and happier.


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