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5 Reasons to Study at Nottingham Trent University

5 Reasons to Study at Nottingham Trent University

Created At:06 August, 2020
Created By:Ahmed Azzam
Updated At:15 March, 2023
University Life
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As an international student aiming to study abroad in the UK, you have multiple university options to choose from. The UK has more than 106 universities and 130 colleges that specialize in everything from sports to languages, to engineering and many more options. Deciding on your major and the university you wish to attend is the most important step to determine where you will live, the cost of living and how many years you will stay in the UK. You can read our Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Studying Abroad blog to formulate a plan in your mind. 

Once you have a plan in mind, you'll need to decide which city you want to study in. According to QS World University Rankings, Nottingham is ranked the 6th best student city in the UK. It is an ideal destination for many students as it hosts multiple famous universities such as the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

 In 2019, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) was named "University of the Year" in the Guardian University Awards making it one of the most sought after universities in the UK. However, that's not the only reason you should keep this university in mind; there are many reasons you should pursue your studies at Nottingham Trent University. 

1. Prosperous Professional Prospects

97% of Nottingham Trent University graduates are employed within just 6 months of graduating. The university has a curriculum that is highly focused on employment training. Therefore, being an NTU graduate, you are highly likely to land a job quickly. Moreover, the university has an Employability Team that can provide you with career advice, help you plan your future, write a CV and prepare for job interviews.

Additionally, NTU is aware of the market and which job opportunities require work experience. That is why it offers students a chance to gain work experience through volunteering or part-time jobs. These opportunities can enhance your knowledge in your preferred field and help you put theory into practice and stand out in your job interview.

 The university invested in the tools and technology used by the professionals in each field, in order to accentuate the fact that learning is not limited to the classroom. While studying in NTU, you will gain access to industry-standard facilities that create a work-like environment. These facilities are developed according to career needs, not just degrees or courses.

2. Top-Class Expert Professors

Another reason Nottingham Trent University was awarded University of the Year award is its talented teaching staff. In 2017, NTU was awarded'  Gold' standard for outstanding teaching and learning according to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). It continuously offers outstanding teaching experience and helps students explore their major in-depth and practice. According to the National Student Survey in 2018, NTU achieved 88% in overall student satisfaction due to its style of teaching and the support the students receive.Student homes near Nottingham Trent University

3. Award-Winning Research

NTU always encourages students to strive for excellence in their research in different fields. The university earned the Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2015 which is considered the highest national honour for a UK university. 90% of NTU research is globally recognized as leading research that changes people's lives.

4. Diverse and Bustling Student Community

NTU hosts students and staff from over 160 countries, creating a culturally diverse community. This diversity is reflected in the global learning experience, and the social events held such as Global Week.

The university cares about the social development of its students and makes sure to offer a great social experience on campus. The Students' Union building is the centre of social and sports activities. As an international student at Nottingham Trent University, you will have the opportunity to join the Union as a representative and make a difference.

Furthermore, there are more than 160 societies and sports clubs to choose from depending on your interests. You can choose an activity or a hobby you love and make new friends with students who have the same interests.

Last but not least, People & Planet University Green League named NTU the 3rd greenest university in the UK in 2019. The university boasts a sustainable and eco-friendly life throughout campus with multiple environmental initiatives such as implementing a bike hire scheme and eliminating the use of plastic.

5. Nottingham is a Great Student City

Home to more than 60,000 students, Nottingham is considered one of the top student cities in the UK. It hosts various student communities and offers great and affordable accommodation near Nottingham universities so international students can live near their campus. Transportation links are available throughout the city, and there are plenty of bike routes for students who prefer to ride their bike. The city has the vibes of a big city along with a relaxing atmosphere that helps students to feel stress-free during their university years.

Finally, since you have full insight about studying at Nottingham Trent University now, choose a good student accommodation near Nottingham Trent University to ensure a stress-free living experience in the city.  

PS: In order to digest the numbers and statistics, we offer a guide on our blog on how the UK University rankings work.

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