6 Reasons Why Parents Trust Casita

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Ola Elwassify

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03 March, 2020

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Student Housing

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Parents worry. That's a fact we can never change and get ready to see it getting bigger instead of relinquishing. For parents, sending their children to study abroad is not easy, as they need to be assured that their children will be committed to studying, responsible, and safe. Trusting a specific student accommodation company with these aspects doesn't come from thin air. You need a company that understands what parents worry about when it comes to studying abroad. If you are not sure what are your parent's worries, read our 7 Things Your Parents Wish You Knew about Studying Abroad blog post and have a discussion with your parents about these points, you will be surprised! 

We've been in the international student industry now for more than 20 years, and we've managed to form a strong bond with the students and their parents. Here are six reasons why parents trust Casita with accommodating their children:

1. We Offer Purpose-Built Student Accommodation - PBSA

The student residences we accommodate our students in are all built for students with their needs in mind. This means that all their necessities will be taken care of, from the quiet studying environment to socializing with like-minded students. The location, amenities, architecture, and the social environment are all appropriate for university and college students. As we only deal with university students, it makes it safer for students and parents to trust the environment more.

2. We Carefully Select Our Rooms

When we partner with PBSAs, we make sure that the available rooms are of high-quality, with good ventilation, and bright atmosphere. We understand how students make their new student room their new home, and we believe that "Home Sweet Home" should be applicable to it. Even parents and students trying to save money can find a room within their budget through our accommodation experts. To make sure students choose what suits them best and that parents see the whole picture, we've created Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room blog article as a reference for both.

3. We Support Both Students & Parents

An interesting thing parents should know about Casita is that our accommodation experts are not only required to talk to students and walk them through the booking process but also to talk to parents and make sure that all their questions are answered. At times parents call or email one of our accommodation experts with multiple concerns about the building's safety, CCTV, security team, concierge, on-site staff, room locks, etc. Our team is never tired of tending to parents concerns and to talk to them about all the pros and cons of the student rooms their child has chosen to enquire about.

Reasons Why Parents Trust Casita

4. We Have After-Booking Support

In other words, we care. Even after booking, our accommodation experts still follow up with students and take calls from parents to see if any further assistance is needed from our side. Parents would mostly worry about non-gendered rooms, laundry facilities availability, transportation to and from university, etc. We are always by your side to make sure that all the information needed are provided. Pre-booking support for both students and parents walks hand in hand with post-booking support, and that's what Casita thrives at.

5. We Are Open 24/7

Our global and local multilingual accommodation experts are available around the clock to take calls from both students and parents. We have accommodation experts who speak English, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, Mandarin, Malay, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi to be able to support as many nationalities of foreign students/parents as possible. Most student accommodation has 24/7 security as well, so to keep students secure and safe at all times, and these are the ones Casita strives to partner with.

6. We Cover 8 Study Destinations

We can accommodate international students wanting to study abroad in 12 of the best countries for studying abroadWe serve the UKAustraliaIrelandUAESingapore, the USANew ZealandSouth KoreaAustriaItalyGermany, and Spain with more than 88 cities and 200,000 rooms around the globe. These facts give parents assurance that we know our onions! Since we've been in the industry for quite some time. 


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