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Student Guide: Liverpool City Guide

University Life

07 March, 2023


11 mins read

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By Samir Badawy

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Student Guide: Liverpool City Guide

University Life

07 March, 2023


11 mins read

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By Samir Badawy

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Liverpool is not just known for its universities and for being a study destination; it offers much more than that. Before looking for student accommodation in Liverpool or even in the process, read about the city through various resources, including this Liverpool City Guide.

If you choose Liverpool as your destination, you will experience the city's rich culture, various unique spots, and activities exclusive to the city. The area has produced multiple scenes, including a rich musical scene that resulted in it receiving the Guinness World Record for being the "City of Pop" and forming bands such as the Beatles. Liverpool is also home to one of the world's best-known soccer clubs, Liverpool F.C.; the city also has various UNESCO Heritage sites, some of the friendliest people, and a diverse community. This is why, as part of the Liverpool City Guide, we will tell you how to enjoy the city best. 

Liverpool lies in the northwest of England, in the county of Merseyside and part of Lancashire. Liverpool has a variety of ports on the river Mersey with access to the Irish Sea. The city got its major break during the time of English King John, when he commissioned the city's plan in 1207. Due to its various ports and strategic location, the city expanded further during the 18th century due to its trade with the West Indies. It became England's second-biggest and most important port city, with some of its ports outperforming the ones in London.

Liverpool student accommodation

Where to Eat and Drink

Liverpool has a variety of unique food and beverage spots, including restaurants, cafes, and tea rooms. As part of the Liverpool city guide, mentioning the top places to eat and drink around Liverpool is essential.


1. The Art School Restaurant: 1 Sugnall St, Liverpool

The Art School Restaurant is an award-winning fine-dining restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide and located in an old Victorian building. The restaurant serves modern British cuisine with a constantly changing set menu, including tasting menus. 

2. Röski: 16 Rodney St, Liverpool

Röski is one of the best restaurants in Liverpool and has been featured in the Michelin Guide. It is a fine-dining restaurant serving modern British food using the freshest ingredients. The food is picturesque and very elegantly presented, and it is prepared by Master Chef winner Anton Piotrowski alongside his team. 

3. Lerpwl: Albert Dock Britannia Pavilion, Liverpool  

Lerpwl is a Welsh-inspired restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide and a recipient of the "Best Restaurant in Liverpool" award. It not only offers fantastic food but also does so at a unique location, being located at the iconic Royal Albert Dock. They pride themselves on being a sustainable restaurant and sustainably acquiring their ingredients. The restaurant is known for various dishes, including seafood and lamb, with one of the favourites being their mussel and lamb crawl dish.

4. Panoramic 34: West Tower, Brook St, Liverpool

Panoramic 34 is ideal for dining with a view; this modern European restaurant is a favourite in Liverpool, serving fantastic food with gorgeous views. Located on the 34th floor of the west tower, this restaurant has views over the city and the Mersey River. They have various menu options, including a tasting menu, a set menu, afternoon tea, lunch, and more.


1. Bold Street Coffee: The Plaza, Old Hall St, Liverpool

Bold Street Coffee is one of the local favourites, serving high-quality coffee that has been specially roasted by their partners and a wide variety of food options. Their menu consists of coffee, breakfast items, sandwiches, buoys (egg sandwiches on a brioche bun), bowls, dessert, and more.

2. Mother Espresso: 82 Wood St, Liverpool

Mother Espresso is another local favourite coffee place; it offers a diverse menu containing coffee, tea, cold drinks, baked products, breakfast items, sandwiches, and more. It is not just known for its food; however, it's also known for its unique minimalist decoration.

3. 92 Degrees: 49 Jamaica St, Liverpool

92 Degrees on Jamaica Street is another local favourite with various branches. The cafe has an application that gives you loyalty points and discounts for your coffee. The cafe offers an extensive menu, serving multiple options, including pastries, cakes, tacos, and coffee.

Tea Rooms

1. Oh Me Oh My: West Africa House, 25 Water St, Liverpool

Oh Me Oh My is one of the best-known tea rooms in Liverpool, serving its blends of tea, which include its famous Butter Truffle Black Tea, Pure Life Wellness Herbal Tea, Huang Shan Ya Green Tea, and the Classic English Breakfast Tea, among many other blends. Their famous afternoon tea comes with a teapot, scones, finger sandwiches, and petit fours. You can have this afternoon tea once you make a reservation, and you can also host your own open afternoon tea. Other options on the menu include a vegan menu, a vegetarian menu, and the standard menu, all part of the afternoon tea menu. This tea room is ideal for celebrating, and the picturesque decor makes it an ideal location for weddings and private hires for special events.

2. Cuthbert's Bakehouse: The Reader, Calderstones Park, Calderstones Rd, Liverpool

Cuthbert's Bakehouse is ideal for afternoon tea in a cosy atmosphere or quick bites and sandwiches. The Bakehouse is regarded as one of the best independent tea rooms in Liverpool and has a monthly-changing menu. Some of their signature afternoon tea menus include the Best of British, A Taste of New York, and the Kid Afternoon Tea Menu. The Tea House also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Cafes in Liverpool

Where to Shop

Liverpool is an ideal place to go shopping with various options, including shopping centres and street markets if you like handmade products or fresh produce. With the city having multiple shopping options, we will discuss your best options when it comes to shopping in the Liverpool city guide.

Malls and Shopping Centres

1. Liverpool ONE

Liverpool One is considered the best shopping destination in Liverpool. This waterfront and open-air shopping zone has over 170 stores and 35 restaurants. Some of this shopping zone's most iconic stores include Tesco, Addidas, Boss, Bershka, Jo Malone, Rituals, Apple, and more.

2. Bold Street

Bold Street is one of the top shopping streets in Liverpool, with various independent stores. It has shops, multiple cafes, and restaurants, making it an ideal street to spend a fun day with friends and family. Some of the street's most iconic spots include LEAF, Utility, Pop Boutique, Love Thy Neighbour, East Avenue Bakehouse, and more. The street also has historical landmarks such as the Church of St. Luke.

3. Metquarter

The Metquarter is a shopping centre featuring retail stores, cafes, restaurants, shops, and a cinema. Some of this shopping quarter's most unique spots include Costa Coffee, Everyman Cinema, Boss, Urban Calm, and more. The Metaquarter also hosts a variety of events, especially on holidays. The Metaquarter also features the award-winning Art Quarter.

4. Bluecoat Display Centre

The 1959-established Bluecoat Display Centre is a unique shopping spot that brings art and shopping together. This display centre is a gallery and a place for art lovers to buy their favourite handcrafted pieces. The pieces for sale include jewellery, wood art, textiles, ceramics, glass, and more. You can also shop for these pieces online through the gallery's website.

Street Markets

1. Great Homer Street Market

The Great Homer Homer Street is one of the must-visits in Liverpool, so much so that it is often listed among the top 20 must-dos in Liverpool; this traditional street market takes place every Saturday and typically runs between 9 am and 2:30 pm. This street market sells clothes, food, equipment, furniture, and more.

2. Garston Market

The Garston Market is another local favourite that runs every Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There you can find the freshest produce, such as cheese, fruits, and vegetables, as well as handmade products like jewellery and soaps.

3. Lark Lane farmers' market

Lark Lane is a great market if you're into thrifting, handmade products, art, homemade food, and more. Lark Lane is ideal for a day out shopping, having a bite, and exploring local talents. Food ranges from pastries, baked goods, meals, and more; it is an excellent introduction to local food.


Liverpool's a great city with exceptional places, including excellent libraries with vast resources; this is why we will discuss the best libraries to study in this part of the Liverpool City Guide.

Student libraries in Liverpool

1. Liverpool Central Library

The Liverpool Central Library, built in 1860, is the biggest in Liverpool. It contains rare book collections found in the Hornby Library and the Oak Rooms, as well as one of the most beautiful reading rooms in the world called the Picton Reading Room. The library also contains a rare 13th-century collection. Liverpool Central Library is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., except on Saturday, when it closes at 5 p.m. 

2. Sefton Park Community Library

Sefton Library is unique, even though it boasts a different number of books compared to the Liverpool Central Library. It is, however, in an amazing location, being close to Sefton Park and having a Tudor-inspired style. The library offers various services, including printing services, computers, sofas, and study rooms.

Best Outdoor Activities

As part of the Liverpool city guide, we must mention some of the most iconic neighbourhoods that are best enjoyed walking and the city's beautiful parks, with the city having more than 250 green spaces and parks. If you're looking for student accommodation in Liverpool and love nature, then you're in luck as the city has both.

Liverpool's Parks

1. Sefton Park

Sefton Park is one of the most iconic parks in Liverpool and is a grade-one listed park with 235 acres. The park features cafes, playgrounds, waterfalls, caves, and iconic monuments such as the grade II-listed Shaftsbury Memorial and the Victorian Bandstand.

2. Calderstones Park

This south Liverpool Park is 94 acres and is one of the best known in the city; the park also features some of the oldest trees in the country, including a 1,000-year-old oak tree, in addition to beautiful woodlands, a lake, a Japanese garden, and a historic English garden. Some of the park's additional features include cafes and an ice cream parlour.

3. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is another famous and historical park in Liverpool. This grade II-listed park features the Isla Gladstone conservatory. It is the site of various Liverpool FC events as the park is close to Anfield, where the club's playing ground is located. The park dates back to 1870, is 110 acres, and follows the Victorian style.

4. Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve

The Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve is near John Lennon Airport and is on the Mersey River, giving it gorgeous views of the river. This 70-acre park features some of the best historical monuments, including the grade I-listed Speke Hall, a Tudor manor house. The park features wildlife due to its landscape, which includes hills and a variety of birds.

Liverpool's Neighbourhoods 

1. Ropewalks

Ropewalks, also known as the "indie quarter of Liverpool," boasts a rich cultural scene. The suburb's name pays homage to its shipbuilding past. It has a vast number of cafes, restaurants, and art galleries to satisfy all tastes; it also boasts a variety of important landmarks and cultural institutions, such as the Bluecoat, which will be discussed later in the attractions section of this Liverpool City Guide; it also has St. Luke's Church, Chinatown, the Ropewalk Museum, and much more. The suburb also has the previously mentioned Bold Street coffee shop and Bold Street. If you're looking for student accommodation in Liverpool in this suburb, then you're in luck as we offer options in the suburb and near it, which include The Arch near Chinatown and Iconinc, The Ascent.

2. City Center

When discussing Liverpool's must-visit neighbourhoods, we must include the city centre, which is home to many of the city's landmarks. Its location is ideal, being near various areas, including the Georgian Quarter, the Baltic Triangle, Ropewalks, and more. The city centre is also Liverpool's commercial district and contains multiple museums and shopping centres like the One Liverpool shopping centre. The closest student accommodation in Liverpool near the city centre include Moorfield and Crosshall Street.

3. Georgian Quarter

The Georgian Quarter is one of the city's most elegant districts. It is known for its 18th-century neo-Gothic buildings and is characterised by greenery, beautiful architecture, and various unique spots, such as the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Historically, this is where Liverpool's most refined would live. You could also experience this suburb to the fullest if you reside there. The Electra is one of our options for student accommodation in Liverpool.

4. Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle is often referred to as one of Liverpool's hippest places; it contains a rich food and art scene and is loaded with event venues and some of the city's best-hidden gems. Some of this suburb's must-visit attractions include the post-industrial Cain's Brewery Village, which is now home to multiple venues, and the Baltic Market.

5. Crosby

Crosby's attractiveness comes from its unique location close to the beach; this suburb is also full of greenery, has plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants, and provides beautiful views of the beach and the Liverpool Docks.

Liverpool's Attractions

You cannot visit Liverpool without seeing the attractions the city has to offer; this is why in this segment of the Liverpool City Guide, we will discuss some of the top Liverpool attractions.

1. The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story is one of the most visited attractions in Liverpool, as it showcases the lives of the Liverpool-formed band "The Beatles" in an exhibition style. The museum also features the band members' instruments, memorabilia, costumes, letters, photos, and more. 

2. Royal Albert Dock

The Royal Albert Dock is one of Liverpool's most iconic attractions, showcasing the city's rich shipbuilding and trading past. Today, this dock hosts the Maritime Museum, which showcases the city's shipbuilding history, and this dock also hosts shops, cafes, and restaurants.

3. Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral is one of the biggest in Europe and is among the top 5; its construction lasted from 1904 to 1978. The cathedral is built in the Gothic revival style, and its interior is breathtaking. It is a must-visit if you're nearby. 

4. Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool is dedicated to telling the city's story and history; it also features amenities such as cafes and gift shops. 

5. The Bluecoat 

The Bluecoat is one of the city's most formidable attractions and art galleries. This building is 300 years old and is a grade I-listed building. It hosts various exhibitions and events, from art to music to literature. This spot bursts with art and showcases the city's rich artistic culture. 

Getting Around Liverpool

Getting around Liverpool is hassle-free, with the city providing multiple transportation options and walking being enjoyable and easy. The best and most common transportation methods will be discussed in this section of the Liverpool City Guide.

Where to go in Liverpool

1. Bike

Liverpool is very well equipped with bike lanes; it also offers a very reliable bike-sharing service called CityBike, which gives discounts for students.

2. Bus

Liverpool has a large fleet of buses with more than 30 different routes. The city also has two major bus stations, one in Liverpool One and the other in Queen Square.

3. Train

The city has the Merseyrail trains operating in and out of the city; these trains pass by a total of 68 stations in and outside the city and pass by four major stops in the city.

4. Ferry 

The ferry boats are some of the most enjoyable modes of transportation around the city, as they cross the Mersey River and provide some of the best views. One of the best ways to explore the city through the river is by taking the River Explorer Cruise.

5. Taxi

As for taxis, the city has many, including black cabs and providers such as Uber, ComCab, and OneCall.

At Casita, we help students worldwide find their perfect student accommodation in Liverpool. The booking process gets a lot easier with our multilingual and experienced staff. We highly recommend reading about the city before and while booking to get the most out of your stay. To get more information about Liverpool, read this Liverpool city guide and other related blogs on our website; alternatively, you can also call one of our accommodation experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is student accommodation in Liverpool?

On average, you can find PBSAs, or purposely built student accommodations, ranging from 88 to 220 pounds per week.

2. Is Liverpool good for student life?

Liverpool is a fantastic city for student life. It has impressive libraries such as the Liverpool Central Library, multiple parks to unwind in, and excellent young districts to hang out with friends. 

3. How many international students are in Liverpool?

The city is estimated to host more than 11,000 international students annually and has more than 70,000 students overall.

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