Best Part-Time Study Options in The UK

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Ahmed Azzam

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20 July, 2020

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Once you have decided to start your journey at a reputable university in the UK, you should bear in mind that committing to a full-time schedule is not the only option you have. Many UK universities offer part-time options where you have flexibility in the modules you choose as well as the hours. A part-time university program is an option where you select how many courses you want to enrol in throughout the academic year.

Part-time study is the ideal option for students who want to work while earning their degree. Some courses offer the chance to benefit from work experience as an integral part of your studies, and some employers even encourage this initiative by enabling time off to study. You need to ensure your visa allows you to work if you intend to choose part-time studies though. Volunteer work is mostly acceptable so if that’s why you wish to study part-time, you can start selecting your options. To help you choose an option for your future, here is a breakdown of the best part-time study options in the UK.

1. London South Bank University- BEng Civil Engineering

Taught at London South Bank University, this undergraduate engineering degree is an option you can consider if you are interested in civil engineering. You can apply for this part-time undergraduate study program and finish your degree in 5 years instead of 3 years for the full-time option. It is accredited by the Engineering Council and is ranked 3rd for teaching quality in the UK according to the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020.

2. University of Salford- BSc Architectural Design and Technology

If you find architecture interesting and wish to master the technical aspects of it, this course is designed for you. The University of Salford in Manchester offers this degree through a part-time programme of five years. This will allow you time to get an internship or part-time job in the field and gain practical experience. The degree is accredited by Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT).

3. London South Bank UniversityBSc Information Technology

This is another part-time study option provided by London South Bank University. It could be your chance to pursue a career as a developer if you are interested in analysing, designing and implementing computer-based systems. Ranked 3rd for graduate prospects in London, this program allows you to complete your undergraduate certificate in 6 years instead of the 3-year full-time option.

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4. York St John University - Software Engineering BSc

York St John University gives you a chance to complete your degree in software engineering through a 6-year part-time programme. You get to learn practical skills in a stimulating environment to practise developing, programming and system design. Furthermore, 92% of York St John’s graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation based on Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education 2017.

5.  Middlesex University LondonBusiness Management BA Honours

If you are a working student, you can acquire your BA in Business Management through Middlesex University London as they offer a part-time student programme. In addition to tailoring your study to match your availability and commitments for up to six years, you can also tailor this degree to match your career aspirations. Once you study a broad range of courses in the first year, you can major in the subjects that are most relevant to you, from HR to finance, project management, marketing and supply chain management. 

6. Birmingham City University Business (Marketing) - BA 

You can earn your marketing degree through a part-time programme at Birmingham City University. The normal course of study is 3 years, and the flexible part-time programme is 5 years. You will learn the required skills to ace your role in a business corporation and gain practical knowledge on how to help an established corporation stand out.

7. University of Central LancashireCounselling and Psychotherapy BA

The University of Central Lancashire offers a part-time degree in counselling and psychotherapy to be completed in 5 years. They have three different approaches to study this degree: psychoanalytical, humanistic and cognitive behavioural. The courses cover practical topics such as nursing, social work, human resources and management.

8. Cardiff University - English Language and Linguistics (BA)

This degree is dedicated to those who love to dig deeper into language and linguistic theories. Cardiff University offers a part-time programme of six years if you are interested in linguistics. You get to choose between various degree modules such as speech therapy, digital journalism or teaching English.

9. Cardiff University -Archaeology and Ancient History (BA)

Cardiff University has another part-time degree for those who find themselves interested in history. You can combine archaeology and ancient history through ages and study the political, social, economic and cultural aspects in Europe and the Mediterranean across the 4th millennium BC to 11th century AD.

With one of these courses, you can plan a detailed schedule that consists of your studies along with work and personal commitments without feeling overwhelmed. Choose a student accommodation near your university to save time on transportation.


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