Most Expensive Universities in the World

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19 December, 2022

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University Life

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Finishing high school and deciding to take the next step and go to college is a huge decision! You hear the word "university," and your mind immediately goes to how expensive it is, right? It is understandable that one of the main things to notice about universities is how expensive they are; they really are quite pricey! However, quality education is becoming more and more essential to keep up with the changing times of our world. Therefore, obtaining a higher university degree from a reputable and respected institution is important. 

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive universities in the world are? And if you did, do you know how expensive they can get? There are many universities in the world that offer high-quality education and are highly ranked; are all of these universities expensive? And do expensive universities mean higher education? Don’t worry! You will know everything you need to and more; just bear with us! Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive universities in the world and their average fees! 

Most Expensive Universities in the World

List of Expensive Universities in the World

Whether you’re just curious to know which universities are the most expensive or you actually want to know because you’re planning on applying, everything will be broken down for you with the details you will need in order to understand how it works and what to do! In order to understand more, here are some of the most expensive universities, their average fees, and whether they offer financial aid or not!

1. Harvey Mudd College 

Harvey Mudd College is considered the most costly university in the USA and the most expensive university in the world. The average fees for Harvey Mudd College are around $79,539! (If you are thinking of applying, good luck; you’re definitely going to need it!) The college was named after and funded by mining engineer Harvey Seeley Mudd. The university offers various majors, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics. 

We are sure you are wondering what makes Harvey Mudd College the most expensive university in the world! Well, the main reason has to do with the fact that it has the second highest production rate of STEM PhDs. Also, its undergraduate engineering programme is ranked as the best in the US! So, it makes sense that it’s that expensive! Still, Harvey Mudd College offers financial aid! Good news, right? The annual financial assistance award from Harvey Mudd College is approximately $43,764 (a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study).

2. Columbia University

Founded in 1754, Columbia University is America’s oldest and one of the most expensive universities in the world! Columbia University is one of nine Colonial Colleges in the United States, a group of universities founded before the American Revolution. The average fees are around $66,383! The university offers courses in various fields of study, including American Studies, Ancient Studies, Anthropology, Business, Economics, and English and Comparative Literature. This means that whichever field you’re interested in, odds are you’re going to find it at Columbia University! 

The acceptance rate at Columbia University is one of the most selective in the world, at only 5.5%! Yes, this university offers financial aid, thankfully! An annual grant of $66,350 is awarded to international students who apply for and accept financial assistance. A financial assistance programme usually includes a non-repayable Columbia grant as well as college term-time work. If you’re an international student, then you’re in luck!

Most Expensive Universities

3. New York University

Another very prestigious university is New York University! With average fees around $65,850, it is one of the most expensive universities in the world. However, despite how expensive it is, the university is known to be one of the very first colleges to take students based on their academic ability instead of their social connections! One of the main reasons this university is significant is the variety of fields of study available. The courses they offer include Accounting, Acting, Chemistry, Engineering, English, and Global Business. You can find almost everything there! 

New York University is a multinational college and has campuses around the world in places like Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and, of course, the US. What is also interesting about New York University is that it offers various scholarships and other grants to its students. These scholarships and donations cover the cost of the tuition fees and any additional associated charges. Not only that, but private loans are also an option and are offered regularly. 

4. University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is, hands down, one of the most well-known universities in the world. It is the second-oldest university in continuous operation! Very impressive, right? The University of Oxford’s average fees are around $62,000, and in 2018, it had a total income of £2.237 billion! Still, many people dream of studying at Oxford, and we can see why! The University of Oxford offers a wide variety of courses for students to choose from. These courses include Mathematics, Physics, Humanities, Philosophy, English Language and Literature, and Law. 

As expensive as it is, the University of Oxford offers one of the most generous financial support packages, providing over £8.5 million in financial support to undergraduates from lower-income households! Around 1 in 4 UK students currently receives an annual, non-repayable bursary from Oxford, which is mind-blowing! Several scholarships are also available each year for both domestic and international students. 

Imperial College London

5. Stanford University

Always ranking as one of the world’s top universities, Stanford is one of the most well-known and recognised colleges in the world. It is known for its wealth and academic strength. The average fees for Stanford University are around $51,000! The university offers several programmes for students to choose from, giving them the opportunity to find what they really like! These programmes include Computer Science, Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Sociology. 

Don’t worry! The university offers financial aid as well. Stanford provides financial aid in the form of scholarships, which do not need to be repaid. This is good news because these scholarships can make your choice of studying at Stanford a reality!

6. Imperial College London

Known for its specialised focus in medicine and STEM, Imperial College London is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK and the world! With average fees of around $50,000, Imperial College London had a total income of £1,033 million in 2018! There are several courses that Imperial College London offers. These programmes include Biochemistry, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, and Physics. 

Imperial College London offers one of the most generous financial support schemes of its kind in the UK. It provides support to home students with annual household incomes of up to £60,000 for every year of their course! There is also a chance for two kinds of scholarships (a literal dream come true, right?) Full scholarships provide tuition fees and a grant for living costs, while maintenance scholarships cover living costs only. The university offers scholarships at undergraduate and doctoral levels for both home and overseas students (international students, we see you!) 

7. Johns Hopkins University 

Expensive universities are not only present in the US and the UK! Johns Hopkins University is the world’s second-most expensive university, with average fees of $68.852! It is a private research college located in Baltimore, Maryland. The university offers lots of interesting courses like Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Environmental Planning. This variety makes the university even more interesting and gives the students a chance to achieve more!

Johns Hopkins University provides financial aid to students in the form of need-based awards and merit-based awards. The average need-based scholarship or grant awarded to first-year students is generally around $52,523—which is very generous! 

8. Dartmouth College 

Dartmouth College is the ninth-oldest higher education institution in the United States. It was established in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock. It is counted as one of the most expensive universities in the world, with average fees of $67,044! This college has many specialisations, including African and African-American Studies, Anthropology, Mathematics, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Neuroscience, and Physical Education. 

Dartmouth will meet 100% of your demonstrated need with financial aid resources such as scholarships, grants, and student employment (work-study). The college provides financial aid to aspirants. For families earning $100,000 or less, the Dartmouth scholarship promises to cover the total cost of tuition with typical assets!

Higher education across the globe can be heavy on our pockets. Of course, these universities are not the only ones that can help you gain knowledge and have a high-quality education! There are several colleges and institutions you can go to that will not cost you that much and give you the same quality of education. There are also many chances for scholarships that you can get at one of these universities, among many others!

Dartmouth College

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive university in the world?

The most expensive university in the world is definitely Harvey Mudd College. It costs around $79,539 to study there. However, that much money will give you an excellent education. The university can also give you financial aid if you meet their requirements. 

Which country has the most expensive college? 

The most expensive universities in the world are located in the United States and Europe. Other countries have very expensive colleges, but the majority of them are in the United States and the United Kingdom.


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