Student Areas to Live Near Middlesex University

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05 December, 2023

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The University of Middlesex is a public university located in London, United Kingdom, and is famous for being one of the best universities for students, especially international students! It was first a teacher training college for women in 1878 before merging with several other institutes in 1992 and becoming Middlesex University. Its main campus is located in Hendon, with various student areas near Middlesex University, making it an excellent educational institution! The university’s ideal location gives students the chance to find the best student locations to live near Middlesex University.

In addition, the university is known for its high teaching quality, research excellence, career-focused courses, welcoming community, and diversity of its students. Also, it’s known for the courses it offers that help students achieve excellence in no time!

The university is not easy to get into, with an average acceptance rate of 57%. It is a little challenging to be accepted, but the most important thing is to make sure that you meet the requirements!

We’ve gathered a list of the most convenient places to live if you are considering Middlesex University for you to check out! 

Student Areas near Middlesex University

Areas for Students to Live Near Middlesex University


Acton is a large residential suburb in west London, England. It is known for housing leafy Gunnersbury Park, the London Museum of Water and Steam, and the London Transport Museum Depot. With a variety of restaurants and street food, it’s considered one of London’s best places to live! 

This town is a suitable choice for students because of the affordable cost of living, safe neighbourhoods, and variety of landmarks it offers. In addition, Acton is close to several colleges and universities, making it the perfect place for students seeking an education!

There are a variety of Middlesex University accommodation options, all of which are affordable, a few minutes away, and have all the amenities you need. This makes Acton one of the best student areas near Middlesex University! 

Belsize Park

Located in close proximity to Middlesex University, Belsize Park is an area of Hampstead in the London Borough of Camden, England. It houses cafes, delis, bakeries, and independent boutiques that are attractive to a lot of people, which is why it’s considered one of the nicest places in London, and many people love staying there!

In addition, Belsize Park is extremely safe, with crime rates lower than any other city in England, which makes students eager to stay there. Saving both time and money, students can easily find many student accommodation options near Middlesex University!

Student Areas near Middlesex University

Camden Town

Camden Town, often referred to as Camden, is an area in the London Borough of Camden. It’s home to a lot of famous people, including John Keats, Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, and JB Priestley! It’s a multicultural area at the heart of London that’s a top choice for many because of its affordable cost of living and nice atmosphere!

Camden Town is considered a great place for students to stay because it’s located in close proximity to Middlesex University. Students are able to easily find student accommodation close to the university that’s both affordable and convenient, making the moving process easier for them! 

Hampstead Garden Suburb

Considered one of the best student areas near Middlesex University, Hampstead Garden Suburb is north of Hampstead, west of Highgate, and east of Golders Green. It’s famous for its intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical, and literary associations. With an array of green spaces that offer a break from industrial life, Hampstead Garden Suburb is a nice area to live in, especially for students looking for areas near their chosen universities. 

Hampstead Garden Suburb is also ideally located a few minutes away from Middlesex University, making it easier for students to commute every day while saving money! Students are able to live there comfortably because of the many grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, flower shops, and food joints available everywhere.

Top Accommodation Suggestions for Students Near Middlesex University

Students can choose to stay on campus because of the several Middlesex University accommodation options; check out the university’s website for more information on availability! 

If you want to live off-campus, there are several options available for you near the university.

This is why student marketplaces like Casita exist! There is a wide range of student housing options, with a lot of amenities and features tailored to your needs and preferences.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Near Middlesex University 

iQ Haywood House

Located 11 minutes away from Middlesex University, iQ Haywood House is a London student accommodation providing students with en-suite rooms and studios. It’s located in one of the best student areas near Middlesex University, and it provides a double bed with a bedside table, a private en-suite bathroom, a study area, a wardrobe, and a safe. Kitchens are shared in the en-suites and private in the studios. 

As for the amenities, the building includes Wi-Fi, on-site laundry facilities, and bike storage. It also has all-inclusive bills and 24/7 security. You will find an onsite gym, a modern cinema room, and social and study areas! 

Student Areas near Middlesex University

The Stay Club Camden

Providing students with studios, en-suites, and apartments, The Stay Club Camden is a London student accommodation that’s 20 minutes away from Middlesex University. The property is fully furnished and comes with a bed, a desk, a separate shower/wet bathroom, kitchen utensils, linen, towels, and storage.

The Stay Club Camden also offers Wi-Fi, secure bike storage, laundry, a common social room, and all-inclusive bills. There is also CCTV, 24/7 security, an on-site gym, insurance, accessibility, a communal games room, an emergency room, and an on-site cinema room! 

Camden Canal Side

Camden Canal Side is another student accommodation in London that provides students with apartments for them to choose from according to their needs. The property is 20 minutes away from Middlesex University, one of the most convenient student areas near Middlesex University. They’re all fully furnished and come with a small double bed, a study desk with a chair, and a wardrobe. A kitchenette is also available and is private.

The amenities for this building include an all-inclusive utility bill, high-speed Wi-Fi, a laundry room, a communal games room, an on-site cinema, and an on-site gym. Camden Canal Side is CCTV-monitored to ensure the safety of the students! 

Private Student Housing Near Middlesex University

The Acton Flats

This is private student housing near Middlesex University. The Acton Flats offers private accommodation for students who prefer this sense of privacy. The property is 20 minutes away from the university; it’s fully furnished and available for students. The building also provides laundry facilities, helping students keep a clean environment while staying there.

Tower Bridge

Also located in close proximity to Middlesex University, Tower Bridge offers student housing that’s affordable, convenient, and close to everything! The property is fully furnished and has laundry facilities available for students to use. It’s also pet-friendly, so students don’t have to worry about leaving their pets back home!

Many students enjoy their time and apply to the university because of the high-quality education, many fun activities, and several student areas near Middlesex University! If you’re an international student and find yourself curious to know more and want to learn how to apply, check out our blog, “How to Apply to a UK University as an International Student,” for more information! 

London has many beautiful areas, so you won’t ever feel lonely staying there. Choose an area close to your university of choice to save time and energy.


If you’re still not sure if studying abroad is for you, check out our blog, “Benefits of Studying Abroad as International Students,” to help you! Good luck! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do most university students live?

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Students have the option to live on-campus or choose a place off-campus. Both options are okay as long as they fit within budget and the place is not far from the university!

What is the closest station to Middlesex University?

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The closest station to Middlesex University is Hendon Central. The university is a ten-minute walk from the station, which makes it easy for students to commute.

Why choose Middlesex University over other universities?

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Middlesex University is an amazing choice because of its high-quality education, real-life experience, and welcoming community.