Student Living in New York: Where to Live In NY?

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Allaa Ashraf

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05 November, 2023

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You’ve always pictured it, right? Well, we can tell you, with certainty, that you’re not the only one who dreams about being a student living in New York. It is an iconic city known for its diversity, culture, vibrancy, and limitless opportunities.

It's a dream destination for many students seeking higher education, and it has something for everyone. Here’s the catch, though: with this vastness and diversity comes the challenge of choosing where to stay in the city.

While it might pose quite a daunting task, worry not; we’ve got you covered. This detailed guide will help you navigate the neighbourhoods of this bustling metropolis and find the ideal place to call home while pursuing your studies—Yes, we’ll also help you explore your options when it comes to student housing in New York. So, if you plan on studying and living in the city, this one is for you. Let’s jump right in!


Best Places to Live in New York for Students

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top neighbourhoods in New York you might want to live in. These are:

1. Manhattan

If you want to live like Rachel Green or Chandler Bing, Manhattan is the place for you. Manhattan is the most iconic borough in New York City and home to some of the world's most prestigious universities, including Columbia and the University of New York.

Some of the best areas to stay in Manhattan include Morningside Heights, which is home to the University of Columbia; Washington Heights, which is home to City College of New York; and Harlem, an increasingly popular area home to some of the best cultural attractions in NY. 

Other neighbourhoods include the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side, which are close to Central Park, while Greenwich Village and the East Village offer vibrant nightlife and cultural experiences.

While living in Manhattan means being at the heart of the action, be prepared for higher living costs- the more the action, the more you pay.

2. Brooklyn

Across the East River, Brooklyn has become a hub for students seeking a more affordable yet trendy lifestyle, offering a mix of artistic communities, family-friendly neighbourhoods, and easy subway access to Manhattan.

Other exciting areas in Brooklyn include Bushwick, with its art scene and nightlife, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, home to Brooklyn College and with a rich history.


3. Queens

If you’re living in New York as a student, you’ll enjoy staying in Queens. This neighbourhood is celebrated for its diversity and is quite a popular choice for students living in New York because of its affordability.

Flushing, Jackson Heights, Astoria, Forest Hills, and Sunnyside are some of the most popular areas in Queens. They offer an array of international cuisines, unique cultural experiences, and easy access to colleges and universities such as St. John's University, Queens College, York College, LaGuardia Community College, and Queens College.

4. The Bronx

While the Bronx might not be the first borough that comes to mind for students, it's a growing hub for affordable education. It offers a traditional campus experience at Fordham University and a quiet and upscale neighbourhood with good schools and proximity to Manhattan in Riverdale.

5. Staten Island

If you prefer a quieter and more suburban environment and a peaceful escape, Staten Island is a good option, with affordable neighbourhoods like New Springville, home to the College of Staten Island. While it's a bit farther from the other boroughs, the free ferry ride to Manhattan makes commuting accessible.


Student Accommodation in New York

Now that we’re done with the neighbourhood part, it’s about time we discussed the finding housing part. If campus housing is not your cup of tea, we reckon that private housing is. So, without further ado, here are our top affordable picks for student accommodation in New York:

1. Heritage Grand Central

If you’re looking for student housing near New York University, which is right in the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the one for you. A student accommodation that has it all, Heritage Grand Central offers many room types for students’ convenience, including single rooms, studio rooms, and one-bedroom apartments. 

The property has numerous amenities and services, including Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, cleaning services, on-site maintenance, and a social area.

2. Block 20

Moving on to the next student housing on our list, Block 20! This student accommodation is near the University at Buffalo, another SUNY university. It offers fully-furnished en-suite rooms and has plenty of facilities and services, including Wi-Fi, a park, a shuttle service, a games room, an on-site gym, a swimming pool, and community events, among many other amenities.

3. The Hill

If you’re looking for student housing offering shared rooms, The Hill is quite the choice. In addition to shared rooms, this property offers fully-equipped ensuites. To make your life as a student living in New York easier, The Hill has many amenities and services, including on-site staff, same-day maintenance, laundry, a games area, an on-site gym, and an internet cafe, among others.


4. Heritage Greenwich

Another student housing by Heritage, Heritage Greenwich, is the optimal choice for students who want to live near central New York and NYU. It provides students with single rooms, studio rooms, and shared apartments. For your convenience, the premises have many services, including Wi-Fi, laundry, CCTV, and monthly housekeeping.

5. Heritage East Village

Last but not least, on our student housing in New York list is Heritage East Village. Situated in Manhattan, just a short ride away from the city centre, this property is an excellent choice for those who enjoy living in this part of the city. It offers fully-furnished single rooms and studio rooms, along with many facilities and services that include Wi-Fi, security, housekeeping, on-site maintenance, and laundry.

Tips for Finding Affordable Student Housing in New York City

We understand that managing the living cost in New York for international students is very important because they have a lot of things to juggle, from tuition fees to utilities and everything else in between. 

We’re not leaving you to figure it out on your own, though. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you save on accommodation! Here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Book your room early. The earlier, the cheaper. Also, you’ll have a better chance of finding student housing you actually want, not one you’d settle for because you ran out of time and options.

  • Consider sharing a flat. It’s a terrific way to save money on rent and utilities.

  • Find student housing that’s near your chosen university. Saving money on accommodation doesn’t mean you need to break the bank because of public transportation. Living close by can save you time and money on commuting.

  • Look for all-inclusive rent. Living in a student accommodation that has all-inclusive bills will save you a fortune and will help you avoid the headache of budgeting bills.

  • Find student accommodation discounts. Many landlords offer great deals for students. Be sure to ask about discounts when touring apartments or searching on a platform like Casita.

That’s all, folks! New York City is a vibrant metropolis with endless opportunities for students. With its diverse neighbourhoods and boroughs, there's a place for any student living in New York to thrive, regardless of budget or lifestyle. Whether you prefer the fast pace of Manhattan, the trendy vibes of Brooklyn, the diverse communities of Queens, the peaceful escape of Staten Island, or the growing student hub of the Bronx, you're sure to find a home away from home in the city that never sleeps.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do most students live in New York?

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Most students studying in New York live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Is New York a good place to live as a student?

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Yes, New York is a great place to live as a student. It is home to some of the best universities in the world, as well as a diverse and vibrant culture. There are also many opportunities for internships and jobs.