Easy Univesrity Degrees For International Students

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15 March, 2023

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Getting a university degree as an international student can be challenging and choosing the right degree can be even more of a challenge. When picking a degree, you might find yourself worrying about plenty of things: How hard would it be? How long would it take? What is the acceptance rate? Will I find a job afterwards?

All of those are questions that we can hopefully answer or at least put you on the right track to getting the answers you need! While some degrees can be seen as easier than others, and some might have courses that require a bit extra work, this does not in any way undermine the amount of work or time put into any degree. 

Choosing the right course, major, or university degree as an international student can depend on several factors. Below, we’ll highlight some of the easiest degrees to pass for international students as well as what makes those degrees popular among students! 

Degrees for International Students

Easy University Degrees for International Students

Determining which degrees are easy and which are not is a mainly subjective process; however, we can still highlight some of the easiest degrees depending on a few definitive factors. The degree duration, the course load, the employability, and the acceptance rate of the university offering the course are all things you should consider as an international student looking for the easiest degrees to pass; let’s delve into each one! 

Short-term Degree Programs

Short-term degree programs can vary and include everything from bachelor’s degrees and diplomas to certificates and associate degrees. These programs, while condensed in the short span of either one or two years, are still seen by many as easy university or college degrees that are worth your time, money, and effort. Here are some of the short-term degree programs that international students should consider! 

1. Web Design and Development Degree Program

This is a great choice if you already have a bachelor's degree in another field or are simply interested in learning more about web design and development without the commitment to a full-time degree. This program is offered both on campus and online by several universities, colleges, and institutions. A notable establishment that provides an online Web Design and Development Degree program is the University of Massachusetts. 

2. Pharmacy Technician Program

A pharmacy technician is someone who helps licensed pharmacists dispense prescription medication to customers or health professionals. This is a short one to two-year degree program that is easy to go through and beneficial in the long run; it allows you to learn and guarantees you a working spot after completing your degree. 

3. Certified Nursing Assistant Program

This is yet another short-term program that lasts around two years and prepares you for the position of nursing assistant. Nursing assistants work to provide basic care for patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes. They also get hands-on training and usually live comfortably after completing their degrees. 

4. EMT and Paramedic Program

In emergency medical settings, paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) care for the sick or injured. This program qualifies you to be a first respondent and provide emergent medical care in a maximum of two years. This is a highly in-demand degree program as EMTs are needed everywhere and there is always room for more!

5. Medical Assisting Program

Medical assisting is a slightly laid-back position in the medical field. The job mostly requires around one to two years of studying and some field training, and then you’re good to go. A medical assistant can enjoy job security, comfortable wages, and other benefits while doing a less stressful job than other professionals in the field. 

Degrees for international students in the UK

Degrees with a Light Course Load

Some international students determine how easy a university degree is by assessing the course load associated with said degree. A light course load is often a good sign and an indicator that this might be one of the easiest degrees to pass. While this might not be the case for everyone, some of those light course load degrees are worth mentioning, so let’s check them out! 

1. English Literature

While an English Literature degree requires a lot of reading, research, and effort, it is still recognized among the degrees with a fairly light course load. This is an especially enjoyable and rather easy degree to pass, especially for those interested in English literature and those who enjoy reading in general. Getting an English Literature degree is usually done through a mix of coursework and exams that are often liked and easily passed by students. 

2. Music

A Music degree is often overlooked by many, however, it is a rather enjoyable field to major in. The course load in a Music degree is split between subjects that are based on performance and otters that are theory-based, both of which culminate in a fairly light course load that allows you, as a music student, to not only benefit from your education but also have fun while you’re at it! This is a great program to consider among the easiest degrees to pass for international students! 

3. Philosophy

Not only does a Philosophy degree have a light course load, but it also has a rather easy and less challenging subject matter that students often enjoy. Again, the determination of whether or not it is easy is a subjective matter, but plenty agreed that a Philosophy degree teaches you useful skills, challenges your intellect, and introduces you to new perspectives and opinions while remaining easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

4 . Anthropology

As a field that is mostly based on culture, history, and human nature, the course material is light and the content is easily grasped. As an Anthropology student, culture is something that you are likely to be familiar with on account of your experience of the world as well as your knowledge of current world events and news. This is one of the few courses whose ease can be agreed upon as well as their benefit in the long run! 

5. Creative Writing 

This is yet another degree that requires little more than your own creativity and passion for the subject matter. It is considered one of the easiest degrees to pass, especially for students with a creative spark who are interested in writing and producing creative written content. This degree helps you build and develop soft skills and eventually thrive in your field after graduation; it is a great degree to pursue for international students who have a knack for writing! 

A bachelor degree

Degree Programs with High Acceptance Rates

Some degree programs do not have high entry requirements and allow most students to enroll with ease! These degrees are among the easiest degrees to pass for international students as they do not require many qualifying subjects, including certain A-levels. Getting into one of the degree programs is your first step into earning yourself a bachelor’s degree in a seamless and easy way! Here are some of the degree programs that you can easily get into as an international student! 

1. Business Studies

Most international students opt for getting a degree in Business Studies and for good reason! This is a relatively easy degree to get into as it doesn’t require any specific subjects. A Business Studies degree also has a relatively lighter-than-usual course load and great job opportunities after graduation! 

2. Education

This is a degree with low entry requirements at almost all universities offering it, thus making it popular among students from different backgrounds and with varying qualifications. When applying for this degree, specific subjects at A-Level are not required unless you are aiming to become a teacher in a specific subject, then you’ll need basic background knowledge. Although students will probably need to do an interview as part of their application, the grade requirements from universities are a positive indicator that this is a fairly easy course to study. 

3. Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a degree that makes the list due to its low entry requirements and its versatility in different fields after graduation. Additionally, this is a relatively easy degree to study and understand, thus adding to its appeal as a seamless degree to get into, pass, and find work in various fields after graduation. You don’t even have to be religious to be accepted! 

4. Liberal Arts

A Liberal Arts degree is an ideal choice for various reasons that go beyond its ease and low entry requirements. The degree combines a wide range of information in three main subject areas: arts, humanities, and social sciences. A Liberal Arts degree does not follow a set format. It varies according to the university offering the program and the professors teaching the courses; this is one of the things that makes this degree so popular and in demand among international students.

5. Sociology

This particular degree prepares students to work in several different fields, including social services, politics, education, and business. This is yet another degree with low entry requirements and no specific A-Level subjects needed to grant you a spot in the program. Additionally, the course material is usually considered to be on the easy and light side, thus explaining the degree’s popularity among students from different backgrounds and with varying qualifying subjects under their belts. 

Degrees with High Employability

These degrees, while not exactly the easiest to pass, are still incredibly worth it in the long run. You might be wondering why they have a place on this list, and the answer is simple: guaranteed reward. While some of those degrees, if not most, are not exactly a walk in the park, the eventual promise of security and employment makes them seamless and easy to get through. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the most employable degrees! 

1. Medicine and Dentistry

With a whopping employability rate of 99%, Medicine and Dentistry reign at the top of the list! Within six months of graduation, almost every student in a graduating class lands a job, not only that, but they also get extremely rewarding salaries! While this degree is challenging and often seen as too hard to obtain, the payoff is definitely worth it, so you might want to consider it! It also has a rather promising acceptance rate for international students!

2. Architecture, Building, and Planning

As an architecture student, you get exposed to varying fields of study while completing your degree. These include sciences, maths, arts, and technology. This, in turn, results in you having a variety of career options to choose from after graduation. With a 92% employability rate, this degree is definitely worth considering, especially if this is a field you’re interested in or have a strong passion for! 

3. Computer Science

Currently, Computer Science is one of the most diverse and broad fields out there, and it is also increasingly in demand. A degree in Computer Science covers multiple topics and has a high chance of employability in several fields, including programming, database design, AI, virtual reality, and so much more! A high number of graduates, almost 80%, land a job mere months after graduation, making this such an attractive degree to pursue despite it being on the harder side when it comes to content and course material. Payoff-wise, though, it is totally worth the effort! 

4. Mathematics

Students who graduate with a Mathematics degree find themselves extremely employable and highly in demand in numerous sectors, including IT, education, and finance. Additionally, Mathematics graduates make good money and can go in to branch out to other fields, especially if they’re considering an even more rewarding postgraduate degree to add to their resumes. Despite this not being the easiest degree to earn or get into, once you’re in, you’ve secured a lucrative career path! 

5. Law

This is a degree that gets a bad reputation, and understandably so, however, you can always count on an eventual reward! While not as employable as other degrees on this list, students with a Law degree still have a more than 70% chance of getting a job in a respectable firm or law office among other career options. Your chances of getting a job as a Law graduate get even higher if you choose to continue studying or further specialise in a specific branch of law. While this degree takes a lot of hassle, time, and effort, it gets you where you want eventually! 

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Universities with High Acceptance Rates for International Students

When applying for one of those easiest degrees to pass, you might want to consider choosing an appropriate university to study at. There are plenty of universities globally that are known for their high acceptance rates when it comes to international students, below are some of those universities in various study destinations worldwide!

The UK


New Zealand



Using this extensive guide, you, an international student, can explore and find some of the easiest degrees to pass as well as some of the most rewarding degrees to get in order to secure yourself a lucrative career path. Do not forget to check out the best universities to pursue your degree of choice as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest useful degree to get?

Here are some of the easiest and most useful degrees to get: 

  • Business Administration

  • Human Resources

  • English Literature

  • Criminal Justice

  • Marketing

  • Psychology

  • Communication 

What is the best major for international students?

This differs according to the country and the market demand, however, some of the best majors for international students include Maths, Computer Science, Engineering, Business, and Management among others. 

Which degree is best for international jobs?

Some of the best degrees for international jobs include the following: 

  • STEM

  • Project Management

  • Healthcare

  • Biotechnology

  • Biomedical Sciences


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