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Student Accommodation Galway

5 Accommodation Options
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The Westwood
393 Reviews ?
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26 mins by public transport to Central Galway
+6 more
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Not short listed
FromSold Outper week
Bills Included
Swuite Galway
From €215
From €385
From €385
From €399
65 Reviews ?
Map Pin
22 mins by public transport to Central Galway
+8 more
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Not short listed
FromSold Outper week
Bills Included
St Bridget's Serviced Apartments
From €146
Map Pin
12 mins walk to Central Galway
Quick view icon
Not short listed
From€146per day
Bills Included
Letterfrack Farmhouse on equestrian farm in Letterfrack
Shared Room
From €242
Map Pin
2 hours 10 mins by public transport to Central Galway
Quick view icon
Not short listed
From€242per day
Bills Included
The Potters Cottage
Map Pin
11 mins by public transport, 19 mins walk to Central Galway
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Not short listed
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Student Accommodation in Galway 

Galway is the festival capital of Ireland and the third-largest city in Ireland. It is a lively city with beautiful scenery, and different activities to enjoy. If you are looking for student accommodation in Galway, you would better start searching early as the city is highly competitive. Casita has different student rooms in Galway, check out multiple room types in our Galway student accommodation options or ask for private lets. Casita offers you a wide range of student housing in Galway for you to choose from according to your needs and budget. 

About Galway 

Galway is commonly referred to as the “Cultural Heart of Ireland” as it is still holding on to the Irish language, songs, music, dance, and all the traditions. Also, it is a city of festivals as it hosts around 122 festivals and events per year. Galway is also home to many reputable universities such as the National University of Ireland and Burren College of Art. It is the destination that many think is the best place to visit in the whole of Ireland. 

Best Areas to Live in Galway 

Several neighbourhoods make such an ideal place for students to book Galway student accommodation, including Prospect Hill, Clifden, Bohermore, and Upper Newcastle. With different options of eateries, markets, and other facilities in each and every area, you’ll have plenty of options. Choose your student housing in Galway from our several student accommodations options.


This area is suitable for students who enjoy living near the coast. One of our student accommodation options in the area is The Potters Cottage. The building has a wide range of amenities for its residents to ensure their comfort and security.

Upper Newcastle

Just a short walk from the property, you will find everything you need. It is a student-friendly neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and markets. One of our student accommodation options in the area is The Westwood which is a good choice for the students of the National University of Ireland and Galway University College.

Cost of Living in Galway

Generally, the cost of living in Galway is cheaper than in Dublin. Rent prices in Galway are 35.63% lower than in Dublin and consumer prices in the city are 6.69% lower than in Dublin. If you want to go easy on the budget, then having your student accommodation in Galway is the perfect fit for you!

Transportation in Galway

Galway has a 10/10 local bus service. Buses run from the Bus Éireann Travel Centre or Eyre Square to various suburbs, including Salthill and the Galway Bay coastline. We recommend the Leap Card as a fast way to pay instead of struggling with all the cash. It’s usable on all bus services, but not on train services. Galway’s Suburban Rail has a rail line connecting Galway and the satellite towns of Oranmore and Athenry. Also, the city has a bus service just for university students! It has routes all over the city and between campuses. The city is also bicycle-friendly, so you’ll find cycle roads, repair shops and everything you might need to cycle your way through the city. You can also get around using the train or the city bus service.

Student Life in Galway 

Galway is considered the number one student city in the entire country. You will always meet groups of students from other cities in Galway, that’s why it’s a good city for international students. There are plenty of student-friendly places where students can hang out during breaks and in between classes.

Attractions in Galway

Galway has a very wide range of places of interest that you can visit. There are many tourist attractions and fun places to go to. You can drop by the Connemara National Park and enjoy a day in the sun with your friends or even have a picnic. You can also check out the Wild Atlantic Way and the Roundstone Village. There are so many places to visit in Galway that’ll make you fall in love with the city.

Eyre Square 

The city’s centre is Eyre Square dating back to the 18th century and full of an abundance of shops and traditional live Irish folk music. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and places to enjoy in Eyre Square.

Galway Cathedral

Galway Cathedral is an essential landmark in Galway with a mix of Gothic, Roman, and Renaissance architectural styles. It is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in Galway.

Galway City Museum

If you want to explore the city’s history, then Galway City Museum is a must-visit. There, you can explore the archaeology, history, and rich culture of this medieval city by the sea.

Universities in Galway

There are a number of top-ranked universities and notable higher education institutions in the city of Galway. Casita offers Galway student accommodation options close to the city’s universities and institutions, check some of them out below! 

  1. Burren College of Art

  • Six Galway student accommodation options are available within a walking distance or a public transport ride.

  • New Quay and Blackhead bus stops are 5-minutes away.

  • Places of interest: Newtown Castle and Aillwee Cave.

  1. National University of Ireland

  • Several Galway student accommodation options are available within a walking distance or a public transport ride.

  • Oranmore train station is 19-minutes away.

  • Places of interest: The Fisheries Watchtower Museum.

  1. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

  • Around six student accommodation options are available within a walking distance or a public transport ride.

  • Oranmore train station is 9-minutes away.

  • Menlo Castle and Galway City Museum.

Nearby Cities

Besides having facilities for student accommodation in Galway, Casita offers student accommodation in these cities in Ireland as well: Cork, Dublin, and Swords

Frequently Asked Questions:


When is an ideal time to search for Galway student accommodation?

It's important to start looking for Galway student accommodation as early as possible. While Casita is a trusted companion that’s here to help you with most of the steps: the room type, the amenities provided, the location, and the proximity to your university, thorough research is still an essential step to ensure a smooth booking process.


If I want to book for the September intake, when is the best time to do so?

If you are selected for the September intake, you may begin your search for Galway student accommodation between January and March, preferably around six months before your intake.


Do Galway student homes offer short-term stays?

Some Galway student accommodations have the option of short-term stays. Checking the availability of your student accommodation of choice during your desired period is recommended. You can also refer to a Casita accommodation expert to help you find accommodation that accepts short-term stays.


How much does it cost for students to rent a Galway student home?

The average weekly cost for student accommodation in Galway, specifically a single room, is around £130. Other room types like en-suite rooms or studios may cost more depending on the provider.


What payment methods are available for me to pay for my Galway student accommodation?

You can make the payment via several transactional modes, including net banking or through your debit card. We also have our own payment portal at Casita, where we can assist you with the entire payment process. 


Are instalments an option when paying my student room rent?

Yes, you can pay in instalments. However, some providers may require you to have an Irish guarantor. Refer back to your accommodation expert for further help on the matter.


What is included in my rent?

This mainly depends on the provider; many Galway student accommodation options offer essential utilities such as electricity, water, heating, and gas in the rent, while some also offer Wi-Fi and insurance at no extra cost. Again, however, referring to the listing pages or contacting an accommodation expert for the specific rent inclusions is recommended.


Are discounts available for Galway student housing?

Yes, students who book early or a while in advance are eligible for good discounts and pay lower rent in Galway. You can also save on rent by making a group reservation. Other offers are constantly available; we recommend you keep an eye out for the latest ones on our website! 


What is a guarantor, and will I need one?

A guarantor is a person who signs the rental contract with you and commits to paying your rent if you are unable to do so yourself. A guarantor is most often a family member, but it can be anyone. Some Irish landlords require you to have a guarantor, so you’ll probably need to find one if you’re moving to Galway.


What are the steps for finalising my Casita booking process?

Once you enquire on our website, one of our accommodation experts will contact you to proceed with the booking of your room of choice or offer you alternatives if the room is not available for your dates. To enquire, simply choose a room and click on the "Enquire" button, then fill out the enquiry form you see in front of you.


What specifics should I look for in a Galway student home?

While searching for student accommodation in Galway, you want to look for places that offer all-inclusive bills, as well as fully-furnished accommodation options, accommodation close to your university of choice, and student homes that have the basic amenities you might need. 


What are the best areas for students to live in Galway?

Galway has a variety of neighbourhoods that are close to its numerous university and college campuses. Students will be able to find good and affordable student accommodation in Galway with ease in areas like Prospect Hill, Clifden, Bohermore, and Upper Newcastle.


What types of Galway student accommodation are available?

The types of student accommodation in Galway vary and range from PBSAs (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation) to private lets and co-living spaces. 


In Galway student accommodation, what room types are available?

The available room types in Galway student accommodation range from single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and en-suite rooms, to private flats, apartments, self-contained studios, and penthouses. 


How easily can I find furnished student rooms in Galway?

Using Casita’s services, you can easily find fully-furnished rooms in Galway that are fitted with the essentials of a bed, a wardrobe, a study area with a desk and a chair, a bathroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen.


What are the policies around viewing the property before moving in?

Almost all Galway student accommodation options allow students to see the property either through online viewings through Skype or Zoom or through virtual tours of the property so you can take a look at your new home before moving in.


How can I get around in Galway?

When booking student accommodation in Galway, you can get around the city through its various transport links. You can use the bus, or the train, hail a cab, rent a car, cycle, or walk from one place to another.


What is dual occupancy student accommodation?

Typically, dual occupancy refers to accommodations that are generally one or two-bedroom properties, where more than one person is allowed to stay at either the same price or a slightly higher fee.


What are the anti-COVID measures taken by Galway student accommodation? 

Most Galway student accommodation providers have now intensified their cleaning and sanitising measures of student apartments and communal areas; some providers offer weekly cleanings free of charge. Ask your accommodation expert for further details on the COVID measures implemented in your building of choice.


Renting private student accommodation, is it safe?

Landlords are carefully and thoroughly vetted before being posted to our websites. Additionally, Galway student accommodation providers are chosen based on their safety and their trustworthiness. 


How secure are Galway student accommodations?

Most of our available options for Galway student accommodation, specifically PBSAs (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation), are safe and secure, with additional safety measures, like CCTV and a security team being used and with students’ safety being taken into account. 


Who is allowed to book with Casita?

Mainly students can book with Casita. Students over the age of 18 can easily find a fitting student accommodation in Galway, while students under the age of 18 can also book with Casita but might require guidance from accommodation experts to find a fitting accommodation. 


Can I have a parent or guardian stay with me in a Galway student home?

While some student homes may allow for parents or guardians to stay over, every student accommodation in Galway has its own set of rules and regulations regarding hosting outsiders. We recommend you either check with the provider or contact an accommodation expert to get all the necessary information. 


Can friends stay together in Galway student accommodation? 

This mostly depends on the provider and the specific accommodation you choose. In most cases, you can rent an apartment with your friends. You may, however, be charged a small fee to do so, or you can rent a dual occupancy unit.


What if I don’t like my accommodation after moving in?

At Casita, we try our best to find student accommodation that meets all your priorities and preferences. If you happen to not like your accommodation due to any unforeseen or unexpected circumstances, referring back to the provider is recommended, as cancellation policies vary from one provider to another. 

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