Best Areas for Student Accommodation in Leeds

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09 January, 2023

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Leeds is an exceptional study destination with many prestigious universities, with the top ranking being the University of Leeds followed by Leeds Beckett University. This beautiful city has lots of history, amazing cultural sights, and more than 200 parks and green spaces. Leeds was also a significant innovation and manufacturing centre, creating the first British plane ten years after the Wright Brothers and the world's first steam train. At Casita, the student housing company, we aim to provide all of our students with their perfect student home.; this is done through our experienced and multilingual staff.

About Leeds

Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, in the north of England. It sits on the banks of the river Aire, giving it plenty of water resources and green areas. Initially an Anglo-Saxon town, the city rose to prominence in 1626 as a market centre, meaning it was an important centre for trade. Its leading trade was cloth manufacturing, which later became a manufacturing town and aimed to rival the cities of York and Beverly in that Trade. 

The city's large amount of coal largely contributed to its advancement during the Industrial revolution. It proceeded to this day as an important manufacturing centre, mainly focusing on processed foods. The city has numerous old Victorian buildings, campuses, and museums.

In the following sections, we will list the best areas for student accommodation in Leeds and our top picks for student houses in the city.

 Student Accommodation in Leeds

Best Places for Students in Leeds:

In this portion of our best areas for student accommodation in Leeds, we will list our top picks for the city's best suburbs.

Hyde Park/Headingley

It is located between the city centre and its green areas. It has multiple trendy shops and outlets. This part of town is among its oldest and is near the University of Leeds. This rich history makes it a perfect suburb for those looking for student accommodation in Leeds. 

Hyde Park is also a very diverse and multicultural part of town, as it contains Muslim, Christian, and Hindu places of worship and communities living side–by–side. It has various eateries, such as Gelato Passion, and numerous vegan places, such as PUNK Vegan; you can also try a Sunday roast at Man V Roast.

There are also various cafes and cultural sights, such as the grade 2 listed old Hyde Park Picture House, one of the oldest cinemas in town. One of our student accommodations in Leeds in this suburb is Hyde Park Road. We also offer the Leeds Headingley Aparthotel.


This place is ideal if you're looking for student accommodation in Leeds inside a history-packed suburb. Historically, this suburb was the heart of the industrial revolution as it largely contributed to the city's development. It is near the city centre and contains various remnants of the industrial revolution, such as the foundries on Foundry street and Foundry Square, as well as the flax mills on Marshalls Mill street. 

What's also unique about this suburb is a replica of an Egyptian temple modelled after the Egyptian temple of Horus in Edfu called Temple Works, a flax milling plant. This suburb is still developing as many old buildings are being remodelled, and streets are becoming more walkable.

The suburb is characterised by old red brick buildings and multiple classic and neo-classic styled buildings such as the Tower works, which is modelled after the tower of Verona, and the classical arch leading to it. 

Today it contains many creative business centres, most notably media, which gives it a very creative population and plenty of excellent spots.

Chapel Allerton

This suburb is one of the best in Leeds and was voted one of the best places to live in Northern England in 2018. It is next to Holbeck and has its unique character, seen from all the trendy spots it contains. It contains green spaces, notably Gledhow Valley Woods, galleries, and charming cafes and restaurants.


This village-like suburb has its community and a charming atmosphere. It initially started as a village and still contains beautiful green areas. Today's residents are a mix of students, families and young adults. Its residents have worked on conserving the city's village-like character and maintaining its green atmosphere.

It is located between Headingley, Chappel Allerton, and the suburb of Adel. It also contains unique restaurants and cafes as well as trendy stores. The suburb also has multiple re-developed victorian buildings. One of the best places to visit is the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm which will help you experience the town's village life.


Morley is a Victorian town known for its historic market centre. It attracts multiple students and young professionals and is characterised by being affordable and full of trendy cafes and restaurants. It is also a tranquil, cosy, and affordable suburb compared to the other suburbs. 

Not only that, but it's also close to the Leeds city centre and well-connected. Morley is ideal for shopping as it is near multiple shopping centres, which include Bristall shopping park and the White rose shopping centre.


Horsforth is a very central suburb near Leeds city centre and neighbouring cities. It mainly attracts families and young professionals and is full of youthful places to hang out. It features multiple events, such as the Walk of Art Community Festival and a monthly farmer's market, bringing in the freshest produce. This suburb has not only trendy shops, cafes, and restaurants but also beautiful green areas. This suburb also has museums and is known for its many workshops, including pottery. 

 Student rooms in Leeds

Cheapest Student Accommodation in Leeds

At Casita, the student housing company, we know that many students travel on a budget; this is why in this portion of our best areas for student accommodation in Leeds, we will list the cheapest options for student housing in the city.

The Tannery Unite

This student accommodation in Leeds is located on Cavendish street and at a 15-minute walking distance from the city centre. It starts at £123 per week. For the mentioned price, you can get a classic ensuite, a private room with an ensuite bathroom with shared facilities between 3-6 residents.

Clarence Dock Village

Clarence Dock Village is a student accommodation in Leeds on Clarence Road and starts at £125 per week. For the mentioned price you can get a classic non-ensuite which is a single fully equipped room with a shared bathroom and facilities.

Burley Road

Burley road is a student accommodation in Leeds on Burley road. It starts at £127 per week for a Bronze ensuite that includes all your needed amenities, a private bathroom, and shared communal facilities.

Closest Student Accommodation to The City Centre:

In this portion of our best areas for student accommodation in Leeds, we will list the closest student housing in Leeds near the city centre.

Leeds Portland Crescent

This student accommodation in Leeds is located on the Portland Crescent and is a two-minute walk from the city centre. It starts at £299 per week. For this price, you can rent a Premium studio, a self-contained studio with a private kitchen and bathroom.


This student accommodation in Leeds is located on Calverley Street and is a four-minute walk from the city centre. Starting at £305 per week, you can have a 21m² Silver Studio Plus, a self-contained studio with a private kitchen and bathroom.  

White Rose View

This student accommodation in Leeds is located on Merrion Way, it is a six-minute walk from the city centre and has a starting price of £188 per week. At this mentioned price, you can get a Classic ensuite. This room has all the amenities needed in a room and a private bathroom. Shared facilities include the kitchen and a common space shared among 4-7 flatmates.

At Casita, we hope that you have enjoyed our best areas for student accommodation in Leeds, and we aim to provide our students with all the necessary help and support. We offer a stress-free service by finding our students their perfect home and walking them through all the required steps regarding their bookings. Feel free to contact us for additional information regarding student housing in Leeds.


What’s it like living in Leeds as a student?

Leeds is a lovely city to be in as a student, from its prestigious universities to its culture, history, and beautiful parks; this city is definitely worth your consideration.

What are the best student accommodation near Leeds Beckett? 

At Casita, the student housing website, we offer a wide range of options near Leeds Beckett, with the nearest being Leeds Portland Crescent, CitySide, The Plaza Unite, and White Rose View.

How many students are in Leeds Beckett?

Leeds Beckett has over 29,000 students and over 3000 staff.


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