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The Most Expensive vs. the Cheapest London Student Home

The Most Expensive vs. the Cheapest London Student Home

Created At:14 June, 2017
Created By:Ola Elwassify
Updated At:14 March, 2023
Student Housing

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Casita does offer a wide variety of rooms with a wide range of prices to meet the expectations of students from all over the world. Comparing buildings’ facilities and prices is a pretty normal action while trying to find your new home in London, and Casita is offering you a ready-made comparison for your convenience. Buildings differ mainly in prices, but how these prices are being put? With us, all your questions will be surely answered with honesty. Student housing in London differ in prices according to their closeness to Central London and transportation links, and according to the available facilities and room types offered and whether or not they have nice views. Consider that no building will have all the pros and the other will have all the cons, on the contrary, every building will have its own aura and unique features. All you have to do is to choose what best suits your needs.

Our three most expensive student housing  in London are Kirby Street, East Central House, and Quantum Court.

Kirby Street is our most expensive London accommodation, as its prices start from £374 per week. It offers self-contained luxurious studios with large floor plans and ample storage. The building offers insurance, on-site maintenance team, on-site security and management teams, 24/7 emergency contact centre, secure bike storage, secure door entry system, 24/7 CCTV, on-site laundry, communal areas and other great facilities. Its location is also convenient, as it is only 9 minutes away from Central London by public transport.

Kirby Street

East Central House, the second most expensive, prices start from £357 per week. This accommodation offers self-contained studios as well, but what makes it unique is that it offers accessible studios with easy-to-use facilities. However, it will take 15 minutes by public transport to reach Central London from this accommodation. This building gives the students the freedom to choose between a spacious floor plan with a single bed, or a smaller floor plan with a double bed, to suit every lifestyle and meet all the students’ needs.

East Central House

Quantum Court prices start from £345 per week, and it benefits from the bright and airy feel in its rooms. Two of London’s major universities – Queen Mary University and London Metropolitan University are 10 minutes bus-ride away from this accommodation. Simultaneously, you can reach central London in 20 minutes by train. The unique thing about this accommodation is its short-term tenancies (17 weeks) available from January 2018. Quantum Court has the same great features as Kirby Street. Quantum Court

On the other hand, our cheapest accommodation are the cube, North Lodge, and Kensal Green Garrow House.

The Cube Ealing student accommodation might be one of our cheapest accommodation, but certainly, it is one of the best. All the rooms are stylishly designed with students’ needs in mind, and they come in a wide range of facilities to suit different students and different lifestyles. Some studios are twin, and others are equipped with accessible and easy-to-use facilities. The building houses an on-site management team, on-site laundry, social spaces, and other great facilities for students’ convenience. The prices start from £165 per week, and it might take up to 16 minutes by public transport to reach Central London.

The Cube Ealing

North Lodge offers en-suite study rooms with access to the shared kitchen and living areas. Its prices start from £169 per week, and it is perfect for students pursuing studying privately, yet wanting to benefit from belonging to a community of like-minded students.  It is only two minutes away from the Tottenham Hale Station, and various rail and bus links, providing students with easy access to the University of Westminster, University of the Arts, City University of London and King’s College London.

North Lodge

Kensal Green Garrow House is conveniently located near 3 different tube stations: Westbourne Park, Royal Oak and Ladbroke Grove. But that is not the only thing that makes this accommodation special. Kensal Green student accommodation has rooms overlooking enviable canal views and others with private balconies to get a breath of fresh air in the early morning. It is only 32 minutes ride to Central London, which makes this accommodation ideal for students pursuing more privacy and quiet studying environment.  The building has an on-site management team to help you with anything that you might need, communal games room, on-site laundry, and other great facilities. This accommodation’s surprises do not stop there, as it still offers more. If you book your room now you will get a free Apple watch or £300 off your rent, and remember, the building is also offering a free of charge dual occupancy.

Kensal Green Garrow House

If you have any inquiries regarding the aforementioned buildings or any other, please contact us at +44 (0) 20 3871 8666, or [email protected], and we will assist you with choosing the best accommodation. 

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