International Students' Parents Most Asked Questions

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Reem Mohamed

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14 June, 2022

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Sending your child to study abroad is not an easy feat. As proud as they are for their children to embark on a journey to pursue a higher education in a foreign country, parents often worry about their children’s life abroad, their safety and security, their living situation, and their overall day-to-day lives. We, at Casita, recognize your concerns as a parent and have compiled you a list of answers to the questions we know are on your mind!

How safe is it for my child to live and study abroad?

This is the most commonly asked question among parents of international students. Safety concerns are valid, especially when you’re sending your children to a completely new and unfamiliar country. However, the majority of the top-ranked educational destinations, as well as renowned university cities and notable higher education institutions always make sure their premises are safe, secure, and welcoming of international students from all over the world. Additionally, you can check the safety statistics of the city your child is studying in, the website of the university they’re attending along with its safety protocols and its international students department, and the safety of their accommodation; you should always check if your child’s student accommodation is fitted with CCTV security and an on-site team for maximum security.

Will I be able to keep in touch with my child?

Keeping in touch with your child could prove challenging at first, however, once you put the time difference, if any, as well as both of your schedules into consideration, the process becomes a lot easier. Setting specific time frames where you can check up on your child could also be helpful, along with finding a convenient channel to communicate through.  

How can I support my child?

A strong support system helps international students flourish abroad. Encouraging your child to go out, get involved, engage in new experiences, go on adventures, and make friends is a great way to build up their self esteem as a student in a foreign country and provide a nurturing environment for them to grow, develop, and thrive abroad. As a parent, you should understand more about your child’s goals and interests, discuss them openly, and research ways to be more supportive accordingly. Regular calls and care packages also help children through their homesickness and remind them that you’re thinking of them. 

How will an international degree benefit my child?

Not only does an international degree give your child a unique academic and professional edge, both locally and internationally, but it also allows them the opportunity to be immersed in a completely different culture, gain experience, and build on their knowledge. Those who receive an international degree are highly sought after in their specific fields of study and tend to go on having a more open-minded approach to life and a creative outtake on their professional careers. 

How affordable is it to send my child to both study and live abroad? 

Education is an investment. With careful planning and a budget in mind, sending your child to study abroad could be as affordable as it is beneficial. Several universities and higher education institutions offer scholarships to international students. Accommodation wise, different payment plans are available for different types of student accommodations, some of which include installment plans and can be incredibly affordable. 

What are the accommodation options for my child? 

Choosing the perfect student accommodation is an area in which Casita excels. Depending on your child’s needs, their budget, and the location of the university or institution they’re set to attend, you can always find a student accommodation option that fits the bill. Private lets, Purpose-Built Student Accommodation, and Co-living Spaces are all options your child can choose from. Here’s our helpful booking guide, a stroll through the available room types, tips on how to find your ideal Casita room, and the benefits you reap in the process!

What is the guest policy in student accommodations? Can I visit my child at their student accommodation?

Most Purpose-Built Student Accommodations (PBSAs) have varying policies on whether or not guests or family are allowed on the property. However, other accommodation options may be more flexible in this area. Private Lets, for example, don’t have strict guest policies and can allow for guests to visit, stay over, and sometimes they can also be allowed to live there for a while under specific terms and conditions. 

Are there any single-gender accommodation options?

Student accommodation options are very diverse in nature and often strive to meet the students’ needs. While most student accommodation options accommodate everyone equally, some options provide gendered accommodation. If you’re seeking a female/male only accommodation, you should consider adding that in your list of requirements while searching. 

What facilities are available in an accommodation?

Most student accommodation options come with the basic utilities of water, heat, electricity, and internet, as well as several other facilities that a student may need, including car and bike parking, on-site laundry, air conditioning, communal spaces, study spaces, and fully-equipped kitchens. Each student accommodation differs from the other in terms of the amenities they provide their students with; you can always check an accommodation’s listing page on Casita’s website, or use our filters to find an accommodation that has the exact amenities you’re looking for your child. You should also check out our list of must-have facilities in student accommodation!

How far would the accommodation be from my child’s university of choice, the nearest grocery store, and the nearest transit station?

Student accommodation options always aim to be in close proximity to the area’s renowned universities and institutions, as well as within a walking distance from transport links to facilitate your child’s journey navigating the city. Additionally, if the housing facility itself is not equipped with its own grocery store, you’re guaranteed to find one within a short walking distance from the property. Whatever student accommodation option your child chooses, they’re guaranteed to be within a reasonable distance of either the nearest university or transit station; you can always check the accommodation’s listing page on our website for the exact distance. 

As tough as it is to send your child abroad to pursue an education, it can be made easy when you know the answers to the swarm of questions flooding your mind. Having a solid plan and knowing that their child is safe, healthy, and on their way to becoming a well-educated individual makes parents feel less stressed about the whole process. If you’re still feeling lost or worried or have more questions you need answers to, consult a Casita accommodation expert; we are always able, willing, and happy to help!


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