Best Student Areas near King's College London

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09 November, 2023

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Ranked in the top 10 universities in the world for UK institutions, King’s College London is one of the top picks for students from all over the world! It is a public research university located in London, England, and was founded by royal charter in 1829. 

King’s College London is known for its academic excellence, innovative research, and diverse student community, making all students feel welcome and at home!

Because the college has five campuses, it’s important to know the best student areas near King’s College London’s locations; this will help you know which place is more suitable for you and where exactly you should stay. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the acceptance rate is relatively low, with an overall acceptance rate of 13%, so make sure that you meet the requirements before you apply. 

We’ve gathered a list of the best places to stay if you want to study at King’s College London for you to check out!

Student Areas Kings College London

Areas for Students to Live near King’s College London

Denmark Hill

Denmark Hill is an area in Camberwell, in the London Borough of Southwark. It houses the Maudsley Hospital and King's College Hospital, both of which are very famous and sought-after. The little area took its name from Queen Anne's husband, Prince George of Denmark, who was known for his love for hunting, especially on Denmark Hill, in the late 17th century.

The reason it’s suitable for students is mainly because of the affordable cost of living, safe neighbourhoods, and close proximity to the college. You can find everything you need, from grocery stores and flower shops to restaurants and hospitals. 

There are numerous student accommodation options available near King's College London - Denmark Hill Campus, all of which are affordable and have all the amenities you need. This makes Denmark Hill one of the best student areas near King's College London!

Top Accommodation Suggestions for Students near King’s College London -DenmarkHill Campus

If you decide to study at the Denmark Hill Campus, you can either choose to live on campus or rent near the college. If your plan is to live on campus, check out the college’s website to find suitable Denmark Hill student accommodation. If you don’t want to live on campus and prefer to stay outside, Casita has many options for you as well! You can choose PBSA or private student housing; both options are available!

The Hub Student Accommodation

This is a student accommodation in London that offers fully-furnished studios, which may vary in size or floor location, for students to choose from. The Hub includes a private en-suite bathroom, a fully-fitted mini-kitchen, a double bed, and a private study area.

Snug single bedroom close to Canary Wharf

This is a private student accommodation example near the college. This snug single bedroom close to Canary Wharf is within a three-bedroom flat that has a fully fitted kitchen. All rooms are fully furnished, and each room has a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, an orthopaedic mattress, a bed, and a desk with a desk lamp. 


Strand is another famous and one of the best student areas near King's College London! It’s found in the City of Westminster, Central London, and is famous for its coffee shops, restaurants, and taverns! 

Strand is a top pick for many people because of its white-sand beaches and views of the Cape Peninsula. It’s also easy for students to find student housing options that are near King's College London Strand Campus in Strand!

Top Accommodation Suggestions for Students near King’s College London - Strand Campus

Students have the choice between KCL Strand campus accommodation and off-campus student accommodation! If you want to stay in one of Casita’s accommodation options, we have some suggestions for you! 

The Chancery Lane Collection Student Accommodation

Offering studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, The Chancery Lane Collection is a London student accommodation that many students love! The property comes with a bed, a private bathroom, a living area with a TV, a kitchen, a study area, in-unit laundry, air conditioning, a terrace, a dining table, and ample storage space.

Excellent 2-bedroom apartment in Limehouse

This is another option for you if you want your own private student housing! This excellent two-bedroom apartment in Limehouse is close to the college and has several benefits for you to enjoy!

King’s College London


A great place to live that is one of the best student areas near King’s College London is Waterloo! It is a nice area in London, home to several cultural attractions, including the Old Victorian Theatre and the London Eye.

It also houses a variety of theatres, museums, galleries, and restaurants. Waterloo was named after the eponymous bridge, which itself was named after the Battle of Waterloo! Students also love it because of the variety of student accommodation options available near King's College London - Waterloo.

Top Accommodation Suggestions for Students near King’s College London - Waterloo

Scala Street Student Accommodation

Located in close proximity to King’s College London, Scala Street offers fully furnished shared apartments. All apartments feature two bedrooms, one with a king-size bed and another with a single bed. There is also a study desk with a chair, two bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a sofa, and a TV. 

iQ Paris Gardens Student Accommodation

This is another student accommodation in London that provides students with housing options close to their respective universities! iQ Paris Gardens provides a wide range of different en-suite rooms and self-contained studios for students to choose from. All units are fully furnished and come with a double bed, a desk, a chair, a workspace, and a wardrobe. Kitchens, common rooms, and lounge areas are shared. 

Of course, there is always KCL Waterloo student accommodation available if you want to stay on campus! 


Extending from the River Thames to Oxford Street, Westminster is another city liked by students! It’s considered by many to be in the top student areas near King’s College London. Westminster has many famous landmarks that people enjoy visiting, including the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben! 

Students find a sense of familiarity while staying in Westminster, as the city is known for its cosy houses that make you feel at home! It’s also easy to find student accommodation close to King's College London St. Thomas in Westminster! A huge plus is that the town is known for its very low crime rates, making students feel safe while staying there!

Top Accommodation Suggestions for Students near King’s College London - St Thomas

If you decide that it’ll be easier for you to stay on campus, many KCL St. Thomas campus accommodation options are available, as the college always wants your comfort! However, if you decide to live independently, Casita has that covered for you as well! 

Vega Student Accommodation

Offering rooms and studios for rent in London, Vega is a student accommodation in London that is close to many colleges and universities! It offers studios and en-suite rooms that come with a small double bed, a desk, a chair, and a TV. 

Britannia South Bank Student Accommodation

This is another accommodation option in London that is close to many universities. Britannia South Bank offers studios, single bedrooms, and shared bedrooms. All options feature a bed, a bathroom, a bedside table, a mirrored wardrobe, drawers, a desk with a chair, and window blinds.

Central London

Finally, Central London is the last place on our list of the top student areas near King’s College London! Famous for having the London Bridge, Central London is the innermost part of London. It’s known for its expensive lifestyle, which is why a lot of students do not like staying there! However, it has been proven that Central London offers many suitable student accommodation options with affordable prices near King's College London - Guy's Campus

Top Accommodation Suggestions for Students near King’s College London - Guy’s Campus

You have several options to choose from, including KCL Guy’s campus accommodation or an off-campus housing option near the college! 

Tower Bridge

This is a student accommodation option in London that is near the college. Tower Bridge provides you with suitable accommodation for you to enjoy while studying! It’s fully furnished and has laundry facilities to ensure the comfort of the place! The property is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your pets with you!

Hayloft Point 

Hayloft Point is the last student accommodation on our list! The property offers en-suite and studio rooms; each room at Hayloft Point comes with a big, comfy bed with lots of under-bed storage and a wardrobe. 

Many students enjoy their time at King’s College London because of the high-quality education and many fun activities! If you find yourself curious to know more about the college and its campuses, check out our blog, King's College University Guide, to learn more! 

London has many beautiful areas, so you won’t ever feel lonely or sad staying there. Choose an area close to your university of choice to save time and energy. Good luck!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What area of London is Kings College London in?

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King’s College London has five campuses; they’re around Central London, Denmark Hill, Westminster, Waterloo, and Strand.

Is Kings College better than University College London?

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Both are equally good. While University College London is known as a global leader in cutting-edge research and academic excellence, King’s College boasts a long-standing reputation for its influential contributions to the field of psychology!