Best Chinese Restaurants in the UK

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Ola Elwassify

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05 April, 2019

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International students in the UK, whether from China or not, are rest assured craving some mouthwatering Chinese delights. To get around in the UK, we’ve gathered for you some of the best, yet affordable Chinese restaurant chains in the UK. 

How Many Chinese Restaurants are in the UKNo one can tell. Royal China Group chain of restaurants has 6 branches across London. You go there if you’re into trying the best Chinese restaurant in London.

1. Duddell’s in London

The best Chinese noodles in London. Try their supreme lobster noodle and honey glazed char siu with soybeans. The crispy salt chicken. Go for the baby pak choi with garlic to try their vegetables and rice.

2. Tai Pan in Manchester

One of the best university students’ Chinese restaurants in the UK. University students in Manchester tend to go there for their affordable prices and quality of their dishes.

Tai Pan in Manchester

3. Shanghai Shanghai in Nottingham

Gives you the feel of a cafe, yet it is one of the finest restaurants in Nottingham. Prices start from £33 and its student-friendly setting attracts Nottingham university students.

4. Sojo in Oxford

A little bit high in price considering that Oxford university students go there, but it is of great quality. The prices start at £41 and up. Their authentic dishes and genuine recipes make you want to go there more than once.

5. Gars in Brighton

From the traditional char siu buns and warming bowls of beef to fish soup served with tangy mooli. This one leaves nothing out! Go there and treat yourself with a savoury Chinese dish and enjoy its taste. Brighton students love it and go there from time to time.


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