What Are the Best Areas to Live in Edinburgh for Students?

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17 April, 2023

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A major city in the UK and Scotland’s second-most populous city, Edinburgh deserves a spot on the must-visit list! The city is known for its uniquely distinctive architecture as well as its ever-present greenery. With a historical background that goes back over 500 years, there are plenty of historical landmarks, cultural attractions, and so much more to see in the city of Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh is also known for being one of the liveliest and most vibrant cities in the UK, with a rather famous festival scene. Most visitors who flock to Edinburgh annually are there to attend the city’s numerous events and festivals and become a part of the lore. Some notable Edinburgh festivals include Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Science Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

With 10% of the city’s population being students, Edinburgh has garnered quite a reputation as a renowned student city. This famous educational destination gained its status due to the presence of multiple top-ranked universities, specialised colleges, and world-renowned learning institutions whose high quality of education attracts both local and international students to study and live in Edinburgh. 

The choice of where to live in Edinburgh is one that a lot of students find themselves struggling with, mainly because of the abundance of options! There are several areas of Edinburgh that students love to call home during their study period in the city. So, without any further ado, let us break down the best areas to live in Edinburgh for students together!

Best Areas to Live in Edinburgh for Students

Best Areas to Live in Edinburgh for Students

Being the student city it is today, and housing some of the country’s highest-ranked universities, colleges, and higher education institutions like Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh has plenty to offer students who chose it as their study destination. As a student enrolled in any of the city’s institutions, here are the areas of Edinburgh you should consider living in! 

1. Marchmont

Just under 10 minutes away on foot from the University of Edinburgh, Marchmont is one of the best and most student-friendly neighbourhoods in the city. Having a lively social scene, stunning views, Victorian architecture, and a diverse culinary scene, Marchmont is a young and lively neighbourhood that attracts its fair share of the young population, especially students. Housing expenses are also fairly affordable in this neighbourhood and go along well with a student budget. One of the Casita-offered student accommodation options in the area is Brewer’s Court. 

Brewer’s Court

All room types at Brewer's Court include a double bed, under-bed storage, a study desk and a chair, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers. Additionally. Brewer's Court has a variety of facilities and services to offer students, including high-speed Wi-Fi, contents insurance, on-site laundry facilities, 24/7 on-site staff, a secured deposit, a social calendar, and ANUK accreditation. Other services include a gym, a communal lounge, and a study space.

2. Calton Road

This lively neighbourhood is home to one of Edinburgh’s famous attractions: the Regent Bridge. The bridge was built in the 19th century, in the neoclassical style, as the medieval city was modernised and expanded to the north and east. This is yet another Edinburgh suburb that seems to attract students and young professionals due to its accessibility, affordability, and overall atmosphere. Panmure Court Roost is one of our best student accommodation options in Colton Road offered by Casita.

Panmure Court Roost

A double bed with under-bed storage, a self-contained kitchen, a bathroom, a personal study space with a desk and a chair, and a wardrobe are all available in this Edinburgh student accommodation’s rooms. Panmure Court Roost's facilities include an outdoor courtyard, a refurbished common space, high-speed Wi-Fi, contents insurance, and bike storage. Other services at this property include in-room laundry facilities, a social calendar, 24/7 support, ANUK accreditation, and a secured deposit. 

3. Lady Lawson Street

Another one of the best areas to live in Edinburgh, this neighbourhood has an interesting history as it once was host to mass employment in the industrial age. Now it’s occupied by housing facilities that are perfect for anyone looking for accommodation in Edinburgh, especially students. Portsburgh Court Roost is a student housing in Lady Lawson Street that is provided by Casita. 

Portsburgh Court Roost

Located in one of the most famous areas of Edinburgh, this student accommodation’s rooms come with a kitchen, living space, a bed, a study desk and a chair, wardrobes, and storage spaces. This Edinburgh student accommodation's offered amenities include a communal lounge, a gym, study space, social events calendar, Wi-Fi, contents insurance, and bike storage. Other amenities like on-site laundry and on-site staff 24/7 are available as well.

4. Potterrow

This is yet another one of the areas of Edinburgh that are perfect for students and young professionals. This Is a lively area that houses the University of Edinburgh, with lots of supermarkets and restaurants to go to. Plenty of accessible means of transportation as well as student-friendly hangouts can be found in Potterrow. Lady Nicolson Court Roost is one of Casita’s top modern student accommodations in Potterrow that is guaranteed to check off all your needs and preferences. 

Lady Nicolson Court Roost

All rooms at Lady Nicolson Court Roost, which can be found in one of the best areas to live in Edinburgh, come with a self-contained kitchen, bathroom and living space, free dual-occupancy, a double bed, desk, chair, shelving and wardrobe, fully equipped kitchen with a combi oven, a kettle, a toaster, an iron, and a vacuum. A communal lounge, in-room washer/dryer machine, a social events calendar, high-speed Wi-Fi, contents insurance, parcel receipt service, and 24/7 support are among the offered amenities at this Edinburgh student accommodation

5. Old Town

Being at the heart of this city’s rich history and cultural heritage is one of the many perks of living in Old Town. This neighbourhood is considered one of the best areas to live in Edinburgh for multiple reasons, including its lively atmosphere during the day and all throughout the night, its magnificent streets lined with historical landmarks, and the wonderful cafés, pubs, and stores spread throughout its streets. Old Town is also close to a couple of the city’s universities, making it quite the choice for students. One of the nearest Casita properties is Iona Street.

Iona Street

This Edinburgh student accommodation offers a wide range of studios and en-suite rooms for you to choose from according to your needs and budget. Each room comes with a bed and is fully furnished. The features provided by Iona Street include an all-inclusive utility bill, content insurance, and a 24/7 on-team site. Located in one of the best areas of Edinburgh, the property is CCTV-monitored to ensure the safety of the residents. There is also Wi-Fi throughout the whole premises, a gym, a study area, and a coffee lounge. You can also relax by joining yoga classes or exercising at the gym. There are also several activities offered there as well, including cooking classes, cocktail making, PT sessions, and brand events.

6. Newington

This lively academic suburb is one of the best areas to live in Edinburgh for students. Located near both Napier University and the University of Edinburgh, Newington is one of the most attractive Edinburgh neighbourhoods for students. There are plenty of venues for entertainment, food, groceries, and so much more at your disposal when in Newington. There is never a dull moment in Newington! Additionally, the neighbourhood is affordable and accessible, making it even more attractive for a young population. A nearby student housing offered by Casita in this area of Edinburgh is iQ Elliot House. 

iQ Elliot House

Located in one of the best areas of Edinburgh, this property has a wide variety of room types for students to choose from during their stay, including en-suite rooms, twin rooms, self-contained studios, and private one-bedroom apartments. All available units at iQ Elliott House are fully furnished and usually come with a small double bed with under-bed storage, a study area with a desk and a chair, and a wardrobe. The provided amenities there include 24/7 security with CCTV, all-inclusive bills, contents insurance, accessibility, and flexible start dates. iQ Elliott House is also fitted with Wi-Fi, on-site laundry facilities, and a common social room for socialising and hanging out with friends and fellow residents. 

7. City Centre

This is the best place to live in Edinburgh for those who prefer to be in the heart of the action. True to its name, City Centre is a central Edinburgh neighbourhood that puts its residents mere minutes away from all of the city’s most notable attractions and landmarks. With almost all of the city’s universities being within walking distance as well as having accessible transportation, affordable housing, and a vibrant and busy atmosphere, City Centre is one of the best places to live in Edinburgh for students. The Bridge House is one of the nearby Casita-offered student housing facilities. 

The Bridge House

This Edinburgh student accommodation offers a wide range of single rooms that come with a comfy bed, a workspace with a desk and a chair, and a wardrobe. The bathroom, kitchen, and dining area at The Bridge House are shared between students. This property is CCTV-monitored and has secure key access for maximum safety and security. It also offers high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the whole premises, a 24/7 on-site service team, and maintenance support. On-site laundry and recycling facilities, bike storage, and for a little extra charge, car parking are available there as well. The property’s all-inclusive rent covers electricity, heating, internet, water, and contents insurance.

8. Tollcross

This is one of the best areas to live in Edinburgh for students. Tollcross is located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city and gives its residents access to a variety of entertainment venues, diverse restaurants and eateries, grocery stores, parks, and several of the city’s attractions and landmarks. This is one of the areas of Edinburgh that is located within a short distance from a number of the city’s universities and institutions, making it an eye-catcher for students! Vita Fountainbridge is a famous student accommodation facility offered by Casita in close proximity to this neighbourhood. 

Vita Fountainbridge

This Edinburgh student accommodation offers a variety of studios and accessible rooms for students to choose from. Not only is it located in one of the best areas to live in Edinburgh, but it also has its fair share of useful amenities and features to offer. These amenities include superfast Wi-Fi, a gym, a study area, a coffee lounge, a cycle store, and laundry. Makers workshops, PT sessions, yoga classes, and pop-up golf are all activities offered at the property. Vita Fountainbridge is also secure, thus having key fob access, a 24/7 on-site team, and CCTV cameras.

Edinburgh is a city with plenty to offer, especially if you are a student! Whether it’s the high-quality education, accessible transportation, history, culture, or the vibrant city and night lives, the city’s got it all! So, if you’re considering Edinburgh as a study destination, do not forget this list on your journey to find the best areas to live in Edinburgh for students! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main student area in Edinburgh?

The most famous student areas in Edinburgh are Marchmont, Morningside, and Bruntsfield due to their proximity to the city’s universities and learning institutions.

Is Edinburgh a good city for students?

Edinburgh is considered one of the best cities for students to live and study. It has a good quality of life, world-renowned education, and a low crime rate. It is overall safe, affordable, accessible, and student-friendly. 

What part of Edinburgh is best to live in?

Many suburbs and neighbourhoods are considered among the best areas to live in in Edinburgh. The most notable parts of Edinburgh where you can rent a place or book Edinburgh student accommodation include Marchmont, New Town, Polwarth, and Stockbridge among others. 

How much do you need to live in Edinburgh as a student?

Based on where exactly you live in Edinburgh and whether it’s on or off campus, you are expected to pay between £1,739 and £1,934 per month. 


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