Weather in the UK at Christmas

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Ola Elwassify

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13 December, 2018

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Relating Christmas to snowy weather, even in decorations, is widespread, although Christmas is rarely snowy in the UK. Can someone remember when was the last white Christmas in England? It was in 2010. People are asking still: will it snow for Christmas 2018 in the UK? Unfortunately, White Christmas odds this year are low in the UK.

The UK marks its Christmas with festive decorations and vibrant adornments whether you are in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, or wherever. But still, the Christmas weather this 2018 in the UK plays a critical role in fulfilling the Christmasy image we have in mind.

London’s weather in January is the coldest! The temperature remains constant with no variation at 5-6°C. London weather in December 2018 is expected to be the same.

Manchester’s weather at Christmas time is more like London’s; however, in Glasgow, it is lower as it will reach 4°C. Edinburgh’s Christmas weather is about 6°C, as it lies in Scotland's central lowlands and since Glasgow is near Edinburgh, they get the same weather forecast. November has one snowy day in Sheffield, but at Christmas, Sheffield reaches 3°C and there is a high chance of rain and a low one of snow.


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