Cost of Living in Oxford: A Full Guide for Students

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04 September, 2023

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Oxford is known for many things, most notably being home to one of the world's most prestigious and oldest universities, the University of Oxford. The University of Oxford ranks third worldwide and is believed to have roots stretching back to 1096. Oxford Brookes University is another high-ranking university in the city, ranking 413th worldwide. Additionally, Oxford is not just known for its high-ranking university but is also renowned for its overall education, having more than 38 different colleges. In the following sections, we’ll give you more details about life in the city, Oxford’s cost of living, and tips and tricks on how to save in the city. 

You could also get more detailed information about how to get into Oxford University, a comparison between Oxford and Harvard, or even how to apply to a UK university as an international student, among other information in our blogs and guides. Our blogs and guides have useful tips and tricks regarding the United Kingdom and other students’ destinations.

Oxford Cost of Living

About Oxford

Oxford is located in the county of Oxfordshire and is nested between the River Thames and the Cherwell. Historically, Oxford was first used as a defence point to defend against Danish attacks on Wessex and was first mentioned in the historic Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, being referred to as Oxnaford.

Some of Oxford’s first structures were constructed by its Norman governor, Robert D’Oilly, who built the Oxford Castle, with its mound being the only remnant of the castle today, as well as the tower of St.George’s church. The construction by this Nornan governor also included the city’s first bridges of Magdalen, Folly, and Hythe.

Oxford is also nicknamed the “city of spires” thanks to its unique skyline adorned with Gothic-styled towers and spires. The city has established itself as an important educational centre with the establishment of the University of Oxford. After many being dependent on the university for income, the city’s focus also shifted to include the printing and publication industries, which became a major industry for the city and later shifted to the car manufacturing industry, which led to a series of electrical engineering and heavy industry firms to develop in the city.

Oxford Cost of Living

Life In Oxford

Living in Oxford is, without a doubt, a fun and memorable experience, thanks to its history, culture, student-friendly nature, and its beautiful outdoor environment. Oxford is home to an impressive student population of more than 400,00 students who attend both of its universities. As a result, Oxford’s young population makes up one-third of the city’s population, which are under 30. Oxford is also in close proximity to various cities, most notably London, which is a short commute away.

The city is also relatively small compared to others, making it great to explore on foot. In addition to that, it also has a great transport system made up primarily of buses and can also be good for cycling. Regarding safety, Oxford is one of England and Wales’ safest student cities as per The Complete University Guide, ranking 11th, which puts it right after Cardiff and before Lancaster.

Various beautiful green parks and spaces are also available throughout the city, including parks such as Christ Church Meadow, University Parks, South Park, which hosts various events, and many more green areas that comprise a vast amount of the city’s landscape.

Cost of Living in Oxford

A study in 2023 has placed the cost of living in Oxford anywhere between £1,290 and £1,840. As a general rule, the UK government recommends that all students studying outside of London have at least £1,023 monthly for at least nine months when studying. That said, we will break down the Oxford cost of living, covering various aspects ranging from rent in Oxford to utilities, food costs, public transportation and more. Bear in mind that costs may differ due to various factors, such as the national rate of inflation or even personal preferences and spending habits. 

Below are the costs of Living in Oxford based on estimates:



Student accommodation

£680 to £810 Per Month

One-bedroom apartments in City Centre 

£950 to £1650 Per Month

One-bedroom apartments outside City Centre 

£800 to £1000 Per Month

Utilities (Basic Utilities+Wi-Fi+Mobile)

£259 Per Month (Average)

Daily Bus Travel

£2 Bus Cap applied daily

Meal at Normal Restaurant

£13 (Avg)

How Much Does Food Cost for Students in Oxford


Cost (Average)

Milk 1L


White Bread Loaf (0.5 Kg)


Rice (1 Kg)


Eggs (12 Pack)


Cheese (1Kg)


Chicken Fillets (1Kg)


Beef (1Kg)


Studying in Oxford: Tuition Fees

In this section we’ll be listing the bachelor’s degree fees for the University of Oxford and the Oxford Brookes University:



University of Oxford (Full-time Bachelor’s Domestic)

£9,250 Per year  

University of Oxford (Full-time Bachelor’s Overseas)

£28,950 to  £44,240 Per year (higher for clinical medicine)

Oxford Brookes (Full-time Bachelor’s Domestic)

£9,250 Per year

Oxford Brookes (Full-time Bachelor’s Overseas)

£14,600 to £16,500 Per year

It is important to note that according to the University of Oxford, as of 2021, students, including EU students, can be charged overseas fees unless you have settled or pre-settled UK residence status or if you work in the UK. Check if you qualify for a home fee and if you meet the residency criteria. You could also make the most out of fully funded scholarships for international students, some of which include the UK. Check our guide for the top fully funded scholarships for more insight!

Oxford Cost of Living

How to save up in Oxford?

There are various ways to save up in Oxford through careful budget planning and finding the most affordable student accommodation while also travelling sustainably through bus transport. Presented below are some of the cheapest Casita accommodation while also laying out the most affordable modes of transport. 

Affordable Casita Oxford Student Accommodation Options

In this section, we will lay down our top options regarding affordability in Oxford. Note that these are subject to change as Casita constantly works on expanding its stock options, so keep following our website for constant updates.

Oxford Brookes University, Headington

 Oxford Brookes University, Headington student accommodation features non-ensuite rooms in a shared apartment with the price of £750 per month (subject to change), making it one of our top options for accommodation in Oxford. The non-ensuite room offers everything you need, from a comfortable bed to a wardrobe, a study desk with a chair, and a shared living and kitchen space.

This Oxford student accommodation features all-inclusive rent and is also characterised by having spacious and bright rooms.

Napier Road

Napier Road is an Oxford student accommodation which features en-suite rooms; these are typically equipped with a double bed, workspace, and an en-suite bathroom. The offered Oxford student accommodations have a starting price of £900 per month (subject to change).

Napier Road, the Oxford student accommodation, has all bills included in the rent, a fireplace to keep warm, parking spots, heating, and communal cleaning.

West Way Square

This Oxford student accommodation features studio apartments with various room types, such as studios and one, and two-bedroom apartments. West Way Square starts from £270 per week (subject to change).

Some of this Oxford student accommodation’s best highlights include all-inclusive bills, fast internet, a cinema room, 24/7 support, and security through CCTV.

To get more information about how to find your perfect Casita student accommodation, you can also check out how to find your Casita student room.

Most Affordable Modes of Transport

When moving around, you can always choose to move sustainably, either on foot or cycling or alternatively, you catch the bus, which has a £2 daily cap. A price cap is the maximum you can spend daily, so, in Oxford’s case, you do not exceed £2 daily, which is expected to rise to £2.5.

Oxford Cost of Living

Before heading to Oxford, it is essential that you carefully plan out your expenses so that you can have a stress-free experience while studying and living in the city. Other than considering your tuition fees, you should also consider the costs of Living in Oxford, such as food, rent, transportation, and more. You can also refer to Budgeting Tips: How to Live on a Budget as a Student for more information regarding how to manage your money as a student.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live in Oxford as a student?

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Oxford’s cost of living is estimated that you’ll need anywhere from £1,290 to £1,840 per month to live in Oxford. The UK government recommends that International students have at least £1,023 monthly for at least nine months when studying as a pre-requisite to study in cities outside of London.

Where do most students live in Oxford?

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Most students living in Oxford stay in the areas of Cowley and Headingley. Other popular spots in Oxford include Headington, Jericho, Cutteslowe, the city centre, Summertown, and more.

How is life in Oxford?

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Students living in Oxford will enjoy a high-quality education, green spaces, and safety as the city enjoys low crime rates. The city also has a young population, making up one-third of the city’s population, and also a vibrant nightlife in the city centre.