Student Guide: When to Book A Private Let?

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Reem Mohamed

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24 March, 2022

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International students are faced with several choices when planning their study abroad trips. You have to decide on a number of things, including your accommodation. There are multiple factors to consider and options to choose from when it comes to student accommodation. You can choose between a PBSA, a co-living space, or a private let. Each one comes with its own perks and you can choose based on what would best meet your needs. However, if you’d like short term accommodation, or are running low on time and need a quick last-minute option, then private lets are for you. 

What is a Private Let?

A private let is a property managed by a single person and not a provider or an entity. These privately owned accommodation options are not usually categorized as student accommodation since they lack some of the main features, and non-students can rent them as well. 

When to Book a Private Let?

Since you, as an international student, wouldn’t normally consider renting a private let, we, at Casita, have compiled a list for you of when booking a private let may be beneficial, if not necessary. 

1. Last-Minute Option

If you’re running low on time and haven’t yet had the chance to book accommodation, fear not, you’ll most probably find an available private let in time for your move. While PBSAs, shared, and co-living spaces would normally require a reservation in advance, private lets might be available last minute. Since they’re run by a single person and not an organization or entity, it’s easier to book one if you’re in a time crunch.

2. Small City

Small cities often lack the variety in student accommodation options; i.e they don’t have local PBSAs or university accommodation. In this case, your options are limited to private lets. If the city or town is home to a college or a university, then locals will probably put some of their properties up for rent during the winter and spring semesters. This provides a cheaper option for you, and a beneficial one for the private landlords.

3. Short Tenancies

For students planning on a short term stay, private lets are a better and more affordable option. Since other student accommodation options are associated with long tenancy periods and would possibly cost more money to rent for a shorter period of time, private lets are the go-to choice if you’re attending a short course or doing a semester abroad. They offer some of the features that would be available at student accommodation and would be of easier access and more affordability.

4. Plus Ones

If you are an international student studying in a foreign country and would like to invite your family or friends for a visit, private lets would be more than welcoming of this. Since they don’t particularly fall under the student accommodation umbrella, they allow for students and non-students to reside under their roof. Thus, you can have family or friends over at any time without worrying about the rules of the place.

Private lets are an often forgotten option for international students seeking accommodation abroad. They are a great choice in cases of short stays, last-minute bookings, your university is in a small city with limited options, or in case you want family and friends to visit. Casita has a range of available private lets for you to browse through and pick your next residence.


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