Where to find the Best Student Apartments in Bristol?

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Allaa Ashraf

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12 December, 2022

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Student Housing

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Bristol is known for its independent spirit, defiant creativity, and rebellious streak. It's the ideal place to uncover your potential in a city brimming with it. Bristol is a unique English city with stunning hilltop views and a wealth of ancient sites to discover. The city just bustles with opportunity, and it has something to offer everyone. 

The city has a thriving student culture, and there is a huge variety of student housing on offer. If you’ve already decided on embarking on a new journey in this wondrous city and attending a university there, you’ll need to secure student accommodation there. 

Finding the best student apartments in Bristol and renting one can be a daunting task. Before you start freaking out, rest assured, we’ve got you all covered. We have a variety of student properties and apartments listed for rent throughout Bristol. So, shall we explore them? Come on, let’s dive in!

1. iQ Bristol

A range of studios and ensuites are available at iQ Bristol, a student accommodation complex in Bristol. There are several amenities and services available at the property. These include internet access, laundry services, a lobby, communal areas, and a music room. Other services that are featured include a study area and a gym. The University of Bristol is a 17-minute walk from the residence, while the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE) is a 12-minute ride away.

iQ Bristol

Starting from 367£

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2. Hotwells House

Bristol's Hotwells House provides studios, en-suites, and non-ensuite rooms for students. There are several amenities and services available on the property. Wi-Fi, CCTV throughout, a card-entry system, all-inclusive bills, parcel services, a residential life team, online maintenance reporting, round-the-clock maintenance, on-site support staff, social events, a free on-site gym, a games area, study spaces, an on-site laundry facility, a social lounge, and TVs in all lounges are among these. 

It is a good option for students looking for student housing near Bristol UWE. The University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE) is only 17 minutes away from the residence, while the University of Bristol is only a five-minute drive away.

3. Zed Alley

This property is another spot where you can find a decent student apartment in Bristol. It offers a plethora of studios that are well-furnished and equipped with the facilities you’d need. High-speed internet access is available on the premises, and a staff member is on duty constantly. For your protection and security, it also features CCTV and secure key access to the buildings. 

A coffee lounge and quiet study areas are also available. Other amenities on the property include a gym with yoga classes and complimentary private training sessions, as well as laundry rooms and bike storage. You can participate in some of the hippest activities on the property, such as pop-up golf, cocktail-making, and art classes. It takes only 10 minutes to walk to the University of Bristol from the residence.

Zed Alley

Starting from 518£

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4. Tamarillo House

Bristol's Tamarillo House is a student residence that boasts a variety of well-furnished studios. The property has a range of conveniences, including free laundry and recycling services, super-fast Wi-Fi, all-inclusive utility bills, and other features. Due to its CCTV surveillance and FOB entry, the property is also secure. Residents have access to two communal spaces: a lounge where they can unwind or study, and a games room where they can hang out, have fun, and play a few games. A 14-minute stroll from the building will take you to the University of Bristol.

5. Stonebridge House

Bristol's Stonebridge House provides studios and en-suite rooms in five-bedroom student apartments. In addition to offering free laundry and recycling services, the residence also provides indoor bike storage. There are also CCTV and FOB access security systems available. Students have access to a number of common areas, including a room for reflection and prayer, a room for student ambassadors, and a guest room for visitors. The property is a 13-minute walk from the University of Bristol.

6. Zinc Quarter

Bristol's Zinc Quarter provides three different room styles for students: studio, bronze en-suite, and townhouse bedroom. The apartment complex offers a wide range of amenities and services. High-speed Wi-Fi, CCTV, all bills paid, flexible payment terms, contents insurance, and on-site laundry facilities are a few of the amenities on offer. A social calendar, a parcel receipt service, a secured deposit, and ANUK accreditation are additional services. 

Its proximity to Bristol's city centre—just 13 minutes away—makes it a prime location. It takes eight minutes to get to the University of Bristol and twelve minutes to get to the University of the West of England (UWE) from the property.

Zinc Quarter

Starting from 289£

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7. Studio 58

Bristol's Studio 58 is a student housing complex that mostly provides studio apartments of varied sizes to its residents. There are several features and services available to the occupants of this student residence in Bristol. These include recycling facilities, CCTV, round-the-clock security, a fob entry system, and on-site maintenance. Wi-Fi, an on-site laundry room, and bike storage are also available on the property.

You also have access to a common room where you can interact with other residents and make new acquaintances, as well as an outdoor space where you can take in the scenery and the weather, and a games room where you can unwind and play a few games with friends. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the building to the University of Bristol.

why book a student home in Bristol

And there you have it! That was your guide to help you find the best student apartments in Bristol. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and secure your room!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do most students live in Bristol?

Bristol has many areas that are popular among students. These include the city centre, Redland, Kingsdown, and Cotham.

2. Is Bristol a good place to live for students?

Bristol is one of the most vibrant English cities. It’s brimming with life and character and has renowned higher-education institutions. It’s quite the choice for both local and international students.

3. How much is student rent in Bristol?

Bristol offers student housing that ranges in price from £110 to over £370 a week. It's one of the most affordable cities for students in the UK.


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