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The Benefits of Renting a Student Room With Casita

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Allaa Ashraf

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23 May, 2022

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2 mins read

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Student Housing

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If you’ve decided to study abroad, then you have to settle a couple of things before heading to your destination of choice. One of the many things you should plan is your accommodation. Finding good and affordable student accommodation can be a bit of a hassle, but don’t panic; Casita is here to help. Through a completely free-of-charge service, Casita assists international students with finding suitable accommodation all over the world. So, if you’re looking to live in student accommodation as a full-time student, here's everything you need to know about renting a student room with Casita:

1. One Million Rooms

Casita offers student rooms in over 700 cities near 3000+ universities and colleges, with over 1 million rooms across 62 countries. So don’t worry about finding accommodation in your chosen city, we’ve got you covered!

Casita Student Room

2. Multilingual Support

Accommodation experts at Casita speak plenty of languages; this allows them to assist as many international students as possible. Casita's accommodation experts speak English, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Indian, Kazakh, Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish. So don’t worry about the language barrier when it comes to securing your room with Casita!

3. Guarantor service

In addition to the previously mentioned, Casita also offers a guarantor service. This service allows students to pay in instalments. What you have to do is submit proof of identity and address to the guarantor. Casita can assist you in signing an agreement with a guarantor service if you do not have a guarantor at the time of booking. We work with the greatest service providers in the business.

4. Casita X Services

This service definitely makes your life as a student much easier. Through this service, you can apply for a student loan or travel insurance to ensure your learning journey is smooth. All you have to do is register your interest on our website and then Casita will send you a customized quote. After you sign your loan agreement, you will receive your loan. Payments don’t start until six months after classes end, if you study full time. 

5. Easy to Use Navigation

Casita’s website is quite easy to navigate and is user-friendly. You can use the different filters we have on our website to get specific results if you have a specific room type in mind. The facilities, rooms, cities, and countries are filtered for an easy navigation experience.

6. Parent and Student Support

Our accommodation experts offer Casita’s services to both the students and their parents through a variety of channels; agents can be reached via Whatsapp, webchat, email, and phone to ensure everything is in place. We are not only required to talk to students and walk them through the booking process but also to talk to parents and make sure that all their questions are answered. That's one of the many reasons parents trust Casita.

7. After Booking Support

If you need help after you’re done with the booking process, our accommodation experts will come to your rescue! So if you need to cancel or change your booking, have any questions, want to alter your room, can't figure out how to log into your account, or want to adjust your payment plan, they’re here to assist you.

 8. Worldwide Partnerships

Casita has collaborated with some of the world's most reputable student accommodation providers and operators to help you secure your home away from home. 

So, if you’re looking for student accommodation anywhere in the world, now you know where to go. Casita will be with you every step of the way. Check out the ultimate booking guide with Casita.


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