Benefits of Studying Abroad as International Students

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Samir Badawy

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06 August, 2023

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At Casita, we urge our students to travel the world and study abroad to get different cultural experiences as well as experience various educational opportunities, which can open up other possibilities down the line. Many would ask themselves, why study abroad instead of back home? This is why we’ll be breaking down the benefits of being an international student and the benefits of studying abroad as international students as a whole.

International Student

Before Deciding to Study Abroad

Before deciding whether or not to study abroad, there are a couple of things to bear in mind; these include the following:

Choose What and Where to Study

Choosing what and where to study should come before you decide to study abroad. Selecting the proper study and university makes all the difference in your study abroad experience. This is, however, a primary step, as it just entails formulating an initial idea by looking inwards. The next step should always be backing up your decision with research. 

Other steps you could take involve consulting a professional or a counsellor on what career suits you best and what to study, backed by your conviction. It will also help if you chat with someone who has been to your intended city of destination or university of choice to understand better what to expect.

Read about the Country

This step entails reading about the country, the norms, the values, the culture, and what to expect once you arrive. Reading about the country or watching videos about the country or city helps you visualise what to expect, enables you to plan ahead, and gives you an initial idea of what living in the country/city is like.

Read about the University

Reading about the university is also essential; you should not only strive to travel to experience a new culture but also receive a quality education and a strong degree, improving your post-graduation employability. Other things to look out for when reading about your university are the different study options available, the university’s rankings, requirements, and tuition fees, among other things to look out for.

Check the Expenses

Checking the expenses is one of the main factors which allows you to pick which country to target based on affordability. Things to look out for before applying include rental prices, cost of living, transportation, food, and tuition fees. This will allow you to plan ahead and decide where to go based on your budget. Expenses can also be affected by currency changes, so always look out for currency fluctuations and changes and plan accordingly.

International Student

Check out Work Opportunities

Many students travel abroad on a self-funded basis; if this applies to you, you can always check out the laws and regulations concerning student jobs in the country you are planning to study, the hours that you are allowed to work, the permits, and the types of jobs that you can take. If all checks out, start by looking for student work opportunities abroad so that you can get foreign work experience which adds to your CV and a chance to self-finance your studies and stay.

What Benefits Do You Get While Studying Abroad?

Gives You Broader Study Options

Studying abroad removes the limitations of what you can and can’t study in your home country based on course availability. You may also find specialisations not found back home in your intended field of study. Other options include the ability to take additional courses not found back home. You can always check out what the courses the university has to offer by checking the courses provided on their website under undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

International Exposure 

International exposure is one of the most significant benefits of being an international student among the various benefits of studying abroad as international students. When you study abroad, you are exposed to a new international setting which allows you to gain a global perspective, which refers to seeing the world through the eyes of various cultures and being in touch with global events, different cultures, and trends. 

Studying abroad also exposes you to various cultures, which may enhance your interpersonal skills and help you accept and deal with differences as part of your international experience.

Helps You Practice a Foreign Language

If you already speak a second language or want to learn something new, there is no better way to do that than to immerse yourself in a culture fully. This also entails speaking with the locals, grocery shopping, ordering in a new language, and ultimately having entire conversations in another language. Studying abroad also allows you to learn the language from local professionals as well as allowing you to learn a new language through listening to the locals.

Personal Development

Those studying abroad as international students have various opportunities, including the chance for personal development. Once you travel abroad, you get to detach yourself from your former lifestyle/environment and start slowly developing and adopting a newer lifestyle. 

Travelling abroad also includes getting out of your comfort zone, which pushes you to your highest potential. It also puts you into newer situations requiring you to think outside the box and become more independent. Other gained skills include the following:


While travelling abroad, as previously mentioned, you will often need to adjust to new situations and cultures that will require you to adapt. This is an essential skill to have later in life as you will often be required to adjust to new environments, situations, personalities, and cultures, especially at work. This is definitely among the benefits of being an international student.

Problem-Solving Skills

Living independently will expose you to new challenges, such as budgeting, being in charge of your own expenses and bills, and taking control of your own life. This new experience will also require you to rely on yourself as you have left the comfort of your home and the reliance on your support group back home. What this does is that it strengthens your character and provides you with new problem-solving skills, which are very desirable skills to have.


After gaining adaptability, going through various experiences, and gaining essential skills such as the previously mentioned one, you will undoubtedly have more self-confidence, especially while applying for work. 

Making New Friends

We cannot talk about the benefits of studying abroad without mentioning the benefits of making new friends, especially international ones. Being abroad often makes you group up with friends, creating a new supportive environment and support group abroad. Having new friends also makes your stay abroad more unique and enjoyable and helps you create unique memories.

International Student

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and is an experience that must be experienced if you have the chance. Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities to travel and experience a new culture; it is better to do so at a younger age whenever possible or whenever the opportunity arises.   

What Benefits You Get After Finishing Your Studies Abroad?

Better Employability 

Your future employers will most definitely prefer graduates with previous international exposure for various reasons; a former international student will possess international exposure, which provides flexibility and understanding of differences and grants the ability to work in an international setting.

If you have acquired another language, this also increases your chances of employment, as studies have proven that those who possess more than one language have a better attention span and communication skills.

Other valuable skills contributing to better employability include adaptability, problem-solving, confidence, and overall personal development, all gained from your study abroad opportunity.

International Student

Future Study Opportunities

If you have already studied abroad, made yourself a new community, and become acquainted with the new culture, this will ease up your chance to continue your postgraduate studies, especially if you have accumulated work experience.

Another thing to consider is that you would have presented most paperwork required and will only have to present your new certificate while extending your student visa. Each country also has different styles of education and a different education system from your home country, so getting used to the country’s education system is a great plus.

Work Abroad Opportunities

It is prevalent for various countries to offer students studying at their universities a grace period or an extension to look for jobs. This can mean that after completing your international education, depending on your host country, you could extend your stay to look for jobs; this would be easier if you would accumulate work experience through jobs or internships.

What to Do if You Cannot Study Abroad?

If you cannot study abroad due to financial constraints, you can always look for student loans or scholarship options, which have a specifically designed section on each university website. Depending on your home country, you can also check if you qualify for a study grant to study abroad or even an exchange program. To still experience the benefits of studying abroad, you could also opt for a semester abroad or an online study program that will allow you to experience different educational styles.

At Casita, we highly encourage you to pursue your studies abroad as you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, experience a new cross-cultural setting, impress your future employers and meet people from different backgrounds, among other advantages of studying abroad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why studying abroad has many benefits for international students?

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Studying abroad has various benefits, such as gaining a global perspective, meeting new people, gaining new skills, and experiencing a new culture, among other benefits that will appeal to future employers.

What motivates you to study abroad?

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The main factor that usually motivates people to study abroad is experiencing a new culture, meeting people from different backgrounds, having an international experience, and having broader study options.

What qualities should an international student have?

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International students should have good communication skills to communicate with different cultures; cultural awareness, which involves being aware of similarities and differences between cultures; being self-aware, being a problem solver, and having the courage to try new things.