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7 Tips for Standing out on Your College Application

7 Tips for Standing out on Your College Application

Created At:27 July, 2021
Created By:Amira Adel
Updated At:19 March, 2023
Tips and Advice
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Standing out on your college application is a vital part of getting accepted. Colleges in the US receive thousands and thousands of applications yearly, and acceptance rates are not very high. To successfully stand out on your university application, here are 7 tips you should follow. 

1. Know Your Assets and Be Authentic

As an international student, you have to be aware of how to present yourself regardless of your academic achievements. You should be able to write and speak about your school activities, your experience, your community, your interests, and your skills. This is crucial for presenting yourself well in your application as well as during your university interview. Your personal essay is usually the most important part of your application. This is where you should be the most authentic, showcasing your critical skills, future goals and even obstacles that you had to overcome throughout your journey. 

2. Volunteer

Showing that you care about sustainability and poverty alleviation is one of the many ways you can impress people and gain new insights into life. Search for an organisation that supports a cause you believe in and do volunteer experience.  You can check UNICEF for volunteer opportunities if you like the idea. 

3. Get Involved in High School Activities

Your high school life shouldn’t be just about studying, taking exams, and getting good grades. All the activities you’ve done will be listed in your application, whether it’s being a part of a school group, a sports team, a social club, or more. So deeply engage in an activity you like at school and ensure you showcase your achievements in your application for impact. 

4. Take your SATs and ACTs Early

Always take standardised tests as early as possible to ensure you have an opportunity to retake the test if you need to improve your results. Generally, students take the American College Testing exam (ACT) or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) during their junior year of high school. Even though most schools accept either of these tests, you should always check with the college you’re applying for before taking either one of them because some might prefer one over the other as they cater to different skill sets. For example, the SAT focuses on the command of evidence and quantitative reasoning more, while the ACT provides more opportunities for better language arts students.

5. Do Your Research 

Take your time researching the fields you like and the colleges you prefer. Check colleges' websites thoroughly, read about the faculty or the department you’re joining, its mission statement, values, founders and even history. Remember, thorough research won’t leave room for any mistakes or wrong information in your application. It will also help you showcase how clear you are about your goals and dreams, which is exactly what the admissions committee needs to see. 

6. Beware the Effect of Social Media

A 2018 Kaplan Test Prep survey found that approximately 25% of college admissions officers take a look at applicants' and potential students’ social media profiles. Although the practice is declining, it is worth noting that social media is one way of expressing yourself, so if your profile is public, you might have to think twice before posting anything that might damage your chances! Our advice is to use a private profile for a while. 

7. Proofread!

Finally, the most important step of all is proofreading. Always proofread and double-check everything before submitting! You can also use a set of fresh eyes. Ask a family member or a friend to proofread your material to decrease the chances of having any mistakes. You can also use a proofreading service like Grammarly to ensure your text is readable and clear. 

Now you know our secret recipe to ensure yourself a place in that college you always dreamed of.  Once you get your acceptance letter, don’t forget to choose a student accommodation in the USA from Casita.

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