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Student Accommodation Terminology You Should Know

Student Accommodation Terminology

16 April, 2019

Finding student accommodation and being familiar with the terms used in the field is not as easy as it sounds. Student accommodation research needs basic knowledge of some terminology that will help you understand basic, yet essential, accommodation rules. 

1. UK Guarantor

International students preferring to pay their student accommodation fees in the UK in instalments are required to provide a UK guarantor; someone who is responsible for paying their rent if they have failed to do so.

The guarantor should be a parent, relative or a family friend who's in full-time employment or with a stable financial status so he can be responsible for the student's rent.

2. Cooling-Off Period/Cancellation Window

The cooling-off period or the cancellation window is that period of time that a student is allowed to cancel their accommodation booking without being responsible for finding a replacement and still gets his deposit payment refunded.

holding a terminology dictionary

3. All-Inclusive Bills

Water, gas, electricity bills, internet and council tax are all utility bills’ examples. Laundry, parking and buildings' services are not considered part of the bills, so they're most probably available for extra charges. Coin-operated laundries are the best example of that. Also, please consider that not all student accommodation come with AC and/or fans, so please ask about this detail if it is a concern of yours.

Read our What’s All-Inclusive Bills? blog article for more information.

4. Deposit vs. Bond

UK deposit is the advance payment that students make before moving in to act as a holding fee and as a security deposit. Deposits are refundable at the end of the tenancy period if there’re no damages.

Australian bond is 2-4 weeks rent payment that is non-refundable and is considered part of the rent. It should be paid in advance and before the tenancy commences, which is before the start date of your contract.

Read our UK Deposits vs. Australia Bonds blog article for more information.

5. Contents Insurance

If a student accommodation is offering contents insurance it means that if any of the contents of the student rooms were damaged and it’s not the students’ fault, the property is responsible for fixing them.

Contents insurance form

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