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Best Pizza Places Around New York for Students

Best Pizza Places Around New York for Students

Created At:09 February, 2020
Created By:Allaa Ashraf
Updated At:15 March, 2023
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New York has so much more to offer than just iconic attractions. Any native New Yorker knows where to find a great pizza place to savour its taste, and so should you. It's no secret that this magical round dough drives us crazy with its various flavours, toppings, and stuffings. Remember, a true New Yorker will never use a fork or knife to eat a pizza, so stretch your fingers and eat with your hands. 

Background Check! 

Originally an Italian meal brought by immigrants to the US, pizza was first called a pie before it evolved to the name we know today. The word "pizza" means the toppings on top of the bread, a perfect representation of what a pizza is. The Boston Journal used the name for the very first time in 1904. 

In 1905, New York witnessed the opening of its very first pizzeria, opened by Gennaro Lombardi. Since then, pizza has become universal. Everywhere you go, you can get a slice, a cut, or a full box. It has become our energy booster—our kryptonite. From the timeless slices of Lombardi’s to the exotic flavours of Speedy Romeo, here's a sampling of the best pizza places around New York.


It's one of America's first pizzerias. Although the bakers learned everything from Naples, they serve the best New York-style pizza for students. They have these two special menus: the Chelsea menu and the Little Italy one. Both won't fail to let you marvel at their delicious taste and their smoky-crusted coal oven-baked pizza, topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil. Mouthwatering enough, huh? Lombardi's is one of the best pizzerias in the city!

Di Fara Pizza

Since its founding in 1965, Di Fara has been crafting renowned Neapolitan pizzas in South Brooklyn. For the most part, owner Dom DeMarco baked the pizzas himself behind the counter, but in recent years, he's transferred the mantle to his sons. The pizza here is still made with various types of cheese, olive oil, and fresh basil, which makes you question why every pie isn't covered in fresh basil. Each practically weightless slice will deliver a pleasant crackle as you fold it to swallow it. The crust is particularly salty and crunchy. You'll feel ecstatic after your first slice, and after your second, you'll become addicted.


Never forget to add Lucali to the honourable lineup of the best pizza places in New York. The flour-dashed marble counter where the dough is punched and stretched, as well as the brick oven where it later emerges crisp and blistered, both demonstrate the artisanal aim of the candlelit pizzeria. The only menu options at Lucali are pies and calzones, which are topped with creamy, elastic mozzarella and plain ingredients like chewy pepperoni rounds or thin slices of artichoke. 

Joe & Pat's

If you're looking for an affordable pizza for students in NYC, here's a gem from Casita! "The Best Pizza on Staten Island Since 1960!" is their tagline, and it's the truth. They specialise in thin-crust Sicilian-style pizzas and Grandma Sicilian-style ones. Gluten-free pizzas are available too. One of the creative things this pizzeria has for you as a student is their heart-shaped pizza, so grab a bite from the heart of this tasty pizza. At Joe & Pat's, you can also get appetisers, salads, soups, burgers, pasta, seafood, and calzones and rolls. 

Joe's Pizza

In 2009, GQ Magazine listed Joe's Pizza as one of the "Best 25 Pizzas on Earth." You can go there for a full-size pizza or a slice. Usually, after a long lecture day, you'll need something easy to grab on the go. Some students like you go in-between lectures actually, as Joe's is only a three-minute walk from New York University. The place serves the best square pizza for students, and in NYC, university life is incomplete without square pizza bites while working on late-night group projects. 

Speedy Romeo

Speedy Romeo is an Italian-inspired bar bringing wood-fired cuisine to Clinton Hill. Watch veteran chef Justin Bazdarich of Jean Georges wield the flames at the log-fueled grill and oven as he serves seafood, steaks, and pizzas that have been smoke-kissed. Small meals like aioli-drizzled mussels, fresh handmade mozzarella, and market salads are also offered on the simple menu. The 60-seat area is decorated with tools, parts, and equipment from the previous owner, an automotive shop.

There you have it! It is hard not to love New York. It is a colourful city, with a massive amount of people and a huge variety of cuisines. It also has the best pizza places around.

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