Top Business and Management Universities in the UK

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29 January, 2021

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Imagine that you are the CEO of a single-person startup and your company's share price jumps up by 527% overnight? How would you handle such a situation? This is not an imaginary situation! This actually happened in Texas just a few days ago when the world's richest man and Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk, wrote a tweet of two words saying "Use Signal." Most of his 42 million followers thought he was telling them to buy shares in the "Signal Advance" thinking it is the company that developed the Signal encrypted messaging app. The company's share price went up to $US70.85 from $US0.60. When the company's market value surged from $US55 million to over $US 6billion, the Signal messaging app explained that they are an independent company and are not listed in the stock market indices. Later, it was found that Signal Advance is a small medical device firm run by a solo-founder. What good luck!

So if you want to run a single-person startup, maybe one day your startup's share price will increase by 500%. Who knows? Even without luck, studying business and management is enough to help you plan well for any business you want to start. Business and management courses focus on studying the organisation, analysis and planning of business operations. You may also want to specialise in various potential fields, such as international business, public administration, nonprofit management, operations management, hospitality management, information systems management, and more. The best country to do a degree in business and management in is the UK since the top ten universities in the world for business and management include four UK universities. Read through this blog to find out more about the top business and management universities in the UK. 

Top Business and Management Universities in the UK

Here are some of the top business and management universities in the UK:

1. London Business School

Ranked second in Europe by the Financial Times for Business and Management and third in the world by the QS World University Rankings, London Business School offers some of the best programmes, short courses, Masters, and PhD degrees. "To have a profound impact on the way the world does business" is their motto. The school offers the following Masters degree:

1. Masters in Management (MiM)

The MiM degree is ranked fourth in the world by the Financial Times. The tuition fees for the 2021 academic year are £36,600. However, there will be an extra £7,500 if the student opts to do the fourth term. After graduation, you can work in a wide range of companies across the globe. 

This 12- to the 16-month programme allows you to explore various business functions and how they intersect and work together to deliver real-life value. In this programme, you will gain further knowledge about how to improve the company's performance, grow its market share and increase revenue. You will study finance, financial accounting, marketing, applied microeconomics, business analytics, data analytics for management, strategy, and the global macroeconomy.

To develop your analytical thinking and decision-making skills, professors will help you build theoretical understanding which you will then apply in an 8 to 10-week real business project. Since their clients range from startups to multinationals, General Immersion Field Trips (GIFTs) and LondonLAB helps you to explore different sectors in the field and collaborate with others while working on your project. 

2. Global Masters in Management (GMiM)

This 24-month programme is a collaboration between London Business School and the School of Management at Shanghai's Fudan University. Studying at two different universities, you will develop the skills required to land a job in an international company as you will develop a deep understanding of the business practices in Asia. With a dual degree from recognised universities, you will be able to work in finance roles at international companies and banks.

In this programme, you will study various modules, such as decision and risk analysis, data analytics for management, performing in organisations, strategic analysis, business analytics, global macroeconomy, and finance. Through business field trips, gain hands-on experience and explore the international business, in the context of a huge international market; China.

During the first year at the London School of Business, the tuition fees are £36,600. However, the fees are RMB100,000 during the second year at Shanghai's Fudan University.

3. Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM)

To analyse data and transform it into powerful business results, this 12- to 16-month programme integrates two courses; Analytics/ Data Science and General Management. In the analytics courses, you will study applied statistics, data science for business, data visualisation and storytelling, data management, machine learning for big data, decision analytics and modelling, intro to Python for data science, and intro to R for data science. In the management courses, you will study accounting - finance and management, economics, strategy, marketing, and organisational behaviour. 

Learning how to make commercial and strategic decisions, you will be able to solve real problems in your live business projects. Thanks to your deep analytical skills gained during this programme, you will have access to a wide range of industries such as finance, healthcare or media. You may also work in consulting, technology or consumer goods companies. The 2021 tuition fees for this course are £36,600. However, an extra £7,500 is required if you opt to do the fourth term.

4. Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA)

If you want to get a job as a financial analyst or any other financial position, join the 12- to 16-month MFA. Using trading simulations, applied theories, and valuation and modelling techniques, explore international finance markets and gain a wide range of knowledge in finance. Also, develop your analytical and decision-making skills through Global Immersion Field Trips (GIFTs) and work with real communities in various business sectors.

In this programme, you will study asset management, accounting, financial markets, corporate finance, and data analytics for finance. The tuition fees of the 2021 academic year are £37,900. There is an additional £135 to join the Student Association (SA) that enables you to participate in the faculty's community even after your graduation. If you opt to do the fourth term, you will pay an extra £7,500.

5. Masters in Finance (MiF)

If you have three to eight years of work experience, the Masters in Finance helps you advance your career or specialise within finance. Join a full-time programme that takes 10 to 16 months or a part-time one that takes 22-months. Also, you can choose your field of speciality in finance.

The tuition fees for this programme are £48,400 with an additional Student Association fee of £135 that enables you to participate in the faculty's community. In a reputable institution with excellent teaching standards and highly-skilled practitioners, develop your passion for finance and explore the new tools and techniques necessary for future career success.

6. MBA 

This 15- to 21-month tailored MBA is made to suit your academic needs and your career objectives as well as your timeframe. Furthermore, you have the benefit of a flexible length of study with the choice of 15, 18 or 21 months. 

Start your educational journey through attending online pre-sessional courses which consist of three modules; finance, accounting and quantitative methods. If you have previous experience or knowledge in these areas, you may take the tests without completing the course. Then, you will step up to the next course which is Business Fundamentals (Year 1). In this year, you will be introduced to modules in general management, global leadership, data analytics, macroeconomics and microeconomics for managers, perspectives in business ethics, operations management, the science of people in organisations, marketing, accounting, finance, and strategy. This year is flexible and you can choose the subjects relevant to your desired career path in the second term. 

During the second year, you can tailor your course according to your requirements and time frame. You can choose from business analytics, customer and market insights, digital strategy, financial reporting analytics, financial reporting for today's economy, marketing planning under competition, performance-driven strategy execution, strategic economic analysis, value chain management design-led innovation and developing entrepreneurial opportunities.

7. Executive MBA (EMBA)

For those really looking to take their career to the next level join the Executive MBA. Whether you choose to focus on studying this 20-month programme in London or Dubai, you will keep developing through ongoing learning and engagement with the university's community and alumni network. If you decide to focus your studies in Dubai, the orientation and programme conclusion will be in London. The tuition fees are £98,500 and the student association fees to keep communicating with the faculty's community after graduation are £120. However, the tuition fees in Dubai are $128,600 without the mandatory 5% tax (VAT) and the student association fees are £120.

With 15 core courses in either London or Dubai, you will explore how to develop entrepreneurial opportunities, how to develop effective managers and organisations, operations management, managerial economics, management accounting, corporate finance, corporate social responsibility and business ethics, financial accounting, marketing, strategic management, data analytics for managers. Also, you will gain more insight into executive leadership, general management, decision and risk analysis, and the international macroeconomy. Then, customise your experience by choosing six to eight electives from over 70 elective options in accounting, economics, finance, management science and operations, marketing, organisational behaviour and strategy and entrepreneurship. 

8. Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy

If you want to become an effective global leader, join the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy. In this 12-month programme, you will connect with influential experts in business at the Career Centre sessions and guest-speaker events. The programme tuition fees are £77,300 and there is an additional£68 for the Student Association should you wish to join. 

Developing your analytical skills in leadership, strategy and business fundamentals, you will study three core modules. In the leadership module, you will understand how to lead people and organisations and gain further knowledge about senior management, executive leadership, and biography. In the strategy module, you will learn how to lead market-driven organisations and gain more information about corporate governance and stakeholder relations, the global corporate agenda, and strategy. In the business fundamentals, you will improve your analytical decision-making abilities by studying accounting and corporate finance. 

2. University of Cambridge - Cambridge Judge Business School

Holding its position as the seventh-best university for business and management in the world, the University of Cambridge offers many master degrees, research masters, PhDs, MBAs, and undergraduate degrees at its Judge Business School

1. Management Studies Tripos (Undergraduate Degree)

The undergraduate degree of Management Studies Tripos consists of six core courses, six electives, a workshop, and a consulting project. In the core courses, you will study quantitative methods, organisational behaviour, the economics of firms and markets, operations management, and finance and management in the Michaelmas term and marketing in the spring term. Your final exams will be divided into three three-hour papers. During the spring term, you will choose two elective subjects from the following six options; Business Innovation in a Digital Age, Environment and Sustainability, Human Resource Management, Macroeconomics, Strategic Management, and Topics in Corporate Finance.

Cambridge University Student Accommodation

2. MBA

If you already have a bachelor degree and three years of work experience, join the school's MBA. You will complete the degree after studying for four terms. From October to December, you will study Entrepreneurship, Organisational Behaviour, Microeconomics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Management Science, and Corporate Finance. In addition, you will undertake a Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) where you will work on a market analysis project in a UK-based company.

 In the second term, from January to March, you will study Marketing, Strategy, Digital Business, and Management Praxis as well as choose three elective subjects. Also, you will undertake a Global Consulting Group (GCG) project for an international company which can be based anywhere in the world. During the third term, you will develop your understanding of operations management, business and society and macroeconomics alongside three elective subjects. In the summer term, from June to September, you will submit a research paper, work on an individual project, or undertake a work placement.

3. University of St Andrews - School of Management

Holding its position as one of the top business and management universities in the UK, the School of Management will qualify you to become an entrepreneur, accountant, academic, consultant or public servant. It provides you with the main techniques used by marketing professionals and financial analysts and allows you to gain further knowledge about how to manage various challenging situations. To develop your problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-reliance skills, you will study financial data analysis, organisational behaviour, marketing, and managing challenging situations. 

The School of Management offers a BSc in Management. Apply for the Bachelor of Science to study science subjects with management. You can also apply to take management as a part of a joint honours degree at the University of St Andrews where you can study multiple subjects during your time at the university. There are three types of joint degrees; "And" degrees, "With" degrees", and "Triple" modern languages degrees. The "And" degree allows you to study two subjects with 50% in each subject. The "With" degree enables you to major in one subject and to take another one as a minor subject. The "Triple" modern languages degrees let you take your degree combined with up to three modern languages. 

There are of course more top business and management universities in the UK; including the University of Oxford, the University of Warwick, the University College London, and the University of Bath.

Are you thinking of graduating with a business or management degree? Join one of the top business and management universities in the UK. Then, book your suitable room with CasitaWith Casita, you can book any type of room at an affordable price near any of the top business and management universities in the UK


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