FAQs: Casita's Booking Guide

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Amira Adel

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03 May, 2022

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Student Housing

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As you plan for your student life in the UK, you have to think about your student accommodation.  How will you book good accommodation? Will you be able to book quickly? We have a list of frequently asked questions to answer all these questions and more. Find out the ideal answers below.

1. What are the Steps of the Booking Process?

Choose a room that you like and fill in the enquiry form. To ensure your booking process moves forward smoothly, ensure you provide the following information in your form. 

1. Your desired destination and university

2.  Start Date and Duration

3. Budget

4. Prefered room options

Upon checking your form, our experts will either confirm your choice or send you options similar to your choice.  Afterwards, our experts will guide you through all the steps until you pay your deposit and sign the tenancy agreement. Along the way, you could be asked to provide extra documents like your ID, guarantor details, etc. 

All Casita's FAQs answered

2. How to Contact the Accommodation Experts at Casita?

We provide support via multiple channels; choose whichever fits your needs. We have agents available via Whatsapp, webchat, email,  and phone. For Whatsapp or webchat, a bot will ask you about the primary information mentioned above, and then one of our experts will guide you through the booking process. 

3. What Languages do Casita’s Accommodation Experts Speak?

Our accommodation experts speak a plethora of languages, so they can help as many international students as they can. Casita’s accommodation experts speak English, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Indian, Kazakh, Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

4. What Kind of Papers do You Need Before booking?

You will need to provide any type of identification, such as your student ID and confirmation letter or acceptance letter you got from the university or college you’re attending. Further information like guarantor ID and bank details could be requested along the way. 

5. How Long does the Booking Process Usually Take?

At Casita, we try to guarantee fast and smooth service. However, your booking depends on multiple factors, including your responsiveness to us, if you already have a UK guarantor or not and your payment method. Therefore, a typical booking process could take from one to two weeks.

6. What is a UK guarantor?

A UK guarantor is a person or a financially independent company based in the UK. It allows students to pay in instalments. You are asked to provide the guarantor with proof of ID and address. If you don’t have a UK guarantor at the time of booking, you don’t have to worry; Casita can help you sign an agreement with a guarantor service. We have contracts with the best service providers in the industry. 

7. How do Students Pay Their Deposits?

International students pay their deposits with international cards or debit cards. However, some students pay with bank transfers; this depends on where each student is coming from. Some countries have restrictions, so students have no other choice than to pay with bank transfers. 

8. Does Casita offer support after the booking process?

Well, yes, we do! So if you want to cancel or make any replacement regarding your booking, have any questions, want to change your room, can't figure out how to log into your account, or even want to change your payment plan, we are here to help.

Did we answer all your questions? Now, just pick the city you want to go to and leave us the rest. Of course, you can also ask us about anything from instalments and payment plans to virtual tours and in-personal viewing. Also, check out some of the reasons to rebook with Casita.


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