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21 August, 2023

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Lenton is one of Nottingham’s most popular areas, with a rich cultural scene, a young student population, various green spots, and great connections and transport links to the rest of Nottingham. The above factors make student accommodation in Nottingham Lenton extremely attractive. Aside from Lenton, Casita also offers great student accommodation in Nottingham.

Student Accommodation Nottingham

About Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the UK’s most desired locations for international and domestic students. Nottingham ranks 52nd as the top student city worldwide in the 2024 QS world rankings, overtaking Milan, Dubai, and Leeds. Nottingham is considered average compared to other UK cities, with Nottingham being anywhere between 10% and 18% more affordable than London. 

Additionally, Nottingham has some of the UK’s top universities, with the University of Nottingham ranking 100th worldwide and Nottingham Trent University ranking 595th worldwide, according to QS’s 2024 world rankings. Nottingham is also diverse, with the Nottingham and Nottingham Trent universities attracting more than 15,369 international students living in Nottingham in the year 2021–2022, according to HESA.

Nottingham is an English city located in Nottinghamshire along the banks of the Trent River. Its location in the east Midlands of England has given it an important position as an English market town, having an old market centre first mentioned in the 1155 charter. The city was founded by the Saxons in the sixth century. Upon Norman and Danish conquests, Nottingham had two settlements, one Norman and the other Danish, living side by side.

Today, the city is associated with the legends of Robin Hood, of which many elements are open for visits, such as the Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle. Nottingham was historically involved in the Lace-making industry, with evidence of the city’s lace-making past still displayed in areas such as the Lace Market in Nottingham’s city centre. Today, the city is heavily involved in the service industry, along with other industries, including the Pharmaceutical and Tobacco industries.

Why Choose a Student Accommodation in Lenton, Nottingham?

We’ve already discussed briefly what makes Lention, Nottingham desirable. However, we still haven’t provided the details. In this section, we’ll break down the reasons behind Leton’s fame and why it should be considered a great place to look for student accommodation in Nottingham.

Lenton, Nottingham’s History

Historically, Lenton started off as a village to the west of Nottingham and later had an important religious role to play in the county of Nottinghamshire with the establishment of a priory during the twelfth century, which later became among the most important religious institutions in the county. Today, St. Anthony's Church, Lenton, sits on the old priory’s site.

The town was also agricultural and had various Lace workshops established before the construction of the Lenton Canal in the 1790s, which led to a population boom where the population rose from a mere 893 residents in 1801 to 3,077 residents in 1821.

 After Nottingham’s land was saturated with no more spaces for construction, entrepreneurs looked at Lenton for expansion and set out to create “New Lenton”. Lenton’s lace trade eventually grew to encompass 20 lace firms in the 1850s, and in 1877, Lenton officially became part of Nottingham.

Lenton, Nottingham’s Sites 

While staying at your student accommodation in Lenton, Nottingham, you’ll be near various amazing places to visit, some of which include Lenton Lodge, which is the nearby Wollaton Hall and Deer Park’s Gate House, the Lenton Recreation Ground, a six-acre park that contains a clubhouse, a bowling area, and a basketball area. 

Other nice places to visit include St. Anthony’s Church, which stands in place of the old Lenton Priory, rebuilt in 1883. You can also walk by the River Leen’s banks, which pass through Lenton, and marvel at the Nottingham Canal.

Lenton, Nottingham’s Characteristics

Lenton is often called a “student village” thanks to its proximity to various University of Nottingham campuses, including the Jubilee and Park campuses. It is also relatively near  Nottingham Trent. Lenton has excellent transport links to the rest of the city and the Nottingham city centre. The suburb is full of University of Nottingham students, which gives it a youthful and vibrant atmosphere and makes it extremely student-friendly. The suburb also features a wide choice of places to eat and hang out. 

Student Accommodation Nottingham

Best Student Accommodation In Lenton, Nottingham

Triumph House (Most Recommended)

This Nottingham student accommodation in Lenton is among the most affordable. Triumph House is also a minute’s walk from the  University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus, making it our top choice for the best student accommodation in Lenton, Nottingham. The options available at this student housing in Nottingham are studio rooms and en-suite serviced apartments.

Some of the building’s features include communal spaces such as lounges with comfortable seating, TVs, game consoles, and other games such as a pool table and table tennis. Additionally, the Nottingham student accommodation has an on-site spa for an amazing experience, bike storage to keep your bike safe, and various events to keep you entertained during your stay.

Residents at Triumph House will also have access to services such as cleaning services, post service, and on-site laundry facilities for maximum convenience. They also offer all-bills-included.

Riverside Point (Close to the University of Nottingham)

Riverside Point is another great option for those looking for student halls in Nottingham in the area of Lenton; it is also a minute’s walk from the University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus. Riverside Point has a wide range of en-suite and studio options to choose from.

Some of the features at this Nottingham student accommodation include a communal area to lounge back and meet up with friends, a gym to keep fit and break away from the day’s routine, an on-site laundry room for your own convenience, vending machines for quick snacks, and bike storage.

During your stay at Riverside Point, you’ll also have all bills included, contents insurance, access to fast Wi-Fi, and 24/7 security through CCTV.

Morriss House (Pet-Friendly)

Morris House is another great Nottingham student accommodation for students studying at the nearby University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus, a three-minute walk from the campus. Its options also include en-suite and studio accommodation options.

The Nottingham student accommodation has a lot to offer in terms of amenities. Still, one of its key highlights is that it is pet-friendly, a rare feature for PBSAs (Purposely-built student accommodations). Some of Morriss House’s main features include offering all-inclusive bills, 24/7 security through CCTV, an on-site gym, and a study space to have a focused study area, not to mention a laundry room and a cinema room.

Deakins Place (Near Lenton)

Deakins Place is yet another excellent student accommodation in Nottingham. However, it is near Lenton, which still gives you access to this beautiful suburb. This student accommodation in Nottingham has a wide variety of en-suite and studio rooms to choose from.

This Nottingham student accommodation also has various useful features for a comfortable stay. These include access to Wi-Fi, security through CCTV, including all bills, contents insurance, and an on-site laundry facility for your convenience. The property also features social areas where you can relax and socialise with the building’s residents.

At Casita, we help students worldwide find their perfect student homes, bearing in mind budget, length of stay, and additional requirements such as staying in a single-sex flat. If you are looking for your perfect Nottingham student accommodation or one in Lenton, Nottingham, contact our staff to have you allocated to some of our best options for student accommodation in Nottingham Lenton. 

Student Accommodation Nottingham

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do most students stay in Nottingham?

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Most University of Nottingham students stay in Lenton, Nottingham, either through on-campus University of Nottingham accommodation or off-campus accommodation options.

What is the main campus at Nottingham University?

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University Park is Nottingham University’s main campus and its largest, with a size of 300 acres.

Is Nottingham a student town?

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Yes, Nottingham is a very popular student destination with some of the UK’s top universities, with the University of Nottingham ranking 100th worldwide and an international student population of more than 15,369 international students.