How to Find Last Minute Student Accommodation

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Hadeel Hossam

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31 August, 2021

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Student Housing

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Oh no! You just finished the university and visa procedures, it’s almost the start of the term, and you still haven’t booked a student accommodation! Okay, stay calm because you’re not alone, this happens to many students applying to study abroad and everything turns out to be just fine. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you to handle this alone, here’s how you go about finding last-minute student accommodation.

1. Don’t Panic!

We’re not denying that you’re in a bit of a pickle if you’re looking for last-minute student accommodation, however, it’s important to face it as calmly as possible. Panicking over the situation will do nothing to help in finding a solution. So try to take a deep breath and clear your mind of any negative thoughts so you can start taking action. Instead, tell yourself that you will find somewhere great to live and still get the amazing experience of studying abroad that you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Weigh Your Options

This is no time to insist on searching for one or two student accommodation options, you need to consider every possible option out there. If you were planning to only look for on-campus student halls, expand your horizon and start searching for off-campus options. Consider options like co-living or student accommodation in London. Don’t limit your search according to your preference. 

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3. Don’t Break Your Budget

When you’re in a hurry to book student accommodation before the term begins, it’s easy to neglect your budget. However, it’s more crucial than ever to set a thorough budget for your student accommodation after factoring in other expenses like your visa fees, travel expenses, school supplies, spending allowance, etc. Your quick search shouldn’t also make you try to choose student accommodation with all-inclusive bills so you don’t have to pay extra for utilities. Even in a hurry, and even though there’s a chance you go a little over budget, try to still save wherever possible and not go way overboard.

4. Ask For Help

We told you, there are hundreds of students in the same situation you’re in, scrambling to find last-minute student accommodation, so why not join forces? Reach out to these students on university platforms or social media groups specific to the city you’re going to live in. Who knows, you might get advice on where you can find great accommodation or a recommendation on how and where to search for last-minute student accommodation.Our accommodation experts are always ready to help,  so don’t hesitate to contact them. 

5. Research Thoroughly

Even without much time left on your hands, you still need to do a fair share of research with due diligence and prioritize it. Don’t just sift through the first couple of google results you get when typing your city name with student accommodation next to it! Last-minute search means digging much deeper and delving into student communities to ask around and make sure you’ve covered all areas. You can always search through the hundreds of student accommodation options we offer at Casita and you’ll definitely find a spot.

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6. Prepare To Compromise

You might have had a certain idea or vision of how your student accommodation will be like, but now that you’re in a last-minute situation, you need to let go of it. It’s important to manage your expectations while you’re searching for last-minute student accommodation. If you were planning to be within walking distance from classes, prepare to compromise and maybe book something a short bus ride away instead. You might also have to compromise when it comes to the room type, you might have hoped for a studio or private en-suite and end up only finding single or twin rooms. Flexibility here is essential so you can find something before it’s too late.

7. Make Quick Decisions

Hesitation is not an option at a time like this one, acting quickly is a skill you’ll need to develop fast and on the spot. If you find something suitable and available, you’ll need to, of course, carefully examine it, but you should also jump into the opportunity before it’s snagged by another student scrambling for a room. Waiting a few days or even hours in case something better comes along is not a wise course of action in this kind of situation, you want to guarantee a room as soon as possible before the term starts.

Now, take a deep breath because you’ve now completely hacked the way to find last-minute student accommodation. See, we told you it can be done, only if you remember to keep your nerves cool and your spirits high. The whole thing is manageable with just good research and people skills along with fast-decision making. Even if the option you end up with is not ideal, remember that you can always change accommodation in a few months or next year. 


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