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Best Malaysian Cuisines in Australia

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Ola Elwassify

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18 April, 2019

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2 mins read

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Studying in Australia doesn’t mean you cannot eat the best Malaysian food there is. The continent has major and award-winning Malaysian cuisines spread across its main cities. So, here’s a list to help you out:

Malaysian rice and Sauce

1. Mamak in Sydney & Melbourne

A Malaysian restaurant serving satay, rice & noodles and desserts, like sweet Roti. It is an award-winning Malaysian food in Sydney Chinatown, in 15 Goulburn Street. It’s famous for its Kari Ayam, Kari Kambing, Kacang Panjang Belacan, Rojak, Ayam Berempah, Ayam Goreng, and Sambal Udang. These are the most famous Malaysian dishes in Australia. 

Scape Abercrombie student accommodation in Sydney is mere minutes walks to the Sydney branch, near the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.

If you’re looking for a Malaysian restaurant in Hawthorn, pay a visit to Mamak Melbourne in 366 Lonsdale St. It has the same amazing dishes. There is a Mamak Chatswood  too, so no worries, Mamaks are everywhere!

Scape Swanston is the nearest student accommodation in Melbourne to the Melbourne branch, near RMIT University

Malay Shrimps

2. Temasek in Sydney

If you’re looking for a Malaysian restaurant in  Sydney CBD, Temasek is your place. It is one of the best Malaysian restaurants in Parramatta. They’re well-known for their juicy Hainanese boneless chicken rice, but you can still go for their delicious calamari.

It is only 5 minutes walk from Parramatta train station, and 30 minutes walk from Western Sydney University, Parramatta Campus and the same to Western Sydney UV Parramatta student accommodation in Sydney.

Noodles in Malaysia

3. Sarawak Kitchen in Melbourne

It’s number 1 Malaysian restaurant in Clayton, with affordable prices and a super-friendly staff. The best place to try some Wonton Noodles.

UniLodge on Lonsdale is the nearest Melbourne student accommodation to this restaurant and it is also a short public transport ride to Monash University, Clayton Campus.

chicken and colored rice

4. PappaRich in Perth

A truly authentic Malaysian restaurant in Northbridge,  offering traditional Malaysian cuisines, like Hainan bread, baked with the finest ingredients; Roti, that is of Malaysian-Indian origin; Dim Sum, tasty steamed dumplings and rolls; rice; and noodles, wok-fried and more. The PappaRich noodle menu surely has something for everyone.

The restaurant is 30 minutes ride from the University of Western Australia UWA and the nearest Perth student accommodation is The Boulevard - Perth, 9 minutes walk away.

Bonus: Visit Kotajaya in Melbourne for one of the best Malaysian restaurants Melbourne eastern suburbs for sizzling tofu, tasty entrees, soups, beef, pork, dinner noodle, vegetable dishes and seafood.


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